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another boring show post

There is a billion things to see and do in Los Angeles-ish. These are more for me than you, so feel free to skip. Links to better blogs over there. To the right. Where I'm pointing at. Yeah those. I think xTx is having a bad day so say nice things in her comments. continue More to be added as I remember Friday 4.28.06 New Maximum Donkey @ Mr T's Bowl = fun fun fun Kiss or Kill @ Safari Sams -The Power Cords 9:30-10 -The O.A.O.T.'s 10:15-10:45 -So Unloved 11-11:30 -Get Set Go 11:45-12:15 -Cake Cutter 12:30 Sat Powerchords @ Santa Fe Cafe (Fullerton train station) - free - on the train platform. Don't know how many of you make it out to Fullerton (in the OC..the North OC oh my), but there is great old lounge bar called The Continental Room worth visiting. Crowded on the weekends, but the weeknights are better with dressed up bartenders and performers such as a Fat Elvis, and soon to be playing shows again I hope, Sunset Room The band teasingly plays against a backdrop

My name is duh, duh, duh

The most beautiful smelling lady just came by the office. I'm easily distracted with three hours of sleep to my name.

You know what they say

When you have lemons you make lemonade. Then add the key lime vodka you're trying to finish off and it still tastes like ass. So you drink your ass tasting lemon lime sugar vodka water and ponder the meaning of life, watch 24, and messaging friends that don't really like you but added you on myspace anyhow. Sometimes a girl does like you, your issues, and your complications. Sometimes. Sometimes (we all have our reasons) I listen to her voice over and over again. This morning twenty miles out, already twenty minutes late, driving offside foggy downtown LA, time spent thinking about a conversation I had with a friend. And it goes a little like this... Sure there are your Starbucks and hot dog carts and the streets while covered in snow are lined with palm trees as far as the eye can see. Granted they’re cell towers and the snow flakes fake, but come on, the hot dogs are grilled to perfection when wrapped in bacon. This is now. This is as good as it gets. If anything the people a

my morning so far

6 AM plus Doing 80 mph plus Drinking coffee plus Driving past this truck Equals near spit-take and early death.


"[ Z.O.N.K."s ] Frontlady McFiendish's sex-dripping vocals lend a sultry air to the band's quirky, beat-driven blend of turntable, laptop, live guitar and bass and harmonica, yes, harmonica." -Bill Picture, San Francisco Examiner Z.O.N.K. is a band that I keep missing every single time they come down to LA and if I didn’t have prior plans I would even skip kiss or kill to see them, or at the very least leave after Chromosome Tea played and try to do both. If you're itching for some alternative/electronica/trip hop, ZONK might just do the trick. One of my Bay Area friends thought they were great live and with my uber enjoyment of their Our Five Worst Songs EP I'm uber sad that I'm going to miss them again. Samples from both albums can be found at their here or stream a few songs on myspace . Dates: Friday April, 21 2006 On the Rox @ The Roxy w/ Four19, Indofrumba Cost: 5 bucks Saturday April, 22 2006 Salsa Festival @ Indio Fairgrounds 46-350 Arabia

take that

Sweetie. Don't thank me, I'm insulting you. I have imaginary conversations on my drive to work. I ended it with this response. Boy did I show them, my imaginary stranger.

Ironing is for men

Step 1: Following instructions for a T-shirt transfer aka iron-on, I placed a large sheet over my kitchen table to create the ironing things on fabric location. Instructions actually called for a pillow case not realizing that I have two such things in my possession and they're both on pillows. Step 2: Warm iron up for 5 min.s - no steam. Step 2.5: Realized I over dialed past the non-steam setting to the off placement and the heat did not engage. Repeat heat did not engage - wait 5 more minutes. Step 3: Iron sheet, then iron blank shirt on previously ironed sheet. Boring but note kick ass craftsman automotive tool cart-shed Xmas gift from the ex-in-laws. Consider: I do not work on cars Consider: This is in my kitchen and not in my garage Step 4: Using two hands blah blah - iron it already. Step 5: Peel off backing when cool to the touch Step 5.5: It will be cool to touch after two minutes, not before fucktard. Step 6: Run hand under water to diminish that flesh burning sen

minor thoughts

I can't say my job in the nutraceutical vitamin industry is as time consuming nor as fun as xTx's job, who makes toys (Toys! That's not even a real industry, let alone a real demanding job is it?), but I've been plenty busy myself lately and yes I'm like five days behind on this snarky remark. blah blah, kind of loses its snarkiness with age. So I skipped the first night of the Safari Sam's opening, deciding it not worth the gas for the hour or two left of the bill when I wasn't ready to head out until 10.30 pm. Heard it had a great turn out (even with a more harder rock lineup) but honestly I'm glad I stayed up to 4 am online at home. Oh wait, no I'm not. This is what Safari Sam's had so far when I was there Saturday: the restaurant, the bar, a rented big, cool looking sound board thingy with pretty lights and knobs, the stage, and four dollar budweisers. It'll be awhile as they try to recoup the money they lost with the delays to finish

Kiss or Kill @ Safari Sam's

Yes, Safari Sam's is finally opening this week. (from the kork email) Alright Kids... The time has come for the Grand Opening of Safari Sam's and Kiss or Kill is celebrating it by putting on not just one show but two HUUUUGE NIGHTS ,Friday April 14th and Saturday April 15th, filled with GREAT music from some AWESOME bands during the Kiss or Kill LOST WEEKEND!!!!! Some bands you know and love and some you've never heard!!!!! Remember the days of free parking...low covers...and knowing where Kiss or Kill was taking place every week? Well it's all back , so come on down and let's get reacquainted!!!!!! The following information applies to both nights... Safari Sam's 5214 W. Sunset Blvd. (between Western and Kingsley in the 99 Cent Store Parking Lot) Los Angeles CA 90027 Price: $3 before 10 pm $5 After --- Ages: All Ages!!!!!! (and that means ALL ages) Featuring special DJ sets both nights by Johnny99 and DJ Eight Ball and the one and only EMCEE ROB Z *Rememb
[this might or might not be true] not this again

Oh by the way

[This is an open letter to everyone, but NOT to the person who inspired this post] DON'T FUCKING BITE ME. Look at this mark just below my shoulder. I'm not going to go into detail how or why it got there and it’s not what you think it is. Well, it is a bruise from a bite, but it's not a hickey because that would be so high school and it wasn't given out as such. Sure I'll bite you if you’re into that I guess but I fucking hate people biting me. I'm not turned on by it, I'm not in to it, I don’t like it, Hello, it fucking hurts. When this happen I was a little drunk and the anger was delayed, but still not drunk enough to numb the pain of teeth pressing through three layers of clothing. At first I thought it funny/painful (vs. watching From Justin to Kelly painful), then as I stood there a few minutes later talking to this person and they were explaining something, or calling me on something, or whatever blah blah and they had no idea that soul melting heat e

raw and emotional

My friend Ashley summed up last night perfectly: "I enjoyed the show because I forgot we were at a show. I forgot there was a stage, and lights, a bar, and people all around. I forgot *I* was there. I liked the show because she played open that which most try their whole lives to bury deep enough even they forget it's there. I think I like her music, but that SHOW was fantastic and had a thinly veiled rawness that I found tantalizing. It was everything that makes you feel alive." We were at the Silverlake Lounge last night to see the amazing Jessica Dobson and everything seemed alright as she set up whenever I glanced away from the conversation with my friends. She started with “Damaged Goods” then talked about the origin for the song “Panic Stricken” abouth the same time I moved off the high bench to move in closer, taking position in the back of the crowd. With a better view I began to wonder if she might be coming down with something since she looked a little scatte


I'm back here on this blog which might or might not have something to do with various folks telling me how boring my blog has become and they had un-bookmarked me. Ouch and that was coming for one my ex-girlfriends that lives up in the Bay Area. All the effort I put in pleasuring her, giving her flowers, and a hot post * I might or might not have written about her. Gees I even listened to her talk for hours and she un-bookmark-ed me? Ha, payback...but she did have a point; it has been quite boring around here lately. The reality is that I lost a whole week in and around my trip (look - jellie pics ) and then mixed that in with post vacation blues, and going out nearly every night instead of resting it out a bit. Not that it hasn't been interesting at moments. Hello pathetic flirting / neck kissing anyone? Tuesday was at Zen Sushi which closed at 1am but a group of us were milling around, mostly amused by Chissum Worthington's nonstop talking until 2.30am. For those

She's Your Sister

"we're from chicago. we play rock music." The quote above, taken from their promo cd, simply sums up the great band She's Your Sister that I'd finally caught up with on Tuesday night at Zen Sushi. Though the first two bands that night were uninspiring enough not to stay for their whole sets, I'd planned on giving SYS my full attention even if they were just so-so live. I already knew that people liked them personally but had yet to hear how good they actually were as a band. Well I was completely blown away (so cliché, I know). Besides having the obvious great songs and talent to play them, the band did a couple things that are big pluses for me: An intense set no matter how small the crowd and I love it when the band members seem to enjoy the songs as much as playing them - singing along for themselves and not as backup. This band made me very happy that night. Stream/download from their myspace page or website Or if you're lazy: Betray the Sadness mp3

2.26 am

I turned away from kissing her neck with the words, "It will never happen again." "Yeah right." She had no reason to believe me: the hands on her waist, kisses to her cheeks, the not so subtle words of intent. As drawn in and colored to the outer lines I'd become around her, I always knew that tolerance had its limits. I also have mine.
Boston rocks. Stuck on base on Newport RI not so much. People are especially retaaaarded in the boonies here. Mullets run free in some of these dar parts out here. more later