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It's a trap

Unknown Reader you should know that I love BBQ chips. I love the traditional flavors, the baked style, the cheap 99 cent store brand with the rubbing alcohol aftertaste. I love them all. If you have a bag of BBQ chip and I have a bag of BBQ chips and I have a hand and my hand reaches across the room and starts to eat your BBQ chips. I eat your BBQ chips! I eat the them up! Anyhow I saw this new (to me) flavor of chips at the grocery store: Well let me tell you something about Lay’s® Tangy Carolina BBQ Chips: It's a trap! They taste like Ketchup to me which is not tangy or BBQ-y. Oddly many online reviews say it has mustard in the recipe plus vinegar too, but my first thought was the cheap Hunts ketchup, not Heinz, Hunts. Regardless it's a weird taste. All sorts of yucky. Yet I still eat them. I have to because I love BBQ chips and I do what I say I'm going to do.

Dogzilla @ LA Street Food Fest

I know The LA Street Food Fest has been blogged about everywhere else and as of this morning the event is sold out save for the $70 VIP tickets. My understanding is that the event planners reorganized the event to address the overcrowding cluster-fudge that occurred last time by moving to a larger area, pre-sale only tickets and limiting the total number of tickets sold.  Really with those changes and the original $ 45price for all you can sample/eat/drink this sounds like a winner for attendees this year. Though I'm not going I thought should post this for my [redacted]'s [redacted] who will be there selling this Japanese hotdog hybrid : The Dogzilla .  It's featured in the first minute of this NBC4 clip/demonstration showing off all the types of food at the LA Street Food Fest.   If you're not going this weekend, The Dogzilla can be found at most Little Tokyo street festivals. Dogzilla on  facebook , twitter , yelp View more news videos at: http://www.nbclos

Monkey pile

I love monkeys but I even thought this was odd. Then I corrected myself and said out loud to no one: No, that's pretty damn awesome. I love early morning walks in my neighborhood with a fresh cup of tea from Coffee Bean in one hand and a camera in the other.

they sleep in dens, don't they?

[A very old draft that I was referencing on the previous post ] It wasn’t even 5AM and I’m running down Vermont, down Franklin and stopped only when I stood at Western Blvd's northern most terminal. People have walked down that street from here to the beach. 28 miles. crazy . It’s only 5:10 AM. I run up to Los Feliz Blvd and start heading back home. I look for coyotes. I know where they lie and I run because 'I don’t run'; I had thought about running but I didn't run. So now I do. And the coyotes follow. / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


Ah Hollywood, good morning to you.   6:45 AM I started my run this Saturday morning, breaking sweat in the first few feet of this Los Angeles heat wave. 3 blocks in I eyed the snarky alley cat that paced me down the opposite side of the street. I didn't see what I thought I would though. I didn't see many joggers, most avoiding a run in 80 degree heat; 85 degrees by the time I made it home a hour later. There were no coyotes that laid in wait, much too early for the wise raccoon , and tables missing from the sidewalk breakfast joints. Animals and furniture take every chance to sleep in on hot summer days I suppose. 8 weeks ago I messed up my knee.  Every 4-5 days I would jog 5 miles through the hills of Los Feliz and the flats of East Hollywood when I had the great idea to try 10k (roughly 7 miles) without a long enough break from my run a day earlier. My right knee had other thoughts, completely giving out 2 miles in. I could place some blame on my old shoes or mu

Blogger Prom is Back!

The second invite only Blogger Prom has been announced with a new venue and theme. I couldn't be more excited! Blogger Prom 2010 Wednesday Sept 22nd at Yamashiro Restaurant Theme: Hollywood Confidential  "..old-school glammy, glitzy charm (or classic down-and-dirty grit).." This event is important to me. I pre-volunteered months ago at the first mention of Blogger Prom 2010 to correct my biggest mistake, not talking and meeting enough people at last year's prom. I realized that to be part of something I needed to take a part in something in a meaningful way. I want to be considered a blogger, a writer if I'm feeling nasty and those things require me to write not just in my notebooks offline and not without the real interaction of other bloggers. To be surrounded by the writers of words that make me laugh, smile, cry and even to buy and try new things is the true beauty of blogging events like this. So yeah I'm blogging again. This 3 month

Thrushes - Crystals

Band: Thrushes    facebook / myspace / website Song: Crystals Why: This is probably my favorite song of their latest album Night Falls in that sweet shoegazery - noisepop sound that I love so much.  Really, very few bands do this sound well and Thrushes is one of them.  According to the email this morning announcing this video it was mentioned that it was filmed during Baltimore's Snowpocalypse in February (not to be confused with Seattle's Snowpocalypse of course). I still wonder how people live in the snow for months at a time. It was probably 72 degrees in Los Angeles during that same period in February! Anyhow... Thrushes: facebook / myspace / website "Crystals" from the album "Night Falls" on Birdnote Records, 2010 Directed by Guy Werner Shot & produced by Kevin Blackistone, Rob Hatch, Guy Werner Edited by Guy Werner & Bennii Denrich