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12.31.04 11.45 pm

This New Years Eve I'm spending at home with family. My friends are either out of town, mad at me, or working late (until 11.45) and/or two of the three that I just listed. Could've gone out to Mr. T's Bowl for a great line up of bands and seen some people I know socially, but it's a good 30-40 miles away and I had nowhere to crash or a get lift to/from. I need to be less shy and more out-going. It would've been fun and more money than I have would've be spent. Then of course I don't smoke anymore, which I've come to realize is also a nice crutch for filling in time when there is no-one to talk to. So I sit here and think of you and you and you and no-one instead. I'm not bummed about this. There's a new year ahead for all of us. Let's make it different than last year. Happy New Year Everyone!


Just noticed the privacy settings for the blogs. cool I've been walking around my house (I rent) with a scarf around my neck for my sore throat. Trying to get work done but ended up doing my first gig poster. I'll link it later. Okay I donated five bucks to the relief efforts going on and wish I could give more. I'm not that cheap, just tight on funds at the moment. Anyhow the exchange rate make that five go a lot farther according to the news. This has been on my mind all week and it's hard to imagine a disaster that immense. My problems are so meaningless.

This is what it is

Hi. Hello. Thanks for reading. Well at least for the few of you. This rain is getting old now and the joy of seeing family is wearing off. I have the whole week off, but here I am doing work at 11.45 pm and I budget out of necessity. Had to turn off Elliott Smith and play some Her Space Holiday, oh and some Green Day. Oh I change my blog entries all the time. I like Myspace. I like Music. I like You. Only two of them are true.


Great music / shows make me smile Running a little late, but made it to see Margo Lee (= Jessica Dobson = Deep Sea Diver ) last night playing with a full band. Twice as packed than last week and wow. wow. oh, and wow. Smiled all the way home until I went to bed. Locally, only Midway and couple other bands have put on shows that cool. Each extremely different from each other, but I left all with smiles. listening to: Magneta Lane - Constant Lover album

I got mail today

Current mood: surprised Postcard personally sent to me (and everyone else who gave out their address) from Kelly of the dollyrots whilst on tour. Just a random message....oh and I got presents from various relatives. Also listening to the Beastles...Beastie Boys/Beatles mash up...pretty fun. Download it here Currently listening: Funeral By Arcade Fire Release date: By 14 September, 2004


It's my friend Corey's (look in my friends list) birthday today, so even if you don't know him, please send nice comments his way. You can crank call him at [909!] xxx-762-xxxx ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So Corey's birthday dinner was at Barney's Beanery . I've known about it, but had never been there before (there's a lot of places I haven't been to yet since moving down here 8 yrs ago...long story, but just started to explore So Cal only in the last couple of years). Not bad, most stuff 7-10 bucks and a urinal that seemed a little too close to the sink. This kind of distrubed us in a funny way. I made a special Lindsay Lohan photo collage B-day card for Corey and he gave me the the first season of Arrested Development for Christmas. Hella cool! C. gave me the director's cut of Das Boot . Das ist sehr gut! Currently listening: Orchestra Sadly Has Refused By Silent League Release date: By 30 March, 2004

yup - dec 12 - 17

[edit: this was not a normal week; went out too much, a lot of ups and downs.] Sun: Saw Oceans 12 (not so good) at the Grove (apple store!), ate at the Apple Pit (good) [edit: Pan, sorry corey all that talk about 90210 and the peach pit confused me] , saw Lolita Davidovich eat food five feet away from me. Mon: Saw Midway at the Echo. Must find child mannequins for Theresa. Tues: The Randies at the Key Club. Free cookies and cupcakes as always. C. is still mad at me. Ate too many Sweet Tarts handed out by a very drunk Santa Joe. Felt ill. New mix cd with "A Simple Plan" by The Information this song ... I want to marry it. Weds: Will see Margo Lee at Plush in Fullerton. Eat either fish tacos from Wahoos or one dollar whoppers from the BK down there. Thurs. Amazing show last night by Margo Lee..wished her EP was out, but I'll settle for the old songs from a couple years ago. I ended up having a whopper. //// traffic sucked. I love commuting 3 hrs a day. fell as

I want to say hi

just a lot on my mind. overslept....didn't get out of bed until 6.30 am...alarm set for an hour earlier. The drive was long enough to listen to the dollyrots album twice. Saw the singer Kelly last night, so it inspired this morning's soundtrack. Why do I have five pens on my desk? Overslept because I went to see Underwater City People , Get Set Go , and the amazing Bang Sugar Bang at Mr T's Bowl last night. Sang out loud to BSB even though my voice hasn't fully come back yet. Yes, I know I can't need to comment on that. I hate being sick, but love the fact that my voice goes out completely at least twice a year. Once it was gone for almost two weeks many years ago, only because I was working box office and had to talk. Didn't help that I smoked back then and reds on top of that. Saw people I wanted to see and said hi, and some that I have yet to talk to yet

Tegan and Sara, Los Abandoned and the Ukulele

The Ukulele is the new Theremin. It’s been building up for the last few years, but I predict more bands will be using them. Los Abandoned was amazing and the singer also used an ukulele for one of the songs which is cool. Anyhow their sound was influenced by No Doubt, with a hispanic tilt; an extremely tight set with tons of energy. A) I wished I knew Spanish to enjoy the lyrics, but most songs were in english, and B) The crowd enjoyed them, but I will see them next time headlining in front of their fans, for a even crazier show. Tegan and Sara were great! Didn't know much about them, but I now need to get some of their stuff now. My bitch about shows: I know people invite their friends to shows, saying "oh, you'll have fun, this band is great...I play that song all the time in the car", and of course their friend has no idea. Now this show probably created a bunch a new fans like me, but I can't stand those tag along friends that don't care about the band,

The Pixies

Seeing the Pixies again made me happy. (greek 9/23). Thanks Corey for the very cool, early birthday present. Great seats too (Center Row D Sec B) Last time I saw them was 93-94, The Warfield, SF......with Corey actually. Guess some things don't change, except our age.


I want one. Corey has one. I'm jealous. I hate Corey. I'm gonna kill Corey now. edit: I still like my mix CDs better.

listen / look / eat up

I'm in love with the song "Most Sundays" by Margo Lee The live version of Mr Roboto that Midway is playing. See their profile for a listen. It starts off rough (1st public performance of the song) but gets so much better. In the car, listening to The Clash album Sandinista! I hate: Going home already feeling out of sorts about life, relationships etc, and seeing the flashback episode of Friends . (the episode where Ross debates sending Rachel the wedding invitation) Already the show was brought up twice earlier at work...just can't get away from it. Hate it, love it. hate the ross-rachel thing, but relating to it perfectly. Missing: Kaitlyn and Jacob. Eat: The Hat ...also the free samples at Costco in Los Feliz/Atwater


Lorange is a term I coined to be the opposite of limerence. ( wikipedia definition Limerence is that initial period of a relationship (the first few weeks or months) where you see your limerent partner in near perfect terms. You have gone past the initial awkwardness in the beginning of your relationship, and now work, sleep, and friends are just blocks in the way of togetherness. This is different from Infatuation which is more like the unrealistic ideals of puppy love - immature and based on limited information about the person of desire. For additional clarification, Love comes after the period of limerence when you start to accept the faults and imperfections of you significant other and still want to be with them. When love breaks down, a new period I call Lorange sets in, which is basically the drawn out end of a dying relationship. It is the state of knowing that regardless of best intentions, or of how much one cares for each other, one or both members of the relationship will


Sleepy after seeing Fuck Bunny , Midway , and the Knives , which were very cool. I saw this on my way to work this morning, but couldn't tell if Willis was driving it himself.


Midway is playing at Kiss or Kill which makes me happy. Wrote a bunch this weekend and thought out a possible idea for a video for this song I love.

Not even nine am

and my day sucks. Woke up an hour late, but still had time to get ready and leave on time. My reflection in the mirror returned sulken eyes. Slept fine but the opposite appeared. Searched hoplessly for a paticular shirt, settled for one I wear too much. Depressed over lack of new funds to buy new clothes. Found the coffee maker ready to brew, but I forgotten to set the timer. Left one time and realized I needed gas, so made a combined stop at Arco for gas, 44 oz Pepsi, and a sausage biscuit. The biscuit wasn't very good, so I went to McDonalds and got a real one. Wasted more time wasted a couple of dollars. Traffic sucked and was 15 minutes late instead of 15 minutes early.

I don't think anyone will ever read this

so I will write what I want. I feel rejected today. Actually the last couple weeks have been like this.
Don't watch Woo the movie if it comes on tv. Ok had a good and busy weekend compared to the ones where I sit curled up in the fetal position crying. Ok for the record I haven't done that yet in my life. So I get home from work, P shows up with a six pack of Sam Adams Light and we start drinking whilst we wait for CO and G to show up. Being LA on a friday night, their 40 mile drive took them close to two hours to complete. The freeways were all messed up, esp. the drive out to Vegas while a 2 car/ 2 semi crash that f**ked the whole freeway system up. So a few beers later they make it, and we decide the bar at Claim Jumper would be right for food and drinks. Yum to nachos, combo appetizers, and a couple picthers of hefenwiezen and finished by 10.30. Next comes a short drive to Fullerton , we walk into The Continental Room, and then walk out. Too many lame to the Stadium Tavern for a couple more picthers and my first Irish Car Bomb . As we leave, this gir
Oh my fever went away, so Thursday was about getting my once every two months haircut, shopping at Target, and cleaning my house. Sonia posted a blog about a blog written by an ex of hers. She starts off with this remark _ 'Yeah, so, I got this e-mail from an ex-boyfriend the other day. I'm one of those weirdo girls who is friends with a lot of her exes. One of my old boyfriends lives next door and is married to my best friend.' _ . This is funny for two reasons: First no-one understands how I (like Sonia) can have ex's as friends. Secondly, her neighbor is also my ex-wife's ex-boyfriend, and his wife is my ex-girlfriend. My old Festival days, a book and a mini-series could be made with the drama that happened there. Very much Melrose Place episodes, but this group of friends has remain on good terms over the last ten years.
argh. I feel a fever coming on - which is never good. My friend P is coming down on his way to see the grand-toads in Palm Springs this Friday. Should be fun if CO gets off from work that night, maybe we'll try to see New Maximum Donkey at MR T's Bowl ...a fun, dumpy old converted bowling alley in Highland Park. The stage is built over the lanes, with all the hardware still intact. I glad no-one reads this. I have nothing interesting to say. Listening to: Girl with a monkey from Sweden. not good - not really bad Watched two episodes of 24 last night at CB's new orange apartment. Had fun, had a talk, had triscuits.
Finally. After three days without power at work, I'm back online. Sadly I've forgotten everything I thought about writing on here. I swear they were USDA choice cuts of writing. Work consisted of one three hour meeting about our booth at expowest . Three weeks and counting.
I managed to post three or four times today on craigslist. Time to go home.
yum taco bell for lunch. I wish I can get paid to this. Come to think of it I am.
Still tired. Came home last night @ 6 and crashed on the couch. Getting up long enough for a little bit of American Idol before rolling into bed. I hate being so tired all the time. Work once was only two miles away, but now I commute at least a hour each way. A hour and a half drive is normal coming home. And it sounds a little like this: 110 to the 105 to the 605 to the 60 or 110 to the 91 to 57 to the 60. I've managed to find multiple city routes so it usually works out 50/50 freeway/streets. Wanted to see Midway at Café-Club Fais Do-Do , but I was tired and it was for a Howard Dean fundraiser, so there was no real point in going. He still might have a chance, but Kerry's hair is plowing through the polls. I look foward to this weekend when J+K come over. I'm so glad I'm not helping CB move into her new apartment.....I would help if I could of course, but I just spent last weekend painting the new place orange. Yes orange.. well actually Marmalade,
I managed to crawl out of bed this morning with only three hours of sleep. Went and saw The Randies , Bang Sugar Bang , and The Dollyrots at Zen Sushi (Silverlake, CA) last night. Third time at Zen, and I haven't seen it this packed before. I imagine the air play the randies have been getting on KROQ lately had something to do with it. The DJ stryker (from KROQ) was suppose to be there and I think I saw him all prettied up, but could be wrong. Over the last couple months, I've met a couple members of the randies and can safely say they deserve all the success thrown at them. I'm happy to report that the crowd was 60/40 on the guy-girl ratio. Better than previous randie shows. Also Bang Sugar Bang...why aren't they signed yet. Seriously. The Dollyrots....full of spunk, and yes, Kelly really does have a high voice.