what was the least important part

As I dropped my son off Sunday afternoon the sunset made itself known through rose colored glasses slipped over clouds of this southern end of Orange County. On the corner property of this IKEA wrench shaped suburban tract 40 plus crows picked the lawn looking for bugs. I stated the obvious: That's a hella lot of crows. Oh they're here every night. On this corner? They love that lawn and this tree. The crows looked downed from a large maple beyond the stucco border. The neighbor cleaned his yard last week. You see how it's all dirt in this corner and the plants look nicer; it makes our yard look a little dumpy. I could hear his step dad's influenced phrasing. Another wave of crows came from the West heading over the subdivision. Some landed on the lawn as replacements for others. The eucalyptus grove half mile away swayed under the weight of even more. Over 10 minutes we watched this repeated progression eastward over his step dad's house. I hugged hi

It has been a good year

Sometimes simple things need to be said (blogged) out loud. Onward to 2012!

Gemma Hayes - Keep Running

Artist: Gemma Hayes   Song: Keep Running  Why:  One my favorite singers for years now. She's a sometime Los Angeles resident though still mostly Irish in all the good ways one can be. The voice, maybe always the words when simply placed in the right order. She is one of my favorite artists. As to why now. We get older and get wiser and second chances happen and life diverts in way we don't plan and I've stood there, on both sides of the room. This video reminds of that. Right now I'm in a new place figuratively and literally (and oft said liter-ley because I still jumble the sounds of words); the difference now is that I'm getting it more right more often than not. vid link

who throws a balloon away?

Like birds and packets of taco sauce at Del Taco all balloons should be free. Free to drift along ocean breezes and bring joy to little kids. What evil being would do this? At the Del Taco @ La Cienega and Cadillac on 12.21.10. Sorry for the grainy video.

we are sick

we are sick. December in LA means one week of popsicle cold one week of crazy winds one week of record heat one week of rain. We are overloaded in sweets and family and sickness and work and love. I haven't felt luckier and blessed any more so than I do right now.

Paul Gross changed my life

So yesterday Will Campbell wrote about his experience having an old pair of sunglasses fixed in his post  The Epic Saga Of How It Took 10 Years To Get My Favorite Sunglasses Fixed In An Hour By The Greatest Eyeglass Repair Shop In The History Of History on Blogging.LA A simple repair sometimes can be more meaningful when the damaged item is a symbol of your past, your present and in my case, my future. I too had a pair of glasses fixed by the best eye glass repair shop in the metro LA metro region:  Paul Gross Eyeglass Repair in Glendale, CA  ( yelp reviews ) Below is the comment I left on his post summing up how my life changed with that eyeglass repair. Okay maybe Paul Gross the person didn't directly change my life with that one business transaction but I do believe it played a role in my future I'm so glad you wrote about Paul Gross Eyeglass Repair!!!  There was a point when I was so poor that when my only pair of glasses broke I didn't think I could affor

17 years ago today

Going through some boxes looking for something or another I found my stack of concert ticket stubs from back in the day. Back in the day meaning before I moved to SoCal, still aimlessly in the Bay Area catching whatever shows I could afford. I kept to the the small bars and venues so I'm thinking my best friend Corey bought this for my birthday  ::cough:: this thursday the 21st:: cough. $15 was a bit too rich for my blood. This was just as Smashing Pumpkins were exploding nationwide, pre SNL show, and before they went arena rock. (For you LA folks the Warfield is similar to the Wiltern.) Because the internerds are amazing you can stream/DL that actual concert here if the embed doesn't work below this sentence.