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8.25.06 now less sucky

Friday - The Beginning Went to the somewhat local discount cinema to watch X Men 3 after work mostly to waste time before hitting the early Midway set at Kiss or Kill. I didn't sweat being twenty minutes late or not seeing the second installment and I hope I don’t ruin it for you but the movie pretty much sucked. It didn't help that tha sound strip was scratched (or was the sensor just dirty?) for the whole movie and some members of the audience had never seen a movie outside of their living room. On the good side: Captain Picard dude had this creepy ass smile before he gets disintegrated. That was neat. I sighed twice during this movie. First for the sweeping views of the Bay and every time Halle Berry was on. Oh that was way more than two. Friday - The Trek Plans were to eat and then meet up with Ashley before heading to Hollywood. Now cells are great tools on meeting up with friends, but are of no use if words describing the actual meeting point are not said. I assemed i

Instant Kool Aid

I work for a nutritional supplement (vitamins) company (Oh no. I said too much) and many of my customers are always looking for the next big fad to come to market. This morning one my customers came by with his newest project: An appetite suppressant concentrate built right into a standard water bottle cap. Simply replace the original water bottle cap with this cap, give the upper white portion a twist and it dispenses a flavored formula right in to the water. Neat and a bit gimmicky. The cap was developed for a major beverage company so you might see in the future in flavor/energy boosting or maybe to let kids morph the color of a drink. As for the formula, the one I'm trying tastes like kool aid and since I skipped breakfast I feel a little intoxicated right now from some of the actives in the formulation. Fun and a bit dizzy.

The Randies CD Release show(s)

The Randies are back from tour for two shows highlighting their new CD "Saw the Light" . Mon 8.28.06 @ The Viper Room presented by Indie 103.1 Check One Two time 10.30 cost / password= cupcakes (?) Mon 9.04.06 @ The Key Club for METAL SKOOL Kiss or Kill is booking the opening bands every first monday. That night starts at 9pm with Overnight Lows , The Knives , and then The Randies Cost $15 - free before 10 (more details to follow) The *new* Randies website The Randies on myspace Freezerburn (mp3) Stupid joke of the day: Are you Jamaican? No. Well, you're Jamaican me happy!

I count the minutes and the seconds too

Her: you should buy me my birthday dinner today. that's what i think Her: some place REALLY expensive Me: well then it can't be tonight if it's really expensive Her: i'm kidding. come on. since when could you take me to some place expensive? I found my chicken fried steak, biscuits, and pancake dinner from Dennys surprisingly enjoyable; she had some mashed up meat and potatoes entrée thing as her belated birthday selection. The individual components made sense, but it was a combination that required a catchy name (Tootie-Frootie, Starched and Meaty Meal? Oh Yum!) to entice you to order it. She took her chances based on the picture alone. It had been months since we spent time together that wasn't at a bar with her in a tear down state (i.e. drunk beyond repair). Longer still when it was just the two of us. The second thing I said after we sat down was that I missed her. She spoke of camping trips and 20 foot belly flops that broke her neck AND liquefied her

why are you wearing that?

I think I've found the perfect solution to my not being friendly enough problem. (as in shy). Had to go through a few of them before deciding on something simple. Wouldn't a "Hello! My Name is" tag be a good conversation starter? discuss.

this weekend in advance

or wtf is this Chissum Worthington guy all about? Three back to back shows? Ok for this weekend: Kiss or Kill has a great lineup for Colin's going away / pre Sunset Junction kick off with Pu$$y-Cow 12:35--- Bang Sugar Bang 12:00-12:20 (first show since coming off tour Porterville 11:25-11:45 (taking a break from recording just for Colin) Silver Needle 10:45-11:05 The Letter Openers 10:10-10:30 Chissum Worthington 9:35-9:55 (Oh Captain, My Captain) Black Comets 9:00-9:20 Midway 8:30 - 8:50 (my favorite silly band) Then during Sunset Junction, come by El Cid for two days of shows ($2 each day) and enjoy things like air condtioning, bathrooms, three bars, and way too many bands Saturday, August 26th Chissum Worthington HIGH NOON, Present Tense 12:30p-1:00p, The Press Fire 1:15p-1:45p, Wrapt In Plastic 2:00p-2:30p, Steel 2:45p-3:15p, The Power Cords 3:30p-4:00p, The Mulhollands 4:15p-4:45p, The Strays 5:00p-5:30p, The Prix 5:45p-6:15p, break for flamenco dancers ,

This year

Artist: The Mountain Goats ... (wikipedia) Song: This Year ... (off the album The Sunset Tree ) Why: - The new album Get Lonely comes out today (8.22.06) - In store solo set @ amoeba tomorrow 7 pm Hello Ms. Small Feet, We know each other socially but in this world that doesn't mean a thing. We don't talk, we don't really say hi to each other, I'm old as dirt, you're young as rain and that's not why I was looking at you three jack and cokes in. I just couldn't shake this feeling at the bar last night. I remember looking at my friend and saying 'She reminds me that I need to work on my friendliness.' This year I should do that.

don't go

xTx I need you around to counter act my incredibly boring posts. god I'm bored of my own stuff. At least yours are interesting.......and a little weird. Love, robert_dean Am I getting a postcard? got it ;)

yeah I know this is everywhere else

but... A) Some of you (Cort) I know for a fact don't read other blogs (what!?!) and spend little time online in general. B) Kelly Clarkson is cute C) Kelly Clarkson is drunk as hell D) If you've never been to Metal Skool (Mondays at the Key Club) then this gives you a good idea of the silly fun it can be. I found the experience interesting during my first visit there. E) Kiss Or Kill has been sending a band for the last month and will continue so in a more official manner starting (every first Monday) next month with the Overnight Lows and the Randies CD release. This video might have been the same night New Maximum Donkey had played. (Get free tix if you hit KorK the week before and show up before 10pm at the Key Club otherwise it's 15 bucks )

If I had this on Monday...

This is the band The Letter Openers that played acoustically on Tuesday night. They have been added to tonight's Kiss or Kill bill (8.18.06) Smoking crack, nevermind. Director-Christopher Holmes, DP-Brandon Trost, Editor-Sarah Prinkey a bunch of super nice, super silly people great band - good times

This is my lazy post for Friday

Agent Orange and Channel 3 @ Kiss or Kill this Friday Kiss or Kill and Indie 103.1's Complete Control Radio present: Agent Orange 12:00--- Channel 3 11:15-11:30 Pu$$y-Cow 10:30-11:00 Blockage 9:45-10:15 Bobot Adrenaline 9:00-9:30 The Letter Openers have been added to the bill. Smoking crack, nevermind, its this upcoming weekend that they were added on. 10 bucks - all ages @ Safari Sam's (or five bucks if you email with each name (no "plus one") before noon on Friday.) **Every Paid admission receives 2 free tickets to the September 3rd Metal Skool at the Key Club**

sometimes I avoid looking

Artist: ZOFKA Song: "Je ne suis qu'à moi" Country: Switzerland 4.00pm: Left work 5.30pm: There were Mormons waiting at my front door. If I had been inside for their arrival I wouldn’t have bothered getting off the couch to open the door; I'd still be flipping channels of the TV quite visibly from the driveway of my house. This time they watched the garage pull open as I glided up the court and they knew avoidance wasn't possible. I've known and worked with some hardcore Mormons and some that were struggling with their faith when our paths crossed and all were the least pushy folks you can meet. Talking to these two guys wasn't going to kill me. So we chit-chatted for a couple minutes about my personal experiences with people of the mormon-istic persuasion. Didn't feel it necessary to mention the one that said 'what you've always wanted is sitting right in front of you.' She wasn't talking about converting and I still regret the cho

tuesday times three

fyi: all myspace links - FIXED The Dollyrots @ Key Club (10pm sharp) for Indies 103 Ruby Tuesdays with Go Betty Go , and The Kids of Widney High Dollyrots Video (25mb) for New College or stream tin can sounding version at youtube Dollyrots just off the warped tour and GBG with their new singer Free - all ages (sort of) Neutron Bomb Club presents @ Zen Sushi Service Group at 9pm New Maximum Donkey 10 pm (best band ever) Vagrant Vinny And The Instigators at 11 Zen Sushi - Silverlake Free Before 9pm $3 after 18+ Rob Z's Acoustic Assault 2 With sets by wormstew (who looks a lot like mike schnee, that guy from p-cow and that other guy chissum worthington) The Letter Openers - unplugged. They're a great rock band live so this should be interesting to hear them acoustically. And....Rob Z with Mike Schnee on guitar. Okay I get it! mike + wormstew + chissum = triplets

sometimes one should dress for success

I felt sort of bad for the shirtless guy. All evening this one police cruiser had been so cool about the party in Echo Park, even waving as they drove by (so I was told). Now at about 3.30 am, LAPD had Shirtless Guy against the trunk for cuffing purposes after giving him 10 minutes of their time and all the chances in the world for him to just walk away, to head home to the wife or mom or at least a couch on a friend's bed but he choose to (under intoxication's guide) to keep talking and taunting the cops to arrest him with fingers entwined and arms around his back. The cops finally took him up on that offer. Shirtless Guy said he felt a little disrespect by the crowd. Said all of the guests in black shirts weren’t being cool to him. Shit that was 90% of the party right there. Joe felt our numbers were sufficient to defend an assault if the SG wanted to try. We were all drunk and drunken neighbors were welcomed but nobody wanted anything bad to happen that night. Maybe the 

sometimes it is a bad idea to keep talking

[ unpublished post from a few months ago ] I stumbled out onto the sidewalk with a catch of the doorframe with my right foot. My exit barely noted by the group outside the Silverlake Lounge waiting for someone other than me. "Oh hi ......." I smiled my embarrassment to the two girls talking. "Hello" She offered as if giving out directions or calling out bingo numbers; if you're just calling out numbers and not playing, why bother to feign interest in your own words? I took no offense to her tone as she always ran hot or cold on any given night. No history between us - nothing personal. "How are you doing?" The knob was distinctively turned towards cold this night but I thought lukewarm could be coaxed out her. "Great." Said her blank stare. I glanced over to the observing friend (one I've met numerous times before), with her 'I don't know you' thought expressed nicely with a quick quirk of the corner of her mouth. Clearly I w

sometimes it's for the best

happy birthday L. i'm happy for you and thank you for what needed to be done i miss our three month calling cycle when I would pick up the phone and hear 'hey robert' my first words were often 'god damn I miss the hell out of you' i still do

sometimes I like things

I like driving up La Brea from the 10 into Hollywood. I like parking in Hollywood right at five o'clock when all the spots are open I like watching the tourists in their matching shorts mingle with the costumed characters I like the self promoting rappers in front of Virgin I like wearing sunglasses on the shady side of the street --walking away from the sun I like smiling to tourists --no really I do I like to pretend I walk these streets everyday to a job I love from a loft that overlooks the capitol records building I like the Hotel Cafe where a Stella is only five dollars I like the couple which sat near me --she rested her head on her husband's shoulder --he looked surprised --she looked happy and in love again sometimes I love things I love Lauren Hoffman's voice; on the album (she forgot to bring copies) it sounds great, in person it sounds amazing. I love that I can have that much fun being alone in Hollywood. I love an evening that couldn't have gotten any bet

sometimes I can't even say hello

jp said... We'll have to have a conversation sometime about what could happen if you start seizing those opportunities willy-nilly, balls to the wall, devil-may-care...ishly. You could do it, you know. And it could be good. Very good. jp: It's hard when observation is your default mode when the foot is tangled in shyness and the eyes are locked on the smile what to do next when she stands behind you talking to a non mutual friend and interruptions would be considered rude? As always, I just stand there. "shyness is nice...."


It's the ones with the pretty faces and cute noses that remind me of cherry tomatoes small, rounded and sweet. This has nothing to do with this unpublished draft from last week but with a conversation I had with friend awhile back. Her tales of cute nose pointed straight into the wind worldly adventures brought a smile to my face and a song to go along with it. That whole perfect timing of song and mood I'd mentioned before. It happens to me ALL the time. A couple weeks I was standing up front during Kiss or Kill; not that it was all that exciting on a scene level, more as an eyes closed, music absorption moment that made only me smile. I'm weird like that I guess. Smile no 1 I've been enjoying The New Fidelity since first seeing them back in March 05. They were always good but something about the timing lately has brought more fans to catch up to them and how 'goody' they sound. I among that group of having it just click with me in the last couple months an

sometimes I like sad songs

I'm going to the Hotel Cafe tomorrow for the first time. I hear it's cool. I don’t get out much. You would be surprise how little I've seen in this big town. A bunch of talented people are playing tomorrow night but only one is bringing me in, Lauren Hoffman . Something aboout her voice and a little regret at not seeing her set at Genghis Cohen last year makes this a must see show for me. Dumb personal stuff got in the way last time and dumb personal stuff makes me sad sometimes and so when some of her songs have the same effect on you can see how that would've made a bad combination. Sometimes it's just perfect/bad timing of music and mood. I love these songs / why not watch some videos Joshua - solipsist LH is on at eight. I have no idea how much it is ...and it really doesn't matter hotel café 8.09.06 8PM ~ largo (guest performance with Harvey Danger, 2-3 songs) 8.11.06 9PM Buy her newest album Choreography Links: Her site forlauren , LH on myspace ,

short post

Yeah that whole having net access and the time to blog just didn't happen for me this weekend. In short: Kept mom from having a heart attack over wedding details Saw zero of my friends I'd planned on hanging out with Made out with nobody Slept in my car - twice Basically this is what you get when my sister gets married: A bunch of Texans, a gaggle of Spaniards and Puerto Ricans, a transsexual (post op), a Man of Honor, a camel barn, a world famous jazz bassoonist (apparently there is such a thing), a four year old ring bearer who dropped the rings, drunk dialing, and my favorite drunk Italian Stallion wannabe older policeman brother hitting on everything with breasts. Also, even though it was just a rehearsal, doing pratfalls while walking your mom down the church aisle is generally frowned upon. I'm so going to hell.

Road Trip

I've been busy getting ready for my sister's wedding this weekend. My little sister is getting married... weird. Destination: Bay Area ETA: Noon Thursday I have no idea where I'm sleeping. I will be drinking and blogging perfect