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I didn't even know Detroit had a baseball team.

hello from atlanta!

Found free wifi next to my gate thanks to Seattle Best coffee and I don't get to blog from the road all too much in the past, so hey, this is what it's like. wow. It's 3am in LA but since it's 6 over here I'm hating it right now. one hour sleep or the catherine zeta jones in flight movie. which is worse? Oh took the tram between terminals. that was fast. 2.5 more hours until I land in Detroit Rock City. And snow.
All I wanted was a burrito. After the last Kiss or Kill, a bunch if us decided to hit El Grande Burrito or whatever that place is called on Santa Monica and Vermont. Well we went to the burrito place and ran into a crowd about a hundred or so made up of folks looking thuggy, most not or less so, and trannies...who were fighting. Poor security guard was trying to break up a brawl when another would start a few feet away. Most customers played the part of not concerned, just hungry customer with a careful eye on the action. Those tipsy late night burrito cravings can be that overwhelming and a salsa cup side of punches makes it that more interesting. When we drove into the parking lot there was one real cop in the street who was waiting for back up until one fight got pretty big. He pulled the cruiser up to verbally assist the security guard; people throwing fists at each other is fairly low in danger, and if you think about it, will continues until a referee breaks it up, friends grab a
Just a test of utterz. Some of you might remember my drunk audio blogs, well I don't drink much (well not too much in one night much) but I have utterz on speed dial just in case! Now I'm itching to go on a bender.

Echo Park Log #63

[A few days after Thanksgiving or Yes, I'm a little behind in posting things] Finally pull onto my street Monday evening from my Bay Area trip and noticed the sprayed tags were different this time. White spray paint on the sidewalks, walls and more prominently the 10x 10 tag on the black pavement. RIP 11-21-07 and the nickname of a young man shot on the other side of the lake roughly a hour into my drive up North. More backstory from a blogger up the street from me. 24 years of life gone like that. Now my brother (a cop up in the Bay Area) would say let them kill themselves off but it's a lot more fierce up there with kids stopping in a intersection pulling ak47s out and running towards another car shooting. Sad to summarize it as just one part of a back and forth turf battle which is what it boils down to; A person, someone's son, a neighbor down the street. That's how I see it. Might be why my brother teasingly calls me a stupid liberal.

Rob Z's Holiday Hullabaloo Tonight!

The lovable Rob Z is having his annual FREE Xmas event tonight at El Cid with his brand of tongue in cheek amusement. I can and will vouch for good times this evening. Not sure of the order at the moment, but expect: Chissum Worthington - love love him, check his myspace for videos Lockjaw Boy - another quality nugget from over the years Rob Z crooning with his voice from God and a very talented back up band featuring Brandon Meyer, Jon Ryggy (from Underwater City People), and Rik Baron . (@9.30) Plus the rocking of New Maximum Donkey !!! (@10.30) Come on in for a drink, laughs, music, and fun all wrapped together - the night will be soaking in it. Rob Z's Holiday Hullabaloo @ El Cid, Silver Lake FREE - Starts at 9pm sharp! Nothing says the holidays like beef jerky!
Little update/upcoming posts: a new job a NYE trip that will be icy/hot a brother in LA (a fish out of water story) a friend in WIRED magazine a quest for a burrito (a tale of food and trannies) a sister in the Boston Ballet a haircut (not really a post; more of a reminder) a new echo park log a bay area log a critique on Kenny Loggins' videos
The Kiss or Kill Documentary trailer. Try to spot my fat head.

How I came across Kiss or Kill

One word: Midway It was towards the end of 2003 and Corey, Cortney and myself were stalking this band Midway all summer and they were booked at some place called Kiss or Kill at the Garage. The line up: She, Midway, Ballentine, Bang Sugar Bang and the Dollyrots - I'd checked online and listened to some mp3s and liked what I heard. The door chick asked for the two bucks and which band we were here to see. Midway...oh and Bang Sugar Bang. Oh I kind of want to see the Dollyrots too. Over the years my answer was usually "Um, all of them." In this way Kiss or Kill co-existed with the much hipsterized Silver Lake-centric music scene but without regard to what was hip, to what might be Pitchforked so you could say you were there first. We didn't give too much of a shit about that. It was about a great set. It was about great conversations and if you didn't know the band being discussed no one looked down at you for that. That first night people smiled at you, the barte

blog will be private for 1 week

I sort of sent something from this email account to a place by accident so to be safe this blog will be private for a week or so.
Band: The Ackleys Song: China Man Why: I'm out of ketchup too This album came out almost a year ago and as usual I'm a little late discovering this band from Alabama. Take a wander and stream the song Blank Mind at the Traffic Light on myspace - my favorite. Something about her voice just kind of does it for me...mixed with that early 90s buzzpop sound...and those subtle, but what would I do with out them keys. Oh yes. buy @ house of love records Also I love the gum chewing.