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You are beautiful even when coastal hills burn and murk you up.


We had headaches on Saturday. Events slip off my calender, passing without my notice. It's been weeks of work and sleep and that is perfectly fine with me. I love my job, I love coming home and hugging B and how she closes her eyes. We go through our days as I walk in around 7pm, a good 12 hours after I left the apartment for work. I'm happy when I leave home* and happier still seeing the glow of her laptop around the corner. I'm a moth drawn in. * actually I take my sweet time leaving. trust me, I would rather be sleeping.

My friend Chissum as James Bond

Hi, I'm Chissum Worthington. As many of you know, I have a strong resemblance to Sean Connery. My personality also has an uncanny resemblance to the character of James Bond. Why doesn't Hollywood agree? I don't know. Let them make their stupid, mindless movies (The Bell and the Butterfly, The Savages, etc) while we eat it up. Fortunately, I have a computer. Here is MY James Bond movie. It should be better than Quantum of Solace, which opens this Friday. Gosh, my boner is HUGE when I think of this Friday. ( click here if you can't see the video ) Chissum on myspace .

a very buddha wedding

A few weeks ago we headed down to the Gardena Buddhist church for an old friend's wedding. Besides this being my first attendance to a Buddhist wedding, this was the first time I agreed to bring along a date.  The last few weddings I just went stag with my friend Corey since we all know the same people with the benefit of splitting gas on the way up to the Bay Area. This worked fine until at the last one when we where seated among a mutual friend and his new wife. Settling in after dinner and drinks, in that same false sense of familiarity one has with their mail carrier, she leaned over and asked us how long we had been a couple. In that moment I vowed to have real date next time. This also happened to be the great LA.metblogs blogger trek from the start of Western Ave in Los Feliz to its terminus at the Pacific Ocean . Something like 28 miles!!   So as we drove to the reception in Torrance we happen to drive by the last three walkers. "That's them!"

Protest against Prop 8 this SAT 6pm at Sunset Junction (Silver Lake) --

A.N.S.W.E.R. LA Emergency Protest & Rally - ALL OUT! No More Hate! Overturn Prop. 8! Equality for All! Same Sex Marriage Rights Now! This Saturday, November 8, 6pm Gather at Sunset Junction in Silver Lake Corner of Sunset Blvd. and Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles 90029 More info at: (I'm pretty sure this is a permitted, official event btw)


I have yet to fly Spirit airlines, which based out of Detroit makes it the first choice for my Michiganite GF due to some crazy, great deals. I’ve seen cross country flights range from literally pennies to under $100 on their often amusing web newsletters. Of course the catch is limited selection and a bare bones flight with no in-flight movie, having to pay for everything extra save for the bathroom, all the while crammed together with other cheapskates who put cheapness in front of personal comfort (and with increased odds, personal hygiene). Basically it’s the Walmart of airlines. Anyhow the newest email had this: Ochobama! With Fares From $8* Each Way Spirit, a Maverick in airline sales, brings you Ochobama! He's built his platform around bringing you low fares, from only $8* each way for $9 Fare Club** members. We're also offering many more great fares for everyone. Check out the low fares and save big today! All other sales Palin comparison. But hurry, the polls