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I miss her terribly.

A Perfect Fire Storm

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out of context LJ post 2

[dear live journal] RE: Becky In nine hours or so I'll be at LAX, terminal 3 trying to look cool. I will fail of course; I will stumble trip and stammer. I will swoon. What words will be spoken first? All I know is that it will be long walk to the car. A kiss for every ten steps. [/dear live journal]

out of context LJ post 1

[dear live journal] RE: The Ex god you suck. you proved again that if given the chance you will blame me for making you look like the bitch. no you see, you are a bitch. you suck for putting me in a position that you know was not completely easy to pull off and now I feel like shit for failing - for not trying hard enough. I wasn't even five miles away from your new marble floors, dual stainless steel oven ranges, and the pure bred labs running around your pool when you called to yell and threaten to deny what means the most to me... again . "You do realize I live in an apartment?" (I was asked to create an unreasonable amount of noise for my little place. vague on purpose. One noise complaint was enough) "Maybe with a little warning and I could've arranged something. Maybe." "Warning?!? You don't deserve a warning. If you can't make sure something is supposed to happen...(blah blah) make a lot of noise (blah blah). (blah blah = me thinking: r
Words are hard to find this week: I'm getting older in two days. The rare one arrives in seven. The Ex acted up a few days ago... and is also pregnant which I would just laugh about except it affects people I care for deeply. I take it back. There are words. I just don't know where to start.

grand ave fest

I've been walking down a lot of closed streets lately. Saturday was Detour Fest, my second weekend walking along the avenues in downtown Los Angeles. The week before was the Grand Avenue Fest which had free performances at the Walt Disney Concert Hall by the Los Angeles Philharmonic , free admission at MOCA, and various events at the Colburn School of ballet, music, and mime! oh my! - where I wasn't the only one who thought their cafe rocked (see blogdowntown's post ) especially price wise in comparison to the food booths that day. Now MOCA had some fun stuff going on there: One side was mostly set up for the Gordon Matta-Clark exhibit (see lightning history's post ) but we walked in towards the latter part of the day so we had to rush through this a bit fast. The other side was dedicated to the Cosima Von Bonin: Roger and Out exhibit that was neat*. I would've spent more time looking if it wasn't for the frazzled guards yelling at everyone to stand two feet

WTF but I love the song

Band: The Moonbabies Song: Take Me to the Ballroom ( vid link ) Why: I've watched this video a thousands times and I still don't get it. hmm old lady kissing young lady. band plays blind folded. girl talking to boy toy. woman sends man to tell girl something. girl drops glass. girl walks onto dance floor. the crowd stops dancing woman takes off ring. man cuts off a strand of hair from the girl. strand placed in liquid which turns black. I think about how tasha yar dies on STNG by armus. tasha comes back as a half romulan - long story - has nothing to do with this video. woman drinks hair oil. woman sensually touches girls face and goes in for a kiss. woman passes out. girl is happy. boy toy puts ring on girl's hand. fade to black. WTF.

Detour 2007

The only thing that will get me to attend any kind of large music festival is the phrase: free VIP passes. Saturday I made this exception to attend the LA Weekly's Detour Festival that surrounded City Hall in Downtown Los Angeles despite dreading the traffic/parking hassle and mental shudders of too many retarded people squished together inside my personal bubble. My blah attitude intact I drove into the valley of buildings with the goal of having fun and not paying for one damn thing. Fortunately this festival adventure didn't disappoint. Corey and I rolled in about 4.30 and progressively moved closer in circles to landed a free spot on the street a block away from the entrance. I should take this moment to thank Jeff at Passion of the Weiss for hooking me up with VIP passes through his blog. Then I would like to tell Boost Mobile to fuck off for not putting me on the will call list. I was actually alright with not getting in as this happens when dealing with guest lists so

Los Abandoned - no mas

From an email this morning: After 7 years of making music as Los Abandoned , we have made the collective decision to go our separate ways. We would like to thank our families, friends and fans as well as everyone who worked so hard behind the scenes to make this band a success. Thank you for the memories, for believing in us, and for helping to make our dreams come true. It really has been a dream-come-true. We will be playing our last show at the La Brea Tarpits on Sunday, October 7th at 4:30pm as part of Tarfest. It's a free show. We hope you can make it. Love Always, Los Abandoned Oh this sucks. One of my favorite bands to watch live has decided to call it a day. Without a doubt I'll be at Tarfest this Sunday.


Back in March 2006 I posted a little query about a group that manufactured pot based candies and edibles for caregiver clinics. That group was busted and at the time I'd originally thought it was the friends of friends of friends I knew, none of them Kevin Bacon. Well last week the group I was thinking of, Tainted Inc, were raided and it looked like the owner was on the lam from the feds until he turned himself in this morning. Feds crack down on pot candy firm - 4 tied to business are charged (sfgate 9/28) Pot-candy maker surrenders to feds (sfgate 10/04) I knew business was good but I didn't realize how big of an operation it had become since its boutique size days: "Over the past two years, Tainted bought nearly 4 tons of chocolate from Guittard Chocolate Co. in Burlingame for more than $14,000, Armstrong wrote. Tainted's candies and other food items sold for $2.50 to $20 apiece, depending on the strength of the product, authorities said." While I haven&#

The Usual Suspects: Weds - Sun

Wednesday: Not so secret show when posted as a myspace bulletin: Great Northern tonight. @ Silverlake Lounge, Set time 8.30pm! $7 Kiss or Kill presents @ El Cid: Breast Cancer Awareness Month with: She's Your Sister 9:45, Beatmo 10.30, Spider Problem 11.15, Moving Picture Show While always a fan of She's Your Sister and the stylings (did I really used that word?) of Beatmo on any evening, combined they guarantee a great night of local music. Bit curious about this Spider Problem band. As usual, come early (get drunk?) , stay late. Thursday: The Dollyrots @ The Whiskey all ages $14 /doors 5pm - drots at 9pm Mia Sable @ Tangiers --> This weekend: ( Like there wasn't enough to do last weekend) Fri: The New Fidelity @ Hotel Cafe CD release show - 11.30 pm, $8 (such a great live band) Sat: Eagle Rock Music Festival bands/DJs Saturday 5pm-midnight FREE with chuchito vald├ęs, under the influence of giants , and dengue fever . the pity party , bodies of water, the f

October.Best.Month.Ever #1: Gemma Hayes

If you have been keeping track over the years you would know that I love the music of Gemma Hayes ( myspace / website ). You might also remember that despite our best attempts to enjoy an actual show by Ms. Hayes during the last set of local gigs back in 2005, she remained an elusive artist to capture on a stage at the same time we were in same venue. Chalk it up to dates working against my schedule and a gig or two canceled at the last minute. So you could imagine why this makes my October Best Month Ever list: LOS ANGELES GIGS IN OCTOBER 26.Sep.2007 Gemma makes a welcome, low-key return to playing live with a weekly residency at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles in October. She will be playing there Tuesday 9th, 16th, & 23rd October at 8pm, and at 9pm on Tuesday 30th October. [Nov 6th is penciled in at the Hotel Cafe site] New songs, new album being shopped around, and four shows at only 10 bucks each. These are not full band shows I hear, just her and an additional guitarist in a

Kiss or Kill Presents October Breast Cancer Awareness

The month of October at Kiss or Kill is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness featuring bands that are female fronted/centric/have at least one female in it. Proceeds from these shows will benefit See flyer for band details See an excellent line up every week See a larger female to guy ratio each Wednesday!!! See the the cool promo below ( promo link )

It's October - yay!

I wasn't going to a post anything today but then I realized it was October. Fucking October!!! And I'm in love with this band Mahogany . Song: Neo-Plastic Boogie-Woogie ( video link ) The slight chill of October (well the random chilly days of late September - it has to get colder at some point in this month, right?) air has brought out the useless scarfs in LA, the socks for morning walks across the kitchen tile and thoughts about what I won't be dress up as for Halloween. Oh and it's my birthday month so that's something. Every year I say that this is the best month ever and every year it makes landfall as a normal shower of highs and lows. This October might possibly be the one that changes the pattern. 21 days and I'm a little older. 26 days and the rare one touches down at LAX. I'm hoping to do a post a day.