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so far

Those words were not the music I was dancing to. My afternoon nap/cover kicking dream ended in this thought today. So odd. I've been enjoying my mornings starting at noon this week, I'll pour out a forty tonight at 3 am for the poor souls working this week. Tomorrow I'm going to the zoo. suckas.

We'll skip lunch and go

I have one free pass to Magic Mountain, so if anybody wants to go (maybe next week?) before it expires in April let me know. It's been two or three years since I've gone and I skipped the four hour line refused to wait in a four hour line for X , so I would love to finally give that baby a whirl. This new Tatsu coaster will probably open in May unfortunately. Click pic for more info and a video:

Kiss or Kill movin' on up in 2006

An email went out last night with the new locations for Kiss or Kill in 2006. Previously announced was the first Fridays (starting 2.3.06) are to held at the Key Club on the Sunset Strip. Nice venue, all ages, horrible parking, but I hear new management might be in place, so we'll see. The big news is Kiss or Kill will be at the soon to re-opened (again) Safari Sam's Sunset Stage starting 2.10.06. Details: 5214 W. Sunset Blvd @ Western (East Hollywood) $3 before 10pm/ $5 afterwards -- All Ages! Additional info was reported in the LA Times on 12.15.05 which I have to assume has been taken care of: Safari Sam isn't out of the jungle The comeback of the celebrated but short-lived nightclub Safari Sam's is on tenuous ground as its owner searches for last-minute investors. Sam Lanni, who ran the buzzing live music venue from 1984 until the city of Huntington Beach closed it down in 1986, planned to open a new 500-capacity club on Sunset Boulevard in east Hollywood ea

Could happen

From the LA Times: An Air India passenger jet with 273 people on board made a safe emergency landing at Los Angeles International Airport about 10 p.m. Monday after blowing a tire during takeoff, airport officials said. Well duh! I'm still looking for a picture to prove this, but I'm pretty sure the navigator (also an amateur artist) drew some tires on an illustration he did of the 747 before landing. You know, just like that episode The Mission from the Amazing Stories TV series.


Head tilted to the left on a drive home, thankful for new tires and easy freeway access. Track five is on repeat and it never gets old. There were potatos on the freeway last night. I killed two of them.

Big Macs and Yoga

Free parking, free show, and free exercise. Thanks to the Dollyrots for putting out an open guest list for last night's show saving me ten bucks. Quickly parked right off Santa Monica Blvd on Larrabee knowing that in the time spent driving around the Viper Room in a big circle looking for metered parking, I could park for free and walk to the venue. I huffed it up the street at full speed, petering out two thirds of the way up. Knew I was going to miss the Waking Hours and having a heart attack wasn't going to get me there any faster. The doorman made me wait even though there wasn't a line, possibly because he saw the look of death on my face from that hike and did me a favor by doing so. Labored up the stairs and planted myself against the pole nearest the exit door waiting to see if Corey would make it out. Julia remarked later that I looked gloomy that night which I was without anyone to talk to alter my dead can dance look on my face. I did know some folks there from


Actual conversation I had leaving work yesterday: Bill: Oh wow there's clouds out. Me: It is December. You know winter and all. Yes, I've been rubbing this in to my friends up North. 5-day forecast for the Bay Area Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat T-storms Rain Chance of Rain Chance of Rain Partly Cloudy 61° | 52° 60° | 52° 59° | 52° 60° | 51° 59° | 50° 5-day forecast for Los Angeles Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy Clear 78° | 54° 76° | 53° 68° | 53° 72° | 52° 76° | 51°

I have no idea what to do with myself

Found out yesterday that I will have New Years weekend free and this morning the unofficial word is that I will have all of next week off. Beside some shows and family stuff on Christmas I have nothing planned. Now if I was sitting on some cash I would either go up to the Bay or even Vegas, but NOoooooo I'm poor until next month. grr. Anyhow this is it so far: Fri 12.23.05 @ Knitting Factory -- Los Abandoned FREE with flyer --- $10 without it. Tues: 12.27.05 @ Knitting Factory --- The Naturals Fri 12.30.05 @ Knitting Factory Alterknit Lounge $ 8 Katie the Pest Red Pony Clock I think there is free Pu$$yCow show on Sun 1.01.06 at Canters. What to do? Hit a couple shows of course, but I really don't like that to be the highlight of my vacation. Anyone want to go kite flying in Venice?


My weekend was pretty low key, deciding sleep was going to be a more interesting than SNL. Not sure how the whole show was, but thanks to the Net I can see this amusing bit I'd missed. (If the video doesn't work, don't cry about it, click here ) Met the Ex's serious BF this Sunday. Now that was interesting.

Monday Monday Monday

Monday Dec. 19th @ The Viper Room – Los Angeles, CA Indie 103.1’s Check One…Two Holiday Party The Waking Hours @ 8pm The Dollyrots @ 9pm Vagenius @ 10 The Drugstore Cowgirls @ 11 Free with password(s): "Heartbeat" via The Waking Hours "Sniffy" via The Dollyrots $10 if you're a Senor Moneybaggio

Not blogging for awhile is nice

Last Sat @ 4.30 pm Corey: What are you doing? Me: Sitting on my couch watching TV. Corey: Are you planning on doing that the whole night? Me: I was thinking about taking a shower sometime before 5pm and maybe a quick jaunt to the 99 for some cleaning supplies. Corey: The what? Me: The 99. The 99 Cent store. My home away from home. Corey: And this sounds like fun to you? Me: Um, it kind of does. I was convinced to go see Rob Z and Nova's comedy thingy with Corey and Ashley, deciding to eat at Highland Grounds before the show started there. Another well known cafe/bar/restaurant that I had never been to in Los Angeles that I can cross of my list. While the food selection was nothing fancy, the "Dream" pizza was yummy according to my friends and my hamburger was pretty darn good. What had me yum yumming about was the seasoned fries (on the spicy side) and thick ranch dressing that went with it. Thrown down my throat with a couple of Coronas, it hit me perfectly that night.

20 minutes on Sunday

Stood on the dirt gravel ground deciphering gang tags on plywood boards squeezed between chain link and steel poles. Tarps covered the fence on the right of me, save for a sliver between fence and wooded wall offering the sight of rusted metal barrels emptied long ago. This industrial wasteland hides friends in illegally converted warehouses and homeless men behind the concrete pillars against the 101. Only a shopping cart filled with random belongings parked near the gate hinted at the hidden minds with random thoughts. I position myself in wait against one of the concrete pillars of this Downtown bridge looking up to the unreachable framework of shadows and golden support beams. Nothing speaks more kind words of Los Angeles than the low angle orange glow coming in from the South hand in hand with all 70 degrees of December. The broken light bulbs and LA River warehouses welcomed her as she swung the wide and tattered gate open. "What are you doing? Posing?" I lie with a &q

Just noticed in the mirror

I've been putting too many mililiters of gel into my hair lately. This could potentially become a problem.

Overheard at the north pole

I don't talk about my kids for various reasons but since it is December, they are even more of a focus of my life with their birthdays falling in the last two weeks (19th & 27th) of the month. So it's double the shopping, double the spending, with stress about limited funds sprinkled on top of going along with the extra holiday traditions we are required to attend to. The drive through the holidays lights if Griffith Park, frosted green sugar cookies, and the trip to Santa's lap for confession. I'll have to admit though, they are the only reason the holidays are enjoyable for me otherwise I wouldn't have put myself through the Let's go see Santa hell a couple weeks ago at Travel Town where I was treated to this minor exchange while waiting to pick up our photos: Kid: Are you going to give Mommy a copy? Dad: Um no. I'm just buying one for me. Kid: Why not? Dad: Mommy could buy her own photos when she takes you guys to see Santa. Dad (under his breath):

This week was alright

I haven't written about the shows I've gone to lately, but the last couple nights have been memorable for different reasons. Tuesday was the last Kiss or Kill of the year with a prom night theme, meaning cute dresses, wacky suits, and great prom pictures. These are of Jason Pancake with the Randies , Tara & Emma of The Makeout Bandits , Laurita Randie, Kelly from the Dollyrots , and then Sean+Julia with Omega and CeCe of So Unloved and just a cute one of them together (they run the Punk Rock Social-live ). Some random things from that night that I might have done or seen: Seeing pretty much every girl that I've had a crush or infatuation over the last two years all in one room. Oh my god, didn't DG looked great that night? Lost a staring contest I initiated. Tried talking to a social friend with a hug/hello, how are you and then she was done dealing with me. I looked at her, she looked back and then looked away to scan the room. I stood there for a coupl

Los Abandoned - Electricidad video

Simply put, Los Abandoned performs one of the most spirited shows in Los Angeles right now. I guess they would be filed under Rock en Espanol, but most of their songs are in English and what does it matter when you're bouncing around?. Regardless I would love to see them play Kiss or Kill on one of the all ages night at the Key Club just to mix things up a bit. It doesn't hurt that they can draw a good size audience either. LA myspace page LA website Catch them 12.14.05 at JC Fandango Anaheim, 10 bucks, all ages 8 pm The Tender Box, Enjambre, Los Abandoned, Volumen Cero Click to play the Electricidad video (wmv) or right click and save link:

Damn, I lost the bet

I guess my little (31 yrs old) sister got herself engaged. If you knew my sister, you would immediately realized how crazy that sentence sounds. Miss I'll do it alone, Career First, Fuck Love sister...Yeah that one. Anyhow we all grow up and if we're lucky meet the right one like I believe she has, so I'm happy for her and this guy is pretty darn cool even though he's from Texas. Wait a second. Where is this going happen? Northern California? Texas? Rhode Island where they're currently stationed? They're both wacky, not rich, non-traditional musicians, so maybe I can convince them on having it in Vegas. It will be centrally located for the Texans and Californians, multiple options on having it at a cheesy chapel or a nicer one inside a major casino. I've been to both kinds and was actually impressed with the wedding mill at Excalibur . The booze, gambling and strip clubs will be major selling points too, but for me its "Hello Star Trek Experience , h

Nouvelle Vague coming to LA

Nouvelle Vague “Taking their moniker from the 60s New Wave of cult French cinema, Nouvelle Vague are a French musical collective put together by arrangers Marc Collins and Olivier Libaux. The group’s raison d’etre is to resurrect lost classics from the 80s New Wave music and reinterpret them in a saucy bossa nova style. Replacing the inherent broodiness and aggression of songs like The Dead Kennedy’s Too Drunk To F**k and Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart with insouciant Latino rhythms shouldn't work, but it really, really does.” says the BBC. Some of the songs are stripped back to acoustic arrangements with lithe shaker rhythms achieved by gathering a parade of heavenly chanteuses from all over the world (six French, one Brazilian and one New Yorker) as guest vocalists to sex up everyone from XTC and Modern English to The Clash and The Undertones. Listen to their versions of I Melt With You(Modern English), Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division), Making Plans For Nigel (XTC


I found an old friend and that has made me terribly happy. She knew me as Bobby and was the only one to call me Robert Dean until I started using it online a year ago. There is a story behind everything I do.

Hello Couch

I was trying to decipher the expressions in her street light silhouette, the orange glow backlit my driveway as our conversation turned to us in round about ways. Against the rear of my parked car, we chatted just underneath the garage door. She spoke softly tonight, words skipping off a pond in silence, her voice reaching me in the resulting ripples. I kept my arms folded to distance my thoughts from becoming possible urges for my hands to act upon. To pull her body close, brush her warm skin against mine with a slight breath onto her neck as I moved in close to place my lips near her cheekbone. Urges like that. continue boredom Words slowed to a pause before starting our goodbyes. “Awkward huh?” Staring at the faint ridges of her face, “Oh I could give you a hug. It’s not that weird for me.” I glanced downward hoping to slide off the lie. “It's just that the hugs always led to kisses and then...” I stepped up and gave her a hug, well aware that at one time I would’ve kissed he

My lame insult of the day

Your Momma uses dial-up. oh ::burn::


That knotted feeling in my stomach has returned.

Sara @ the Grove

Sara Radle is playing at Barnes and Noble located in the Grove on Dec 11th. Take a break from shopping and enjoy her solo set. Now if I did this right, you should be able to stream/download from the myspace player below. If it doesn't work go here

December already

I think I'm taking a few days off from posting. I think I need to. Feeling like one of those slimy sticky people toys, the kind you throw against the wall and watch dribble down. I don't know what they're called, but I think they came in spider form too. Oh wait, found some. These things: Anyhow I need to regroup, finish the 10 posts sitting in my drafts, at work a couple pallets came in from Israel that I need to take care of (I'm a product manager), and I should stop drinking way too much, too often. Oh I'm not drinking my sorrows away or anything like that, I just should be using that money for Christmas presents instead. So all this means is that I might not be posting for a few days. Though the last time I had this much crap going on I knocked out six posts in about four hours one day, so who knows. I uploaded some old crappy rough ideas crap I wrote. Some of you might have seen this already The Doorway Underneath Dinner