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santa foursome

I'll be the first one to tell you that I shouldn't be allowed in pictures. Cameras and I do not mix well. These were from the last kiss or kill night with Andy as Santa. His um, interesting myspace blog here.

merry xmas

though it's a sad one when James Brown dies.

Greetings from the Bay Area

Fog and moss are the non family things I miss most about winters up North. As a xmas present of sorts, my friend Corey offered me a ride up to the Bay Area late Friday night. So here I am at moms wifi enabled house on a laptop left here by one of her Korean exchange students. Everything is written in Korean as one might imagine but some of the slightly x-rated anime is a little odd and needs no translation. Not my thing but whatever toots his horn, sails his boat, milks his cow if you know what I mean. nudge nudge. Anyhow I'm longer going nuts in my apartment this week watching bad talk shows and cleaning my refrigerator. Did have a fun time at Ikea last week though so all wasn't lost. Now off to my brother's house to get drunk off two beers and fall asleep on his couch.

on holiday and I'm bored out of my mind

real quick: I'm without internet since I'll be on vacation until 1.02.06. Nothing like blogging at the Apple store in the Glendale Galleria right now. I will brag about snagging the first spot closest to the enterance in the first aisle that I drove into. wow. I want a new laptop for christmas.

3 hours of my night

I saw the wonderfully strange David Lynch movie Inland Empire last Sunday afternoon and I'm still trying to figure that wtf is up with the people with rabbit head sitcom part and the dancing hookers. There was a period in time when instead of attending three or five shows a week I was seeing that many movies, not including rentals. I miss that sort of mental stimulation. Different than say staying at home last night watching that game show Identity, where you try to determine the occupation of ten folks just based on their appearance. I suppose if you're not from LA you wouldn't necessarily know what Mr. Moviefone looks like. Lame. At that point I left my apartment for a show by band that I've seen numerous times for a price that wasn't what I was expecting so I told the doorgirl 'nevermind' and turned around and left. Now this where it gets perfect. Found a spot right in front on my place then walked to the Echo to catch the final night in The Parson Red H

so little has changed this year

Band: The Randies ( myspace , site , blog ) Song: I Thought I Could Change Why: see below So this weekend was thankfully the last Kiss or Kill to be held on Fridays. There were a lot of things wrong with this year - some of which were out of anyone's hands - some maybe not. Next year will be on Wednesdays where it might gain it's credibility for supporting worthy acts and a great social scene again. It was good night with She's Your Sister , The Randies, UCP and Steel doing their best with a so so crowd. The end of year shows have traditionally been some of the busiest, but this was just so-so I thought but I was drunk so what do I know. I do know that that I wanted to say hi and say that you looked great to someone but I might leave that for a myspace message. now that's always a bad idea. And no I 'm not talking about DG which my conversation went like this: "Hi how are you? xxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx" We hug. "That's a colorful tie you'

The Wombats, My Top 10 for 2006, and blog crushes

Band: The Wombats ( site , myspace ) Song: Moving to New York Why: This is as close to a Christmas song that I'm willing to post. They actually have a real Christmas song on their myspace that's pretty good. Thanks to futuresounds for clueing (cluing?) me in to them last week. Since it's also Reveal Your Blog Crush Day (via Ms. Sizzle Says ) I might as well list mine. I'll always have a thing for xTx and of course Caroline on Crack" as I'm envious of their great blogs. xTx for the absurd, dirty rawness of it and CoC for her perfectly written reviews of LA hot spots and eateries. As for my Top Ten of 2006 : 10) Ukuleles. They're the new theremins. 9) JB Weld. 8) Generic Nyquil from the 99cent store. 7) Yeah I think these lists are dumb.

I'm tired of dealing with your hang-ups

...on the phone here at work. How rude not to say "sorry, wrong number". argarhg. I haven't been this sick in a long time and yeah I'm a little grumpy right now. Tonight 12.14.06: The Submarines and Great Northern @ Pershing Square Ice Rink. (Next week 12/21 two sets by Los Abandoned and The Parson Red Heads in Jan) The winter wonder that is Caroline on Crack wrote about it yesterday. rink info here Friday 12.15.06: The last Kiss or Kill of 2006 @ Safari Sams. Drag - 9.30pm, She's Your Sister - 10.15pm, Underwater City People - 11pm, The Randies - 11.45pm, and Steel - 12.30am. Saturday 12.16.06 - It will be raining so go to the M Bar where presents Solare, Satellitte Class, and Slings -- FREE 10pm Sunday 12.17.06 - Loverlee and The Monolators @ The Cocaine (promoter) @ Live Jazz (venue) 366 2nd St, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA Cost: FREE, set times on flyer Listen to the song " when we're alone " on Loverlee's myspace

spread the word & get ready to swing

Tuesday 12.19.06 @ Highland Grounds (Highland @ Melrose) FREE It's Rob Z's Sounds from the Holiday Lounge with Madame Sunset's Burlesque Nutcracker Rob Z and Brandon Meyer croon the holiday tunes in two super packed sets full of cheer and spirit and other words for booze. With a stocking full of special guests: Lockjaw Boy, Chissum Worthington, Ginger Britt and some surprises. [This will be the last Rob Z show at Highland Grounds and the last week Highland Grounds will be in existence, hence the first part of this sentence] So Come on down and have some nog and a hot toddy this Tuesday, Dec 19th 2006 (please repost)

I used to dress like this in 10th grade

in 1987. but my shirts were longer and that is one fugly belt. This is "coffin joe" from the The Horrors by the way.

Christmas was inspired by you

I've gone from hints of something coming upon me to a flat out cold last night. I'm stuffy and want to eat three lunches for energy. I'm not even hungry and I probably couldn't taste it but damn doesn't a cheeseburger sound good right now. Did I tell you I went to Disneyland last weekend (12/4)? It was empty with five minute waits, bad cotton candy, the nightmare before Christmas overlay was impressive and damn kids everywhere. It was hard not to step on them and they had no problem stepping on my feet. or kicking my shins. or being annoying. my kids would never be like that. Did I tell you I rented Monster House which is seriously a kick ass capture animation film that will win best animated feature? Yes I love all things Pixar (since back when they were only doing short films) but Cars came across lacking something...a tighter story?...maybe it was too damn long? Did you know that I was going to try out for an internship at PDA (Pacific Data Images which is now

I wish I had a bike

Artist: Matt and Kim Song: Yea Yeah Why?: I forget which blog first introduced me to this song by Matt and Kim, but every time it pops up on my computer or the random cd mix I have floating around it always get turned up. So a great video came out a few weeks ago and since I'm usually 2-6 months behind all the cool kids about some band, three weeks is not so bad. show info below. Show this Sat 12.09.06 Matt and Kim @ some venue Downtown located at 1269 E. 6th St. (toy district?) [with no age and the underground railroad to candyland BYOB 3 bucks to get in. 9 PM This space doesn't have a name. It is in a loft. ]- updated info post title has nothing to do with actual post.

in search of....water

Ms Landlady just called to say they need to go in rambo stlye to my apartment to find the mysterious source of water dripping into my downstairs neighbor apartment. Thankfully I took the dead body out but I'm pretty sure I left some clothes on the floor as I rushed out to work this morning. And my coffee table is dusty. And I didn't fold my towel over the shower curtain rod neatly. I fear they will think me some kind of freak. Why does he have a jar of Vaseline in the kitchen? -(my dry elbows) Nice rubber duck collection in the bathroom window sill. -(who doesn't like rubber duckies?) Are all his socks black?? - (yes. yes they are) I'm such a freak

12.04.06 Monday night to dos

Kiss or Kill @ Metal Skool @ The Key Club 9pm Deadbeat Sinatra (think Social D), 10pm Pu$$y Cow, 11pm Underwater City People , winners of LA Music Awards for best Best Pop and Best Rock song and some of the nicest people ever. A couple blocks down the Strip, Overnight Lows will be at the Viper Room with The Nymphs and The Penfifteen Club (a great rock band) Also: The Parson Red Heads kick off their monthly residency at the Echo tonight with Nico Stai, the Black Pine, and Faraway Places. I skipped out on Los Abandoned last week and instead headed out to 3 Clubs to catch this group. Others have written about them here and also here on Metroblogging LA so the only thing I'll add is that I thought them cool while my friend Corey said they started off sounding like Tom Petty and Pavement. We also agreed that girls drummers rock and The Parson Red Heads have one of those too. They are normally a five member band but there were six on Thursday and apparently even up to eight mem

thursday night = los abandoned

Artist: Los Abandoned (myspace) Song: Van Nuys Is Very Nice , live on Conan Why: All I have to say is that Los Abandoned is playing tomorrow for Hell Ya! at the Echo and it's going to be great! video link Los_Abandoned_Van_Nuys_on_Conan Thursday 11.30.06 @ The Echo , 18+, 5 bucks with The Silent Years (myspace) , and Castle Door (myspace)

different words for different places

in reversed order On the way up to the airport we stopped at the northbound side of the 24hr service stop on route 24 so I could grab something to eat at Burger King. "I'll have the number 1 with no onions and heavy mayo" "I'm sorry you wanted a number one, no onions and what was the last part?" "Heavy mayo," I repeated the burger king jargon to the burger king employee. "Huh?" "EXTRA mayo" "I'm sorry.." "Heavy on the mayo?" I couldn't understand the confusion as I spoke clearly with my Californian accent - the universal accent of television. "Oh! you wanted heavy MAYONNAISE!" ah the story of my life. the night before My last night was spent inside among family, my sister's friends, beers and a steaming plate of spaghetti. More beer needed to be picked up at a one of the friend's house in Middletown and I tagged along for the ride. On the return drive she took the scenic route wher

A different location will not change you

Today was probably a good day to not think of you. I walked down Old Beach Road to Newport Beach stepping off the asphalt onto crunchy leaves as the occasional Audi passed by. It must be a New England thing where Audi is the car of choice. The lazier folks drive down Mansion Row but I wanted to a take a walk along The Cliff Trail before it got too dark, before I got too drunk, before I reloaded your page again. There is this point along the trail where a stairwell of 40 steps takes you right to the ocean at the edge of some rocks. Along piled slate walls and inch deep moss, I watch the tourists scrambled along the slippery rock formations - how little they know how close to death a mis-step might be. A cute couple asks for directions and with my handy dandy map I show our location. "Everything is 10-15 minutes tops, I say with imagined authority, "You can't get too lost here in this tiny town." It takes me 40 minutes just to make through Mansion Row and back onto D

4.40 am Rhode Island time

written 11.26.06 pics from the shop next door to the restaurant I've been drinking a lot with the kids in wonderful Newport the last few days. I like Newport and the small town feel it has. My sister lives in a flat a few blocks from the beach in one direction and the main square in the other. The bars are Irish and the only decent salsa I had in Newport was most definitely birthed from a jar. Speaking of salsa, we drove up to Providence tonight so my sister could get the best mango margarita in New England from some restaurant on Federal Hill that claimed to be "an authentic Mexican restaurant." Apparently this means salsa is in reality taco sauce. I've been so mistaken all these years! Seriously wtf is up with food over here? Random facts about Providence: Downtown lofts in Providence start at $150,000 and top out at 455,000 or so. You can lease to own these lofts. The most happening night spot was Dave and Busters. I wouldn't want to live in Providence eith

LAX wasn't as bad as I thought it would be

so if you're standing in a line at five in the morning and if a ucla student turns to you to talk, the thing to do is talk back. "excuse me," ms blue eyes said, "when is your flight?" "seven" "argh mine is in a hour, do you think I'll make it? I always do this to myself." Hers was in a hour, mine in two. I held her place as she went down the block following the security check in line down beyond my sight looking for a faster way. "yeah they really didn't care that I was going to miss my flight." "Well they probably assumed that you knew to plan ahead and arrive early since it is Thanksgiving and all, maybe even showing up two hours early like I did. She smiled at my teasing. In the next 30 minutes we traded jabs about our hometowns, I taught her the power of positive thinking, she told me about forgetting to tip well during the holidays. In the final minutes of the screening line we shuffled through in our bare socks wi

3pm your time

Here I am on the East Coast and I'm thinking about a West Coast girl. typical. At 5 in the morning I met a cute UCLA girl in the security line. The in flight movie was about a boy and golf. I'm going drinking after a day of drinking and will end it at a party drinking. yay me.

snap your fingers

Just like that, my life is back to normal again. You have to understand that I'm a mellow guy. I take things in stride. I keep things in perspective and my reactions in proportion to the events unfolding in front of me. Last week the important, "real", what I don't blog part of my life was being kept from me and I thought I would be in court for the next ten years dealing with this crap - and it would've been ugly. So last Thursday I did what any person having a breakdown would do in that moment; I got drunk. Went to The Couch at whatever that hipster bar on Santa Monica and Vine is called the Three Clubs to catch The New Fidelity (and later The Prix who I loved) around 10pm and also to get drunk. I think I mentioned that part already. After getting unlost (not a real word), I parked across the street and wondered about two things: Should I just turn around because I was tired and wouldn't know hardly anyone there? And WHY THE FUCK IS MY CAR STEAMING? Ap

the deal so far

I have to take care of some things that need taking care of. I will be back eventually. Life is a messy beast sometimes.

strange timing

[start dear live journal entry] I don't want to work - I just want to write today. My heart pings with pricks of pain today (an ongoing stress problem) with back and forth emails regarding my previous rental deposit. I'm losing a lot of it due to my ex-roommate's inability to not break things during my last trip up to the Bay Area. grr I have to work on Saturday or I won't be paid for the day after Thanksgiving. WTF, WTF, WTF, WTF! Another email says there's an open QA position at a company in Torrance... [end dear live journal entry]

this family has issues written all over it

How old is that girl? Too old to have a doll in a matching dress I tell you. And what kind of dress is that? I have better looking Christmas place mats in a drawer somewhere. Factor in the deer in headlights stare of the son just back from standing on a desk declaring "O Captain! My Captain!" and Droppy Dog in the background wishing Mother Dearest had let her bring her doll on stage too and you have one damn funny pciture. Sucks to be a losers and having a name people have been making fun of for years.

the good and the bad

Band: She's Your Sister Song: Gravity Why: because they rocked last night and you should vote for them in The YouTube Underground Contest. The Good: drove up the 110, through The Slot into my apartment within 20 minutes. Sure beats the old 1.5 hr commute. The Bad: Pancakes for dinner and coming down with a cold. The Good: A kick ass set by She's Your Sister last night at the Key Club. They sound so much better live than that video above might leave you to believe. The Bad: I knew better in my Bay Area days but why, oh why did I not curb my wheels last night? Stupid $15 ticket from the the fine city of West Hollywood. Yay. The Good: Catching the first night of Great Northern 's set at the Echo. I've had a few tracks in my music mix and briefly caught them from afar at Sunset Junction, but nothing beats seeing a band in its truest form, live and in person. I recommend checking them out one of these Mondays (for free) with Division Day on the 20th and Irving

part 2

ha. I just published that one line. oops Family was coming over on Saturday and in desperate need of clean clothes I headed over to Lucy's to get my wash did. yeah did. Maybe it was the combination of being extremely tired and slightly spoiled with my own washer and dryer for the last ten years, that found me dazing at the detergent/bleach/softner slots on the top of the machine in tilted puppy head slight confusion. I must've said something out loud because the guys next to me was "Um, use number one." Here I am 34 years old and apparently commercial washers, like cute girls, intimidate me with all those slots and things. So T came by @ 9am in a vehicle too big to find a parking space so she was dropped off as her significant other drove around for awhile. The thing with T... well I get to read crap in emails about anything I do in my life. 'You have been too engrossed in how shitty you think your life is for me to trust your judgment.' Her splinter jab
Instead of hitting the Silverlake Lounge for a Friday night of great indie rock I did laundry.

Kiss or Kill options - Sat @Vegas - Mon@Sunset Strip

Kiss or Kill is in Vegas this Saturday, so stop by the Double Down Saloon for the show starting at 11 pm with: The New Fidelity 11-11:30, Underwater City People 11:45-12:15, Silver Needle 12:30-1 , Bang Sugar Bang 1:15-1:45, Pu$y-Cow 2-2:30 Then on Monday: Metal Skool @ the Key Club Kiss or Kill Presents beforehand: Special Guests - Shadows Fall 11:00 (hey I could care less about this band, but some you ozzfest lover might appreciate them) She's Your Sister 10:00 <--- love them Wrapt In Plastic 9:00 do a little looky looing around the Kiss or Kill site or KorK myspace and you can find out how to get in for free instead of paying $15

My crotch area is making noise

I haven't worn corduroy pants since elementary school but decided to buy a pair a couple days ago. I ran my hand across the fabric's mild grooves and bought it on a whim, though I have vowed publicly never to wear corduroy again. It seem like all my choices have been like that lately, full of contradiction or randomness. Now I'm haunted by school-age flashbacks of walking with the same whoosh whoosh sound my pants are making today. damn you corduroy pants.

LoveLikeFire = SHIGM

Slight change in my plans for the weekend has open up the possibility to catch another band I've been keeping an eye on lately. This time it's San Francisco based Love Like Fire ( site , myspace ) made up of former Bay Area indie band members Jake Hosek (ex-Stratford 4), Andrea Caturegli (ex-Stratford 4), David Farrell (ex-Catholic Comb) and Ann Yu (ex-the disappointment). Another Bay Area SHIGM (SuperHero Indie Group Mashup)? Now The Catholic Comb I knew about because a former co-worker's little sister (Kelly-Jean Rice) used to play bass for them (who amusingly won the the East Bay Express award for most charismatic member, reportedly for never making eye contact and often turning her back to the audience for most of the set), but it LoveLikeFire's Ann Yu that am I most familiar with as the singer for The Disappointment ( myspace ) and its earlier SHIGM, The Evening Lights ( myspace ) back in 2003. While the direction of LLF's Bed of Gold ep is definitely mo

Oh Halloween v2.0

I want to be with you Halloween. I do. Every year you come by and I never dressed up*. I'm just not that into you. *ok maybe once back when I smoked, wore glasses, and stuck a child's costume from IKEA on my head with a tie. Last October sucked btw; It started off sucky , it ended sucky , but this month has ended on a definite up note. Nothing feels better than the joy which held me after an evening of moving furniture into a livable condition and to sit among my boxes staring at the Los Angeles skyline at night. Afterwards I walked over to the Echo to see the Softlightes with their perfectly timed background video and the perfectly wonderful sounds they made. Not sure how to associate this with the performance , but word 'purposefully' popped into my head as I watched them play. Not much for a review, but I was barely awake and dutifully left after their last song and went straight to bed. Do I feel bad for missing Van She, the Australian answer to Mister Mister I&

this is not a post about moving

Yeah maybe a little about moving but I swear to (insert deity of choice) that this is it. I'm in pain, I have so much to unpack, and I don't want to think about it anymore. Stuff is piled four feet high with a narrow zig zag path from the kitchen to the bathroom and since my bed wasn't set up I ended up sleeping on the love seat. Not the most comfortable placed to sleep but it was that or the bathtub. Tonight I need to go through the boxes and find the one with my cat in it. So thanks Corey, Ashley and Flaco for the help and support yesterday. Suckers. Tonight's Show Pick - Free! Mere minutes waking distance from me at the Echo (vs. driving 30 miles), the band I've wanted to catch for a while now The Softlightes (formerly know as the Incredible Moses Leroy aka Ron Fountenberry)will be playing. They will be opening for the Australian band Van She. ( youtube link ) Ok if you sound like an 80s synth band do you really have to look like one and make a video highl

keys picked up

Standing in my new empty apartment, my dumpy little place with a view of downtown and lake, one of the wooden frame windows doesn't want to stay up on its own and startles me with a clump sound against the peeling paint sill. A screen is missing from the one that faces the lake and I imagine a drunken fall three stories down. I paced out spots for the kitchen table, the bed, the love seat and worry that I've haven't even listed half the stuff I'm bringing. The kitchen table is mentally moved to block my future death. The paint is already one tenant old with punctures left where their photos were placed. Found artifacts in the drawers; a elementary class portrait of a little girl, an empty Mexican brand of sauce can, two red drawer handles with a single inadequate layer of red paint. A little thicker and I would consider leaving it. A little dumpy place that holds none of my memories, just a liberating emptiness.

packity pack pack

All I'm doing is packing, cleaning, packing and asking myself questions. Do I keep this? Do I have room? Why do I have two coffee makers? Why do I Have a walnut cracker, a garlic smoosher thing, and a candy thermometer? Realtors kept coming by the house this weekend which would be fine if every object I own wasn't strewn around on the floor to be sorted and I didn't look like crap. All would've been avoided if the lame listing agent read the email where I stated this weekend was not okay to have hordes of strangers coming by, but hey I'm just the current tenant so my needs apparently don't matter. One group was quite pushy with the agent insisting it really was alright for them to come by and look, translating what I said for the Chinese couple as the wife tried to push her way past me with the husband just hanging back. Already tired, grumpy and unshowered I pulled out my long perfected retail smile, the one I last effectively used with 'Please get the fuc

things to do

1) I really should stopping napping in McDonald parking lots. I was on my third scouting expedition for apartments last night and I think I found a wonderfully dumpy place in EP with a pretty kick ass view. This was the second time CB. I invited to tag along for company and her Nosey McNoserson tendencies which kick into near masturbatory joy at the opportunity to go through someones residence (empty or not), any door marked employee only, and your medicine cabinet. 2) I should thank Corey in advance in his help moving the refrigerator up that flight of stairs. I have such great friends. The last time out with CB we grabbed a bite at the Bright Stop because I had never been there. This time coincided with my annual free Red Robin B-day burger / I'm getting too old to eat that make artery clogging food in one sitting. hello Mr superlicious Royal Red Robin Burger! Meet my mouth. Sadly I had to go hang out in the Valley afterwards as my CB took care off some things leaving me with qu

I'm happy

I'm happy. So happy. happy happy, happy cubed. Happy bo bappy - Happy. Happy to be moving but damn am I not stressed out this week. T-minus two weeks and I'm still looking for a place, still have to pack, still have to sell a bunch of appliances. grr This isn't a real post btw. Just busy these days you know. Just tired from four hours of sleep naps every night, then back on the road by 5am for the last two weeks of these hour plus commutes. This makes me happy. I thought I would let you know. Spent a few hours last night scouting rental locations in an attempt to thin my list in half. My last drive-by placed me in "Los Feliz" which actually means crappy street three blocks down from Sunset and Vermont. By 7 pm I was napping in a fast food parking lot thinking about how close I'll be to places like Highland Grounds, my destination this night, once I move into Los Angeles proper. I curled up with my sweatshirt happy with this thought. Seeing Bang Sugar Bang pla

Studio 60 vs Ugly Betty

I'm giving Studio 60 more time to find itself, but how I'm loving the show Ugly Betty . No accounting for taste I guess. Which one do you like?

Give a little next Tuesday

(youtube link if you can't see the video) What: Rob Z's Potpourri at Highland Grounds When: Tuesday, Oct. 17 Who: Bang Sugar Bang , The New Fidelity , Chissum Worthington (performer & your wonderful host for the evening) 21+ FREE

the simple life

I cant tell you how happy I am with the thought of moving even though my choices are either a so-so neighborhood mere minutes from work (hawthorne, torrance) or a so-so neighborhood twenty minutes away (echo park or koreatown) but closer to my hangouts and people who are charitable enough to call me their friend. Actually the choice is simple and I'm all about the simplification of my life right now. That and I can only afford simple. Central air? Don't need it. Private garage/parking space? For wimps! Yard work? Overrated Electricity? Not if I can locate the TV Pedaler Well I think I just got tired of driving so much just a sleep in an area that offered very little to me. Give me culture, crowded sidewalks of life encounters, in person conversations over long distance calls and less of these material possessions I've accumulated over the years. I'm such a hypocrite though. As I talked to Corey about selling off my washer / dryer / refrigerator / beds / couches I hear G

time to move on

10 years is a long time. So I put notice in with my landlord last night. Yes my friends, I'm leaving Casa de Walnut ( city website , wiki ) for destinations unkown at this point. I should really figure that part out soon. Guessing since work is in the South Bay-ish it should be close to there but I'm open to anywhere in a 20 mile radius. I'm also open to winning the lotto too... continue This what I'm giving up - some good some bad. minumum one hour commute each way. (one morning was 2.5 hrs) 4 bedrooms, 2 car garage (too much space) chopping down that pepper tree beast every year (a 20 foot weed) a front and back yard I never used (I don't like nature) a spa I never used (I don't like water) Between the commute, rising gas prices, a crappy roommate who also just gave noticed, and with all my friends and hangouts 30 miles away in Los Angeles proper, it just seemed like time to move on with my life. "thoughts came be haunting / memories can leave you awr

I'm a little stressed out right now

Wow. How 'bout that LOST premiere last night? No really, how was it because I fell asleep on the couch curled up in the fetal position. It's called the fetal position because when you're a fetus just kicking it in your mom's stomach (it's the stomach or wait...the lower intestines?? Whatever. Those place I've never seen) and well you're hanging out all curled up all fetal and shit. It's comforting; it's built into our genetic makeup at times of stress or damage. It's the default state - our safe mode on windows if you will. Yeah so I fell asleep 15 minutes before the show came on without all my drivers loaded, dreaming of my special giant prehistoric tree branch where I overlook a French valley of tall grasses and beautiful streams. Wispy white clouds, mixed with coastal haze framed a race of mythical beasts below as I tried to get reception on my Treo. I felt better this morning. I'm suppose to go to Canters tonight. I was just there a few w

megaphones are hot

Artist: Overnight Lows ( myspace , website ) Song: The Breaks ( youtube link ) It is unabashedly commercial pop but so what. A health combination of sound + image + showmanship might equal some mainstream success for this still maturing band in the near future. Having seen them live multiple times, I'm not too surprised by how good they come across in this video and it's not even an official "real" video to boot. promo clip. This song reminds me of what I left out my first post about them: I love the use of the megaphone in the latter part of the song - not surprising for this fan of The Wonderstuff ( wiki ) days. God I hate when I date myself like that. Anyhow, next OLOWS show: 10.19.2006 Viper Room 10.30 pm 21+, free

I already have an outfit picked out

T, I'm tired of playing this game of chicken via email. It's always 'why not?' My answer is never good enough. 'Well that's not my problem.' you'll respond. No. No it's not.

I forgot I had plans tonight

How is it that I ended up with two shows to go to in one night? Fortunately there only a couple blocks apart so no problemo: First I have to get on to the Strip early for Metal Skoo l to catch Bang Sugar Bang and Silver Needle open up. The Mulhollands are actually first to play but I don't think the timing is going to work out for me. A decent enough line-up right there, but down the street at the Viper Room I'll be squeezing in Monsters are Waiting at the same time as either Silver Needle or Metal Skool itself Oh well. No matter how it pans out, at least I'll be sporting a hella cool collection of wristbands and ink stamps tonight. On another note: I can't f'ing believe it's October already.

so vague, I know

I like to think a random IP in Illinois is someone who knows who "B" is. Ah reality escapes me once again.

: (

Sign up for Goldstar Events people. They have *limited* $6.50 (+3.50 sc) tickets that are normally $38.50+sc for Peter Frampton this Saturday at the Wiltern. Seat location given out at box office at time of pick up, but still at that price who cares? And I can't go ::sobs::

things I won't be around to see this weekend

Artist: The Muffs (myspace) Song: Really Really Happy (2004) Why: 9.29 Friday Kiss or Kill presents: The Muffs also playing: The New Fidelity , Harvey Sid Fisher , Overnight Lows @ Safari Sams, all ages, 10 bucks [there is $6 discount list - contact me] youtube link Other things this Saturday I won't see Free Museums ( link ) Free Dr Jane Goodall - Roots & Shoots Day of Peace @ Griffith Park ( link ) Free Classic Car Show in Monrovia ( link ) The Mormoms @ Plush Cafe, Fullerton $8 Viva Voce , Silversun Pickups @ The Echo

new game: confession or lie?

Many years ago a dear friend rolled off me and said 'I love you.' [long pause] My honest response was nothing and it surprised me as much as her. The only time in my life this ever happened.

power out

Last Thursday I left my sheltered world of couch and television to catch Irving, Monsters are Waiting and th e Ooh las . Drove out to Hollywood straight after work, did some shopping at the 99cent store in Little Armenia where the cashier eyeballed me for a couple seconds and then offered me the 99cent long distance card. " can call your family out of the country" I'm wondering as to why she was offering it and who the hell would I call. "I don't know anyone who lives out of the country, let alone outside California" "You don't???" She had the odds on her side I guess... In Hollywood there was little parking because of the Jackass 2 premiere and that cheese festival going on that street next to Hollywood High. As I was driving up Orange I almost collided with Rip Taylor as he jaywalked from the Roosevelt Hotel heading East. Okay I didn't almost hit him but I did imagine him tumbling onto my hood, cracking the safety glass windshiel