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Not even nine am

and my day sucks. Woke up an hour late, but still had time to get ready and leave on time. My reflection in the mirror returned sulken eyes. Slept fine but the opposite appeared. Searched hoplessly for a paticular shirt, settled for one I wear too much. Depressed over lack of new funds to buy new clothes. Found the coffee maker ready to brew, but I forgotten to set the timer. Left one time and realized I needed gas, so made a combined stop at Arco for gas, 44 oz Pepsi, and a sausage biscuit. The biscuit wasn't very good, so I went to McDonalds and got a real one. Wasted more time wasted a couple of dollars. Traffic sucked and was 15 minutes late instead of 15 minutes early.

I don't think anyone will ever read this

so I will write what I want. I feel rejected today. Actually the last couple weeks have been like this.