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Paul Gross changed my life

So yesterday Will Campbell wrote about his experience having an old pair of sunglasses fixed in his post  The Epic Saga Of How It Took 10 Years To Get My Favorite Sunglasses Fixed In An Hour By The Greatest Eyeglass Repair Shop In The History Of History on Blogging.LA A simple repair sometimes can be more meaningful when the damaged item is a symbol of your past, your present and in my case, my future. I too had a pair of glasses fixed by the best eye glass repair shop in the metro LA metro region:  Paul Gross Eyeglass Repair in Glendale, CA  ( yelp reviews ) Below is the comment I left on his post summing up how my life changed with that eyeglass repair. Okay maybe Paul Gross the person didn't directly change my life with that one business transaction but I do believe it played a role in my future I'm so glad you wrote about Paul Gross Eyeglass Repair!!!  There was a point when I was so poor that when my only pair of glasses broke I didn't think I could affor