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what a start to a four day weekend

Where: Farmers Market / The Grove in Los Angeles When: Friday 6.30.06 7.30pm Why: Because we couldn't find the free beer @ the meetup (we didn't try that hard though). So there I sat among a group of seven year old girls and their stupid dolls instead.

Electric Eel Shock

Are you waiting until July 5th when the force that is Electric Eel Shock hit Spaceland with the Grates? You shouldn't because these Japanese rockers are playing a free show at Mr T's Bowl this Friday (6.30.06) with the great New Maximum Donkey opening up. I'm told that their last show there was so out of control that Mr T's was forced to close down for a spell - something about the over capacity crowd, cops, and a near riot of fans outside. Be there by 10. Free -- 21+ From the history of EES according to wikipedia: In 1999 Electric Eel Shock recorded Slayers Bay Blues on an eight-track recorder, and pressed enough copies to take to the road for their first gigs abroad....The gigs were a massive success, with a handful of dates turning into over twenty. Following many requests to do so, they returned to Japan. The musicians then sold their property and left their homes. They returned to the U.S. and toured there nearly constantly for the next two years. Their tours

still nothing

I'm reading new blogs, fantasizing about talking to xTx , drinking as much as possible, reading old journals, doodling on napkins and still nothing. I'm taking a break not by choice. I'm craving a Kit-Kat. wow.

I have nothing

Mondays are slow, esp. at 6.30 pm Hey what's up peeps? Ok it's Wednesday, I have half a tank of gas, and I'm ready to call it a day. One would think that something must've happen in the last 72 hours that would be worth writing about. It's not like didn't spend six hours drinking on Monday watching Point Break with strangers at the Little Cave. That's a post right there. I can also not mention the reconnection with another old (girl) friend thanks to myspace. Nor would I want to bore you with catching She's Your Sister's 50th (kick ass) show at Zen and the ten minutes spent trying to place four people in the bar. are they in band? are they friends of a band? are they friends of bloggers I read? are they bloggers I read? are they looking at me for the same reason or because I'm a freak? damn I hate that. I have six things on my mind, and you're no longer one of them Sadly money, wanting to move, having to buy a suit, working on details for my

On Sale Now!

Gawd I love Chissum Worthington! Really I do. click here if you can't see the video

Jan 1994

before blogging there was my little black notebook and a typical conversation with my tweaker coworker Renee from my retail job at Best Products "Argh my back hurts" She slid by in her silvery skirt and black knee high boots as we finished resetting the shelves for the new ad. "Been lifting heavy stuff?" I smile at her boney in cute way figure with just the right amount of hips to slide hands around. She did have to walk past me on her route, but she did. "Ah no. Actually I haven't done anything like that lately." she said, voice trailing as I watched her walk away. "Too much acid?" She stopped at the hair dryer endcap and came back. "Um, no." I've always seen past the little bows in her hair, and the golden R hanging around her neck that daddy gave her on her sixteenth over grilled pizza at Melos . "Hey, you're not trying to get me in trouble are you?" she questioned jokingly. A fake smile, "Oh of course not

short monday postnote

Kiss or Kill night @ Safari Sam's - between bands 6.16.2006 I hate being sick. Wasn't I just sick two weeks ago? Yes I was but now I'm coming down with my first major heat wave of the year sickness. Must be the higher particle quantity in the air (smog) or just plain ole allergies. Who knows but living in the western edge of the orange zone on this map can't be good. One more reason I need to move westward and one thing (cleaner air) I miss up in the Bay Area. (did you know that the smog is pushed East in LA and sits over the Inland Empire, but in the Bay Area the smog is pushed West over the Pacific Ocean where nobody cares) Just a few things to mention for this week off the top of my head: She's Your Sister at Zen on Tuesday. In Kiss or Kill news: Agent Orange , "the roots of OC punk", will be playing August 18. 10 bucks but with discount tix for the regulars or anyone signed up with the KOK yahoo group. Additionally The Muffs will be playing anoth

Unibrows are hot

Unibrows are so not hot, but they will get you half price drinks at Bar 107 on some nights. I choose to go just with my natural duo brow, but since Ashley's sister is a makeup artist and full time movie monster maker you get see some hot brow on brow action. photos by ashley These pictures make up for the drive, crowd, and lack of drunkenness on my part. A good ending for a really crappy day.

Nevermind the last post

[start live journal] (oh no one of those posts again . ha ha) I am beaten and shell cracked this day. I long fornothingmore than a snuggle and curly fries. yum curly fries. I am moody. I'm five minutes away from crying. My commute there is short and the people are nice, the music good, the drinks strong when you tip well. I just flew back in with sand still in my shoes. grit and grain. grit and grain people Sleep escapes me when bad timing takes it toll. I don't have pangs - just how it goes sometimes. My timing has been off for awhile. Have you seen it? I think it's banging my sleep when I go off to work. Typical. I need to go eat now. I'll be there at noon. My friends add 15 minutes to that. they know better. I should take them bowling. [end live journal]

I need a honest answer

This applies to people who know me, but if you're a lurker or slightly know me and have an opinion feel free to toss it in the comments. You can stay anonymous if you want. Ok am I'm Moody in person? Do I come off as Moody in this blog? Am I more clear in person vs. how I come off in this blog? I'm a big believer in constructive criticism so don't worry about hurting my feelings or anything retarded like that.

This post should be about something

I'm not feeling anything today. I'm dead (totally overly dramatically) tired. I died under the weight of a thousand infatuations. I've gotten tired of it actually. This is what I do in my spare time: collecting thoughts and blurry cam pics. sometimes the other way around if she only asked. there is no secret meaning in that. Really I have no secrets or so you think. Let me give you an example: Fathers Days was spent at the back to the future mall (really) watching "cars". all two hours of it, and like all Pixar movies and punches to the stomach made me cry . weepy. Before that I yelled at a kid who cut in front of me at the concession line. ok not yelled but berated him. "I'm can't you believe you just cut in front of us" He didn't look retarded. "Didn't your parents teach you that cutting is not cool?" To K: "K don't every do what this rude, inconsiderate brat just did" K tries not to laugh and I'm already fe

For a post I never finished


I'm on 25 Peeps!

25 Peeps Friends and Ex-Lovers, Romans and Generals or whatever, I'm Spartacus. No I'm on 25 Peeps probably for the next few hours since I'm just some retarded guy and currently not showing my man boobs. So please do me a favor and clickity click the links to keep me on the page. Thanks and Welcome Strangers!

Lounge and Burlesque

I think I read somewhere that Caroline liked burlesque. MaDaMe SunSet Live Appearance Highland Grounds June 20th At Highland Grounds Join MaDaMe Sunset infamous leader of Madame Sunsets hollywood kittens as she electrifys highland grounds with a whole lot of..... that will be the surprise, Be there!!!! And don't ya worry the Madame Sunset will have a select few of her kittens along for the ride (te-he) oooxxx MEoooow!!! This event is hosted by the wonderful Rob Z who will be doing a little lounging and singing with Brandon Meyer. Oh and the p-cow will be all slicked up and crooning their um, hits. This event is FREE folks and Highland Grounds has some yummy food with some darn spicy french fries (the latter not free).

a pause without air

When I do normal things I might write about them after the fact. It's the abnormal, the random, these complete lies I imagine, the little seconds of a smile, and the awkward look away that gets me writing. Let me try to explain: Smile #1 to a girl I see everywhere and known by everyone. We stood in a group in the parking lot - I smile across to her instead of avoiding eye contact. I'm happy that I did because being shy isn't a good way to make friends. Smile #2 to the force that is DG. To say I don't care is an apparent lie when I see her across the bar, dreading my choice to ignore or acknowledge her when our pathes cross. To think I used to go out of my way to cross them. I've made a point of ignoring her lately; she just does per routine. A little group conversation and we barely glance over the foot of distance between us. Only in the last second of leaving the bar do we meet and I find myself happy for it. I stand back to let her pass with a friendly smile wai

Midway almost minus Emily show 6.17.06

Emily's last show with Midway show w/ VERY special guests all worth seeing: Chissum Worthington The Jones (Jason from Midway other band) 8 Bit -- (nintendo robot rap) New Maximum Donkey -- (best live show) Pu$$y Cow -- (I believe in p-cow) other stunning and incredible surprises..... The fabulous Midway horn [who don't play horns on Midway songs] section will be joining Pu$$y Cow for some classics as well as their (not mine) favorite song to cover, the FUNKY CHICKEN!!!! If you missed it last time, you should catch it this time. 21+ / $7 cover / 8:30pm @ The Scene Bar @ Glendale

I saw Nacho Libre last night

I went to see a screening of Nacho Libre by myself and possibly snubbed a cute girl I know (socially) in the lobby. I need glasses to avoid this again. I've seen her up close and she's cute and has big blue eyes. I know these things. I did the research (this phrase still rocks). If you like Jack Black as in you like his eyebrows moving up and down, and love when he looks into the camera and sings (ala the D), and dig the fake hand trumpets, and a cute, straight-forward story line with wrestling scenes that don't overdo the silliness, then you will agree with my five lorange rating. This also applies to the nun in real life. If you hate Jack Black (some do) you will agree that this Nickelodeon produced movie is enjoyable for the whole family and deserves 3.5 loranges at least. "Accidentally" getting drunk afterwards with Ashley and the Honey Pot gets 6 loranges.

I'm getting better

I'm slightly sick this week. Not this bad, but I don't want you folks to think I'm trying to be anti-social either. ok maybe a little. Sorry to Deadpan for flaking on Monday. Sorry to Blockage " " " " " " " " Sorry to She's Your Sister for missing them Tuesday even though they don't really know who I am. Ok maybe a little. Thought the sleep might do me better - which it did. Sorry to Ashley for not calling me back last night ...wait a minute. I'm also uber stressed out with the roommate money situation. Not helping the sickiness (that's not a word). Maybe tomorrow will be better. Maybe I'll pile his stuff outside this weekend. Friday: Kiss or Kill (I don't even know who's playing - always fun) Saturday: Emily's last show with Midway Amazing line-up. Sunday: Father's Day (I want a $10,000 check too) (mixed feelings --> for another post). Post title from this movie of course.

Magneta Lane in LA

The Canadian three piece Magneta Lane just announced a couple last minute showcases next week in Los Angeles (Updated 6.15.06): Monday 6.19.06 Spaceland 21+ Free (on first - with Evermore, Meho Plaza, and Monsters are Waiting Tuesday 6.20.06 Knitting Factory (alterknit) with the The Effects all ages early show 6:45 pm $5 Here's the video for "Constant Lover" off the first album which made the rounds of the blogsphere - and into my heart. The second album Dancing with Daggers is out, so buy it, and kiss it, and hug it, and stuff. Magneta Lane - Constant Lover [fixed] Two videos off the new album after the jump You can look at .mov or mpegs if you don't like flash/youtube at their website or watch them below. Choose your adventure. Magneta Lane - Ugly Socialite Magneta Lane - Broken Plates


What I noticed last Tuesday evening: Strangers meet up here in the parking lot and mingle among the yellow lines, white railings, childrens playground and bus stops as we all listen to the corner music of cars stopped at the light. If you want to score some drugs, you stand on the backside of Mcdonalds at Venice Blvd and Overland . Enjoy yourself a cigarette and hang out until the dealer slides in on rollerblades. Oh how Los Angeles-ish. Some of you will try the stuff ten steps behind a suv ordering happy meals. Some of you haven't eaten in days. Then hang out in front of McDonalds because that's what you do when you're stoned. Noticed that the bunch of you came in a Toyoyta minivan with a dog in tow. Always a dog in tow. Nice to know that you are doing your part for the environment commuting to your hook up. I guess there are far worse deals going down in this city. These are the things you noticed sitting in your car reading for three hours.

Monster Fascination

blurry pic is mine of course I have to thank Jane for pointing me last November to The Naturals which led me to the Kutting Room shows in Santa Monica (which died right after I heard about it), in turn landed me to the completely addicting band Monsters are Waiting . In the last six months they've sold out of their ep at Amoeba, opened the west coast leg of She Wants Revenge shows and just released a full length on Retone/Leftwing Recordings - Hoola Hoop Records. Anyhow I caught their sold-out record release show at the Troubadour last week opening for the equally rising on the national scene band Mellowdrone. I have trouble describing music so I'll just say that Monsters are Waiting, especially due in part to singer Annalee calling from the ocean depths voice, was sophisticated and completely captivating. The set ended perfectly with a strong cover of I want the Stone Rose's "I want to be adored" and Corey stating this band was easily worth the ten dollars to g

Looker this weekend

Shame on me for not posting about Looker 's West Coast mini tour (they're from NYC) this week. Man my job has been sapping me of all my free time to play around online at work. Go figure. Since it's Saturday forget that there was a Looker show at the Derby last night and focus on seeing them at these shows: 6.10.06 Old Towne Pub 10pm $5? 6.11.06 The Joint show cancelled Contact them if you can help rebook. Another option for 6.10.06 Los Abandoned w/The Sweet and Tender HooligansESweet and Tender Hooligans (the ultimate tribute to Morrisey and the Smiths) "THE QUEEN IS DEAD" 20 Year Anniversary Show presented by Indie 103.1 FM I was too young to see The Smiths live but I have seen Morrisey and the Sweet and Tender Hooligans at different times. My advice: Save your money and see the real deal (Moz) and then go see Los Abandoned at one their local shows.

2 seconds from a month ago

I was standing on the steps above the club floor, hands in pocket, hoodie slung back over shoulders watching a band (of course) when she glanced upwards and smiled. My return was a full body happy smile. A wobbly knee, eyebrows up to my hairline, fuzzy squint, damn I'm happy to see you again smirk. Then I started to doubt myself. This couldn't be her. She didn't just smile at me. again. Started with a quick December two second encounter a crossing path sudden smile continued without introductions and ended with a too little ( too nothing ) too late. I've enjoyed the thought of her and doubted every single second possible. [This is the stuff I left out of the original post (the stuff that actually mattered then). It doesn't matter anymore - this situation has been settled ]

a little shout

grr blogger been down for most of the day. More later. Ok my room-mate must die. Room-mate if you read this, pay your damn rent. you suck.

I suck in so many ways

I shouldn't be this paranoid, but I am. Maybe I won't lose my job, but since the owner lacks a clear understand of what I do (and retail in general) after five years now, something has to give and that something might be me. Craigslist offers only one job posting in this industry. In Tarzana. Very, very far away from where I live. Enough about me. Hey how are you? Okay back to me. I had a good Saturday at the Kiss or Kill picnic with the free food, and all the not free beer I paid for. I thought I came prepared after suffering thought the heat last year. I guess I forgot the most important thing: Mayo. After making a big stink about it last year and joking I would cover the whole whopping 2 dollars this year I'd incorrectly assumed someone would get the hint and buy some. Nope, didn't happen. Most important condiment ever people. I did plan ahead and buy a cheap pair of sunglasses, a cool kite flying hat, and I didn’t shave. Well I didn't shave because I'm la

let me just say - nothing

A word about what has been going on with me these last couple weeks: Yesterday (Wednesday to be exact, like yesterday wasn't exact in a misleading way) I was in the worst mood at work by 8.30 am. I hated everything yesterday (Wednesday) Work, me, work, me, work. I had driven to work with my little recorder in hand thinking I was going to win the lottery that night. How did I know that for sure? Well you know that signs from above come in group of 3s; it’s a proven fact written in the bible or the back of boxes of Lucky Charms or something. Don't question - just believe. The signs came from a couple random sources on my early morning commute: A golden star smiled down on me and spoke: "Famous Stars are only 99 cents at Carl's Jr" I think he even winked. A clown made eye contact with me at a stoplight. A creepy clown smile given as he pointed to the sign he motioned up and down. Damn, a dancing clown and Big Macs haven't been a dollar in years I thought. Obviou

Thur 6.01.06 - Katie the Pest

Katie the Pest @ the Prospector in Long Beach. Thursday 6.1.06