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I really can't get enough this summer

Here's another clip of Ms. Jessica Dobson doing her thing as part of the free Summer And Music (S.A.M.) series of events in Long Beach. While to most folks Silver Lake is the only scene for music locally but if you dig a tad deeper it become obvious that Long Beach (and San Pedro) had grown organically it's own scene years ago.  Is it possible that Silver Lake needs the pipeline of LBC acts more than LBC needs Silver Lake? Maybe. Another favorite band of mine are playing this Sunday, June 28th: The New Fidelity THE NEW FIDELITY A free outdoor show by The New Fidelity, part of the SAM Soul Motion Scooter Fest. 5 PM - 6 PM. See events page for details. June 28, 2009 Sunday, 5:00PM FREE Pine Avenue & Broadway Pine Ave & E Broadway Long Beach, CA 90802 Print Info & Directions Click here for the full SAM Summer Concerts event schedule Spanning from June to August, and running the gamut from jazz to funk to pop, Summer And Musi

The Wild Moccasins - Cake

Who: The Wild Moccasins Song:   Cake  (it starts of with them goofing a cover of Rock Lobster) Why:  They made the blahness I'm experiencing today a little more cheerful

blah, oh and $@##$%&

I hating feeling so out of sorts. This blahness is clearly a result of 11 hour workdays all week, the complete loneliness that has hit me aside the head seeing the bed empty when I awake. Compounded with thoughts of schedules to work on, promises to keep, etc. These are ongoing issues. This is life. Frustratingly none of this explains the burrito I ordered for lunch that arrived filled with white rice . wtf blah! Lately one time thoughts have become many and as easily as words trigger memories. I didn't think the whole Micheal Jackson thing would play a role in my funk but you have to admit he did some great music circa Off the Wall. WOXY has been playing deep cuts off the motown years thankfully as I despise the whole Thriller era that was shoved down the commercial space during my middle school years. It was unavoidable back then: There was suppose to be a picture from my junior high yearbook of friends wearing red zipper jackets but I can't seem to find it right now Othe
Tonight's PJ Harvey concert was lovely. Just the John Parish material and the audience loved it.

this is one of those what I did posts - feel free to skip

I wish I could have skipped this week. Maybe forward through next week. This has been a rough, busy period at work - my department of six now down to 4 due to the manager out sick for two weeks and another on vacation.  Everyone is picking up extra work so we're functioning but I sort feel like this dude right now: A lot of work but not going anywhere fast. So what's new? I remembered yesterday that I had a ticket to see PJ Harvey for the Wiltern show this Saturday.  One of the most amazing concerts I've ever experienced was when I saw her back in 1994, even from my distant balcony seat at the Warfield (SF).  Should I take the subway this time? My dear old mom lands back at SFO after a free trip to Korea, courtesy of the foreign exchange student that lives with her.  She took a disposable film camera with her.  How quaint. B is leaving for Michigan on Saturday so I'll be alone boozing it up (no, not really) with our two cats next week.  Though after the

Well I tried and failed at the Hot Dog Death March

Arrived a little late at Pinks and found the fearless event leaders in hot dog hats and utility belts filed with condiments and over the counter gastro-relief aids. While I went to check in to receive my name tag, J and K's initial excitement died after seeing the line wrapped around the building (as usual) and being slightly embarrassed by all the attention onto the death marchers. This was cool: Pink's management gave out free chili dogs and drinks before the hot dog haikus were read and prizes giveaways. That sounded like fun but we completely missed that part of the event waiting in line for these doggies: The hour wait was worth it though. J had the Lord of the Rings dog, K had a mayo dog, and I completed the Martha Stewart as promised. As we were on the way to stop #2 I realized that I was feeling good enough to quit while ahead. Best decision ever. I was full, I had fun, I was happy, I was done. We drove by Oki Dog on the way home and took a picture for my to do list. L

I'm going to attempt to eat this tomorrow

Yes that would be an OkiDog: two hot dogs + chili + cheese + mustard + bacon + all wrapped in tortilla love. This gastronomical time bomb will be consumed on the great Hot Dog Death March which involves starting at Pinks (3pm), heading over to OkiDog (4.30ish), and finishing off at Scoobys (@6.30). There will be hats, shirts and prizes given away via trivia questions. Ok it's more like Death Driving than Marching, but whatevs. I'm aiming to make it through to taste my first oki dog at least ::Crosses fingers, pats roll of TUMS in pocket::   but only if: - I can get the rest of my gang to leave the house and overcome their fear of eating one too many hot dogs. - And I can get through the "Martha Stewart" at Pinks first. (hot dog + Sauerkraut + sour cream + tomatoes + bacon = yum) You can keep up with the HDDM though the site or via their hot, meaty tweets on twitter. top photo by hexedous... via flickr/creative commons

Blogger Prom FTW!!

[click the label at the bottom to see all Blogger Prom 2009 posts] One of the coolest events I've been invited to is the (hopefully 1st annual) Blogger Prom 2009 in July. I'm flattered to be invited* and with B as my partner in crime, we're excited to relive our so-so high school with better style, better booze, and cooler peeps. Now I need to get a cool suit should I rent/buy the cheesiest one ever?. Stay tune for future updates as we prepare for (in stadium announcer voice) Blogger Prom 2009 . Now if I can get TequliaCon to come to Los Angeles... *I know I don't blog as openly as I use to, have a ton of commentators like the blogs I follow, or hell, blog as much as I did even a few years ago. Despite this I still comment, I try my best to promote the better blogs out there because this whole blogging thing is important to me. Basically this is the "thing I do" in life beyond family, friends and work. This is my bowling team.
going to bed but I leave you with this Who: Coconut Records Song: Microphone Why: I actually like his solo music (more than his Phantom Planet days) as much as I like his acting . ( vid link )

high line park

I haven't been to New York since the summer 1979 as a son of a native New Yorker. It was a summer spent on the LES visiting my dad's family; well parts of it because this was the side with the most whispering regrets and the type of darkness that would jump generations or randomly sort through siblings. In as much I am my dad's namesake, his blood, the spinning wheel arrow passed me and my mom's subdued traits were allowed dominance. I'm West Coast mellow. My sister moved to NYC two months after Sept. 11th. I will go back soon to re-experience the sights and sounds from my then 8yr old life but I also plan to see the new things my dad could not have imagined. warning: silly techno music in this video ( vid link here ) On one of my favorite blogs it was mentioned that stage 1 of the High Line Park was opening next week. The thought of this elevated freight train track now is an elevated park (not to mention that people live in the Meat Packing District), w

Everybody's Doing It

I actually like Twitter more than facebook though I don't post that often in either place - I just find Twitter more useful in connecting to the social web. I stole this off Charlene's xanga and who just happens to play a part in this knock on Twitter created by her BF (the main character) and friends.  She's the one in the bottom left box btw. Everybody's Doing It from Miles Crawford on Vimeo .

Confidence in Tuesday

This Tuesday night is what I would consider to be an excellent lineup of local bands. Don't expect a night of similar sounding music though; expect beauty, country indie folk, scratchy guitars, and happiness guaranteed. Despite a turn around trip to Southern OC this evening and work in the morning I'm going to try to stay the while night) 9pm Eagle and Talon /10pm Deep Sea Diver /11pm Olin and The Moon / 12pm Leslie and The Badgers Olin and the Moon - album release/tour kick off for these folks. Eagle and Talon - have you not heard this album yet? Overly simplified take: girls + electric guitars = indie rock goodness. Leslie and the badgers - Leslie used to be with Ze Auto Parts back in the day. This is totally different and completely her style. Deep Sea Diver - I'm horribly biased - love that some of the bigger music blogs have taken notice recently. Here is another video off the Anchortape sessions: DEEP SEA DIVER - *CONFIDENCE* from anchortapes