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I want to say hi

just a lot on my mind. overslept....didn't get out of bed until 6.30 am...alarm set for an hour earlier. The drive was long enough to listen to the dollyrots album twice. Saw the singer Kelly last night, so it inspired this morning's soundtrack. Why do I have five pens on my desk? Overslept because I went to see Underwater City People , Get Set Go , and the amazing Bang Sugar Bang at Mr T's Bowl last night. Sang out loud to BSB even though my voice hasn't fully come back yet. Yes, I know I can't need to comment on that. I hate being sick, but love the fact that my voice goes out completely at least twice a year. Once it was gone for almost two weeks many years ago, only because I was working box office and had to talk. Didn't help that I smoked back then and reds on top of that. Saw people I wanted to see and said hi, and some that I have yet to talk to yet

Tegan and Sara, Los Abandoned and the Ukulele

The Ukulele is the new Theremin. It’s been building up for the last few years, but I predict more bands will be using them. Los Abandoned was amazing and the singer also used an ukulele for one of the songs which is cool. Anyhow their sound was influenced by No Doubt, with a hispanic tilt; an extremely tight set with tons of energy. A) I wished I knew Spanish to enjoy the lyrics, but most songs were in english, and B) The crowd enjoyed them, but I will see them next time headlining in front of their fans, for a even crazier show. Tegan and Sara were great! Didn't know much about them, but I now need to get some of their stuff now. My bitch about shows: I know people invite their friends to shows, saying "oh, you'll have fun, this band is great...I play that song all the time in the car", and of course their friend has no idea. Now this show probably created a bunch a new fans like me, but I can't stand those tag along friends that don't care about the band,