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in the other aisle

And way way way down on a different list of non essential things I love is Pepsi Throwback. God I love this stuff. I have three cases so far in my growing stockpile at home. Sadly it is available for a limited time like the McRib at McDonalds (That thing is hella gross). / CC BY-ND 2.0

people I love more than anything

Life is too short. This is more for me than you, the unknown reader. My Kids. For years I kept them out of this blog, out of my social life, save for a few trusted friends (who I love too). I am not a "daddyblogger" but I am a very, very proud dad.  This Girl. I have 15 pictures of B sitting on the couch, none that she particularly liked but I love each and every one of them. I'm posting the blurry one of her kissing the cat, but trust me, she is beautiful. I have this other great picture I wanted to post but I'm still keeping some things close to the heart. There are more folks that will show up as future blog post subject matter. This is just a start.

Beach House - Silver Soul

I know everyone has talked about how great this album is. It is good, it is good. oh I already said that. I like this song right now. this video has been around for awhile. Beach House "Silver Soul" from Sub Pop Records on Vimeo . Someone from a lyric site for this song pointed to this Twin Peaks clip. Before the last season or two of TP when the show went into WTF territory, that was some good TV back then. Lost is like Twin Peaks happy and special cousin these days.


she is beautiful to me. she is amazing. she lights up my life. even now when the rain doesn't want to stop in this part of Los Angeles. she is music to me. she makes my heart flutter, my fingers tap to the beat (badly on the steering wheel). I hear the meter changes better now; I can keep up.

Los Campesinos - Romance Is Boring video

Band: Los Campesinos Song: Romance is Boring Why: This is the off the third album and one of my many favorites from it. I've heard the album and yes I honestly think it's just as good if not better than earlier albums. B likes this band mostly because they have real meter changes in their songs. From their label: Ask yourself this: how many indie bands make a second record that's better than their first, and then make a third record that's better than their second, all in little over eighteen months? Think about that one for a bit. Romance Is Boring by Los Campesinos! from Los Campesinos! on Vimeo . Stream the whole album on myspace Preorder the album (release date 1/26/10)

the wind shakes the flowers off

Sunday was a beautiful day before the rains came into the Los Angeles Basin. I showered early. I didn't shave. I grab a once worn shirt, bright green, from Target and a color I would never have bought 2 years ago. I walked down Los Feliz Blvd 1.1 miles. Westside Rental signs on every other quasi-french chateau box of apartments. Across the street, under the power lines stood headless pines, unadorned, not unlike fully erected fake xmas trees. I haven't crossed to that side ever. no not yet, not ever. On my side the air was beautiful. The sky was beautiful. The sun warmed the red hairs under my hat, and yes, even she was beautiful. She will always be beautiful to me. I noticed this all. My turn around point was the Mulholland Fountain , where I sat and watched a well dressed family move from bench to bench, to fountain edge, to another bench for each new picture. I took a photo or two. White flowers drifted around the fountain, blown off the edge brush and limbs crisse

odd things that happen in my apartment #7651

For this installment of odd things that happen in my apartment: Cleaning of a baritone in my bathtub. Really it's just a simple soak that loosens the dried up spit after which you must run a giant pipe cleaner carfully through the tubes and empty values.  Ducky watches on. I leaned over the tub watching all this, enjoying B slush the excess water out by twirling the baritone in slow circles. each time the instrument would burp and glump out air bubbles. I enjoy the little, odd things in life.

Video: Dollyrots on The Price is Right

( link to TPR video page ) Someone mentioned on facebook how the much better the sound should have set up, and I would have to agree. It's not like this was a cable access show. Knowing how The Dollyrots sound live this is clearly an audio issue (you can't even hear Luis) and not the band's fault. You can see the sound issues reflected on their faces but what can anyone do at that point? If I've learned anything watching American Idol, the star contenders just roll right through it 150% and a smile. Exposure is Exposure is Exposure and this is still good exposure.

my early xmas wish this year

Nothing more cheerful than waking up and seeing 3 of your hubcaps missing off your tires. I drive a simple corolla so I'm not sure what the appeal or value my scratched hubcap would be worth to someone, but hey I live in a big city and park on the big city streets of Los Feliz. so yeah. So as I drove off in my one hubcapped car I just happened to notice a single hubcap leaning up against a tree down the street. I pulled into a driveway to check and it was one of mine!  Confused, yet energized by this find I walked up and down my block hoping that these hubcap bandidos dumped them all in a rush to leave the scene. Then I found another one a few houses down and traveled up another block expecting to be reunited with Sammy, my lost, cold and frighten hubcap.  "Sammy! Sammy!" I called out into the street, well truthfully just in my head but sadly I didn't find the last one.  Even worse I realized that one popped off on the drive home from work. Typical, I thou

The Dollyrots on the The Price is Right

The Dollyrots took this picture on their first visit to the Price is Right show, sitting in the audience with the hope to be picked to "Come on down!".  As far as I know that didn’t happen but this band knows how to network and promote when it comes to TV appearances (HP printer commercial, appearing as the murder suspects in an episode of CSI: NYC, a nationwide Kohls commercial) and the talent to back it up. Tomorrow (Friday 01.14.2010) tune in to the Price Is Right on CBS to see a special gig promoting their new album coming out soon on Joan Jett's Blackheart records. You can stream the first single California Beach Boy and Dumb here . I personally like Dumb better. Very few local bands I would vouch for and The Dollyrots are one of them. Honestly, a very sweet, talented bunch of folks working their way up. I count myself lucky to have come into contact way back in 2003/2004 and fully expect them to hit it big. website / myspace

I'm totally obsessed with this building

This building I'm obsessed with is the Burj Dubai, the world's tallest building that just opened in Dubai. I have as my desktop picture, I constantly show any new picture I find, and wishfully plan a trip to visit one day. I've been on a few tall things in my life like the WTC Twin Towers (415 meters), The Empire State Building (381 meters), and even that Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas (350 meters) where I promptly chickened out on the ride that shoots you straight up another 160ft . Anyhow the Burj Dubai is much taller than all those structures. By a lot: Back from vacation I missed this video of the grand opening that took place on New Years. Oh this happened today (er yesterday our time) Here is the full 6 minute opening celebration/fireworks below. The long shot of the building exploding in fireworks would have been amazing to see in person. I especially love the blasts shooting out the very top from some sort of rotating cannon. Click for the short

This is one reason why I love this girl

Disney World / Epcot 12.27.09: This has to be my favorite moment from my Disney World vacation last week. With a little encouragement from the staff, B pulled out some belly dancing moves in the Moroccan region of Epcot. You can hear me giggling at one point, taking in the sexiness of each movement, the joy on her face.  Her spontaneous dancing is usually contained in local supermarket aisles to cheesy hits of the 80s and I know how much she misses the belly dancing classes she used to take. I love seeing her happy and having fun like that day. Fun is a big part of vacation, right?