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Words are haunting me today. I'm easy prey.

Sea Turtles

My friend (MFR) at Vet School on St Kitts just sent me some cool pictures of sea turtles coming to lay their egss. Pretty neat so I thought I would share. Hello everyone, Sorry for the mass email, but I just wanted everyone to see this. From March to June is mating season for sea turtles and St Kitts is one of the islands that they build nests on. Since they are endangered, it is a very big deal. All kinds of people (students, conservationists, hunters, tourists) walk the beaches every night to try to spot a sea turtle. Most never see one. I know of a couple people that have walked the beaches almost every night for the past month or so and still have not seen a sea turtle! So when Megan and I met a guy who knew where to find the sea turtles, we did not get our hopes up, but we went anyway because we had nothing better to do. We got to the beach at about 10.30 pm. We saw our first turtle at 12.30 am. It was in the process of covering its nest. Then, about 10 feet down the beach, was

Minutes Til Midnight

Band: Minutes Til Midnight Song: Vintage Hearts ( youtube link ) Why: Best played loud while driving fast at 2 AM I totally forgot about this local band and if it wasn't for the itunes shuffle feature I might have not noticed in a runabout way their free show next Monday at the Echo (with Black Pine). I don't know anything about them (I don't know much* actually. me stupid) other than their description listed on myspace: "Minutes til Midnight is a Band, a Multimedia Event, a Production/Remix team..." and that the singer Cliff Magreta co wrote a couple songs with Paul Oakenfold. Interesting enough for further research next Monday. There are some live videos from an earlier Spaceland show here if you want a better idea of their sound. * " ..I don't know much, but I know I love you "
words work both ways

should we put an ad on craigslist?

JP and I want to start up a tiny instrument band. We're thinking an ukulele, triangle, melodica (aka a hooter), and maybe a xylophone too. Since neither of us can sing or carry a beat we'll be employing the use of a wind up organ monkey with cymbals as the band leader. Any band name suggestions would be helpful so I can set up a myspace page with a better name than this: .

I like when I make the right choice

I decided that I would make the 45 minute drive down to Costa Mesa for the seconds to last Deep Sea Diver 's residency at the Detroit Bar since MFR is coming next week and I simply did not want to wait until May for my next j-do fix. Let me tell you (Corey esp) that you seriously missed out on a great show last night. Met friend and Southern OC local Ms. Johnny Pumpkin just in time to catch The Slings , a multi instrumental three piece that impressed me with their multitasking performance. Sometimes there was dual drumming, or dual xylophone whilst drumming and (my favorite) a saw and violin bow were mixed into this creature of heartfelt indie sounds. JP was a big fan of the melodica they were using enough so to ask what that keyboard harmonica thingy was called. I'd always called them a hooter as in that one hit wonder 80's band which Ms JP smarty pants was surprisingly unaware of. What? You don't remember the hooters ? Deep Sea Diver came on stage, played a song or


Listed in distance from my apartment. The Happy Hollows @ the Echo The Black Pine, Luna is Honey, Winter Flowers My thoughts: well it's free, blocks from home and I'm fixing for a Happy Hollows energy blast. The Soft Hands @ Mr T's Bowl - Free with The Henry Clay People, & The Clark 8 My Thoughts: Keep meaning to see this band but waiting for some lineups with them next month. It's been awhile since I've visited T's and they treat me right on Mondays at Little Cave down the street Meiko (8pm) @ Hotel Cafe opening for Rosie Thomas My thoughts: Corey loves her but a little too mellow for me tonight. The Oohlas @ Troubadour Men Women and Children, Bedouin Soundclash My thoughts: I have a thing for the Oohlas but not so much of the headliner. Deep Sea Diver (Jessica Dobson) @ The Detroit Bar with The Slings - Free My Thoughts: Costa Mesa is so so far but so so worth it in my opinion Conclusion: I have a bad haircut.

I look like a Q-tip today

I don't know where I'm going to be in twelve hours. (9hrs now) That is neither here or there - this is post is all about my hair right now. So driving up the 5 from Lake Forest, oops I mean Mission Viejo (they're interchangeable) I decided to head right up the 57 away from my home by the lake to get a haircut by my old house. If you've seen me in the last couple months or more frighteningly the last couple weeks, I've been sporting a hella kick ass Friar Tuck 'do. Yeah it was bad. Yeah I was very aware of it. Yeah I have great friends who continue to let me embarrass myself in public. At my old place I sit down in the chair in front of Mindy. "Did you cut this yourself?" She looked pissed. "No my friend did." lie, lie, lie I did. "They don't know how to cut hair. They gave you a girl haircut!" I wasn't sure if she was more disgusted with me or the bad trim I gave myself. "Sorry! I've been busy." "Yeah ever

one sentence at a time

me thinks I'm sick again. Sometimes it's hard to say no to someone. Sometimes I want them to say yes to me. tapped the back of her knee with my foot and apologized with: "Sorry. How incredibly fresh of me!" I was drifting and brushing hair off faces. blue light bulb in the patio. Before 3am windshield sprinkles, there was car talking. scribbles
One of the best recommendations from the LA music blogs I ever followed was to check out the The Parson Red Heads . This just came across from their myspace bulletin: rough cut of the Punctual as Usual video. Next show (amazing line up): @ The ExPlex? Echo Plex?, behind the Echo, $8 With Earlimart, The Watson Twins, and Sea Wolf

Thursday Choices

The Dollyrots US Tour Kick Off @ Safari Sams with The Waking Hours 16+, $10 / $7 with flyer Audio presents @ Three of Clubs 21+, Free The Poor Excuses , Fawnhawk , IO Echo Club Yoostah Be Cool presents @ Old Towne Pub Pasadena 21+ $5 Chissum Worthington , Beat Mo , Pu$$y Cow , Bang Sugar Bang (now a 4 piece), Rock Paper Scissors *underground railroad to candyland canceled

window sill tapping

I've been coasting on this wonderful calmness since Saturday night. Headed out to Acme for a late sketch show, a beer next door and then ate at Swingers for the first time. Maybe it was the shared vegan chocolate chip pancakes that calmed my nerves, or my coke settling the stomach knots I tend to battered up beforehand that some read differently from my actions: Quiet yet I engaged in conversation, smiled knowingly and wrote in the air with my fork. Maybe I was just happy. Ended the night 'round 3 AM making faces at stoplights down Beverly until it split at Temple forcing my way home. I couldn't sleep with blocks of words still forming above my eyes until 4.30 when thankfully I heard the thunder and lighting coming for me outside. Random Bits: Wed @ Kiss or Kill: THE FUXEDOS are America's favorite apocalyptic lounge-punk-comedy-rock and roll-free jazz-storytelling-freakout-cinematic-what-the-hell? band, complete with costumes, props, and bizarrely humorous theatrics. T


On doorsteps waiting for her to return lugging groceries from the Mexican market down the street. Over the same candy wrappers and concrete chunks that worried me as I pulled my bag out of my car earlier, throwing the strap over my neck thinking how someone might toss that rock right through my window. Over and over the same thoughts as she never came by as promised. On magazines my cell buzzed letting me know that she was calling, now hours later. "I don't care. I don't care." jingle jangle. The magazines didn't care for my ringtone song so I picked up. "Hey." This is all she said. "Hey". This is all I said at first. "I can't stop thinking about you either." She laughed. "Um, I can't stop thinking about me either." Gemma Hayes - Back Of My Hand ( video link ) none of this is true .

Kids in the Hall - 4 nights only

The Steve Allen Theater Presents Kids in The Hall Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, Scott Thompson Thurs May 3rd 9pm -- Fri May 4th 11pm Sat May 5th 9pm -- Sun May 6th 8pm Tickets: $25 Reservations for this event are absolutely essential, as it will sell out... quickly! Buy tickets online, like now.

Ben might still be dead

After a little encouragement from my friend* Saturday night I just made my first edit to wikipedia with an addition of a link to Darby Romeo's new blog: If you're having trouble placing that name, let me help. Darby Romeo was the creator of a highly influential 90's Los Angeles based 'zine called Ben is Dead . It's also possible you might remember the " I Hate Brenda " newsletter (book?) about one of television show 90210 's main characters. That was her too. Now this might mean nothing to you, fall into the the what ever happen to category or for some people, that zine changed my direction in life classification. I know Joe fits the latter but like most things I was an merely an aware bystander (usually inside Tower Records) to my friend's obsession reading Ben is Dead. From my understanding she closed shop many years ago and moved to Hawaii to surf and decide that 2007 would be a good time to start writing s

Chissum does Bond. James Bond

someone from my past said that you're only boring if you're bored. someone once confused my patience as being slow; I waited three weeks to spring the perfect punchline. my timing was anything but slow. I have questions for you unknown readers: is there anything you want to know? should I stick with the random and reject the music listings? are you folks just voyeurs to my boring life? just curious and a little too sick to concentrate on writing blogging today. amuse me. comment anonymously - or not

Kiss or Kill 4.11.07

Kiss or Kill presents @ Safari Sams Inazuma 12-12:30, Silver Needle 11:45 Automatic Music Explosion 11:00-11:30 The Prix 10:15-10:45 The Lieutenants 9:30-10:00 The Prix are great. Don't miss The Prix . You must see The Prix . read an interview with them here After last week's Kiss or Kill, Joe (of p=cow) feels the same way (well maybe more so) about about Automatic Music Explosion as I did a few weeks back but said it a billion times better with his posts and bulletins . While not my favorite band they definitely bring the fun spirit back that keeps many of us returning each week. And I keep returning even after a week of almost sick left me achy, tired and grumpy so with a quick whiskey and coke I drove three miles to park and had another swig before going in. Wanted a little numbness to stand alone for the night while waiting in between bands, in between thoughts of being boring, which I am. WASH . As for music the singer of Enid the Down had a sweet kay hanley -is

Easter - what is it good for?

I wanted to post this before Easter but between feeling tired last week and with a half day on Friday I just plain old didn't care to post anything. Gram Rabbit - Bloody Bunnies ( video link ) (I'm happy this band has picked up traction over the years since Corey, CB and I went to check out Midway at the Scene way back in 2003 and GR happened to be the first band on. It was an original cracked out musical experience. If I ever did Meth (which I wouldn't of course) this is the band I would want to be in.) Anyhow I know this is stupid but has Easter always included conning little kids into the belief of the Easter Bunny as a Santa like figure? So I was chatting with my Mom and questioned if one was suppose to play the Santa role and give gifts ever year as I never remembered that from my childhood. She paused for an extended minute before answering, "Where do you think all those stuff animals came from? Skunky? That skunk you carried around for years and that turtle...w
If you looking for some funny this weekend (or the next three weekends) come by and watch my friend perform in some sketches she wrote for Charlie Company's "The Best Damn Sketch Show Ever!" show at the Acme Theatre. When: Saturday’s March 31st till April 21st at 11:00p.m. (or 10 for Bravo Company too) (note to friend: I'll be there on the 14th, I swear!) How much: $10.00 (Ignore the price on the flyer) (If you pay with card at door add $ pay with cash) Where: Acme Theatre 135 N. La Brea Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. 90036 Bar and restaurant next door / Vallet and street parking. Come early to buy tickets at the door or order tickets on line at or by phone at (323) 525-0202

I can't go but you should see these bands

My pick for Friday: She's Your Sister CD release party - tonight @ Safari Sam's Followed by Versa Vice @ 12:30 $8 w/ flyer (click to print) $5 CDs Simply put, this band should be bigger. I wrote about my first experience with sys here Also: Katie the Pest @ pehrspace (HiFi/EP border) $5 with mospeada 9pm, Old River School 10 pm - (new band, two songs - one word: catching) Katie the Pest on at 11pm so sad. so so close to my place and I can't even go. Loverlee @ Tangier 21+ , Cost : $8 with flier Note it's a Can o Jam production = the rest of the line up is hit or miss. Also part 2: New Fidelity @ Gallaghers in Huntington Beach New Maximum Donkey , Get Set Go , The Powercords @ The Kitting Factory $7, all ages - Shows starts at 8 with the Powercords, NMD 9pm, GSG 10 pm Sat: Hearts of Plam UK @ the hive gallery Sun: Soft Hands @ Alex's Bar LBC

Kiss or Kill - the Randies tonight

Kiss Or Kill - Safari Sams - all ages 3/5 bucks Hosted by Rob Z! Enid the Dowl 9.30 The Randies 10.15 automatic music explosion 11 Wake Up Incinerate 11.45 The Mulhollands 12.30 Watch a live broadcast on and you can interact live and chat with the Randies @ 9 pm from Kiss or Kill @ Safari Sams Hey CB, the first band is that girl who did the song we couldn't remember when naming you mp3s before you moved.
The sidewalks in LA are highly underrated

Review: The Reaping

The Reaping is big heaping waste of time. This movie doesn't know if it wants to Carrie or The Omen and while I'm down with predictable endings at least they could've made it interesting. Throw in some retarded special effects and save for the locusts plague, the others come off as more comical than foreboding enough to cause a chill down your spine. Badly CG animated cows dying never looked funnier. So the movie focuses on the little girl (don't they all do these days?) as the cause of biblical plagues centrally located in small, backwater, overtly religious town as master miracle debunker/onetime ordained priest Hillary Swank drives in to find the scientific reason. Did I mention she lost her faith? Did I mention that there ar evil up in dem swamps? The wonderful actor Stephen Rhea plays a priest friend who hardly used and easily could be replaced with a scene of the researchers googling information while Hillary Swank's partner is there to drive the truck or s

yesterday was a rough day

(I know this Boomtown Rats song well but I don't remember this video ( link ) with a creepy, bugged eyed (Sir) Bob Geldolf.) Grrr I'm in a mood and if this was an anonymous blog I would be telling you it was due to too much caffeine, nicotine, a bout of a specific colored emotion, sleep deprivation, and allergies over the weekend but it's not so I think it really was just me waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Yeah that's mostly a lie. The sleepless nights have returned and for some unknown reason it's been three days without hot water in my building. So I took a shower Sunday night hoping the all would be well after a crappy day at work. It wasn't. As mentioned before I was already in mood so I called the manager's office to leave a not so friendly message or better, to see if there was an after hours number. There wasn't one. Beep Hi this Robert Dxxxxxx in Apt X on Xxxxxx street. It's Monday, about 5.30pm. There hasn't been hot water in my

Saturday was all about Ashley

Last week Sorby (my current nickname for her) and I hatched up the idea for the best present idea ever for Ashley's Party (2): Because everyone wants a diorama for their birthday. Eventually we made it over to the party at the old warehouse underneath the 6th Street Bridge for an semi acoustic set by Get Set Go, then full on P=Cow before it degraded as it always does around 2 am into "the worst idea ever" cover band of random people jumping in P=Cow. Matt from Bang Sugar Bang played along with Emma or Ricky of the Waking Hours or Eric from GSG or basically whoever. We even got a thumbs up from the party crashers who wandered in from the illegal dance club down the street though it was already winding down at that point. Then I was tired and in a mood so I left around 3.30 am. blah photos by DJ Cheese Zombie .