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Thrushes - Heartbeats

Artist: Thrushes ( myspace / website ) Video/Song: Heartbeats Why: I'm in that kind of mood Upcoming shows that should be in Los Angeles, but are not: 6.13 Big Art Show Baltimore, Maryland 6.19 Artscape! Baltimore, Maryland Aug 16 2008 Athens Popfest! Athens, Georgia
Last week I saw a commercial for the new movie The Love Guru and thought two things: 1) Wow, Brendan Fraser is trying to be mike meyers (bad idea), 2) thus it might actually be 25% funny. The newest commercial I saw during SNL made it very clear that it was indeed Mike Meyers doing his same old shtick. (even worse idea) Come on, it kind of looks like him with a crazy hippie, Beatles went to India wig from afar. oh well, still not seeing it.

lorange blog food review no.1

McDonald's Southern Chicken Sandwich Conclusion: It ain't no Chick-Fli-A.

I left a town called Lorange

You see I like being that couple. The couple that meets one summer night in Silver Lake and falls in love despite living thousands of miles apart. It didn’t hurt that we shared the same mobile phone carrier. So I have been holding back telling you readers the conversations, the plans, the potential hi-jinks because the stories would be sappy in such a sickening way that a few of you will curl in disbelief and stomach propelled disgust. Yes it’s that sappy, and as this is my blog, my space, I plan on sharing some of them with you as time goes by. You don’t have to read them, you don’t have to like them; I really don’t care what you think to be honest. I’m happy. It has taken me many years of making mistakes, learning from them, and repeating them again to get to this point. In the past I’d placed myself in bad situations and took a few down with me. I’m sorry that I did. After my divorce I tried to act like I wasn’t the cold, fucked up asshole it (the process of divorce) made me into a

Rob Z'S Lounge Thing this Weds 5.14.08

ROB Z'S LOUNGE THING @ El Cid 9:30pm free! Rob Z and friends are doing the lounge thing again this Wednesday. Always fun. Always free Also with loungeified versions of tha bands PCow and Vermouth

Shower Thoughts: Alex - Part 1

Shower Thoughts is a collection of random memories that come to visit between the turn of faucets and the pull of the curtain. Many years ago a friend asked to borrow my silver mini Mitsubishi turbo diesel pick up. Reluctantly I agreed as he made it clear this would be the most important thing that I could ever do for someone I called my best friend. Outside the Concord BART station Will waited for me with his best happy face of the week on over the usual faded, green surplus pants and black henley shirt. The ever present knapsack was tossed on the floor of the cab. I asked him again where he was going, when he was coming back, all which thoroughly annoyed him. "I. I just need to do something in The City." "What?" "Look. I need to drive around and go somewhere. I just have something to do, okay?" "I take it you're not going to tell me then?" "Jesus Christ Robert! I'll be back tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Don't worry! I just need to d

weirdness this morning

In order of occurrence, not weirdness. month old laptop starts acting weird. can't type at random moments keyboard and track pad stop working completely I frustratedly close the lid and head for the shower I hear a grown man's voice outside yelling OW OW OW OW OW I casually think "hey maybe someone got hit by a car," but those are the only sounds I heard. No screeching brakes, no screams, nor sirens. I think nothing of it as I turn on the water. Leaving my apartment only to see this: There were a lot of people from the church across the street, hands clasped together, up to their chest or face. They look upon worried. A couple young men assisted with traffic control around the firetruck using the stop signs normally meant as additional auto guidance as the parishioners cross through the Glendale intersection. I worried about him too on my drive to work.
I've promised myself that a hour a day will be spent on this blog. Time for a revamp and some stories. Thank you so much for reading my little blog. Good things have been going on and I would like to share them. kthxbai.