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Live Journal Random Pic Uploads

There is this great site Toothpaste For Dinner that has daily drawings/cartoons. Reason enough to go visit, but the artist Drew recently put up this LJ code for fun. Basically it pulls random pictures that have been uploaded to the Live Journal servers and places some of them on one page. Just keep refreshing the page every few minutes for different pictures. amusing and addicting. THIS MIGHT NOT BE SAFE FOR WORK. People put up some stuff on LJ that your company might not like. It seems that on;y about 1 percent of the pictures could be iffy in content though. Most are just funny, odd stuff. Random Live Journal Pic Uploads Enjoy and visit the main site.

The Doorway

He turned and slowly pulled away from her. They had carefully managed from the couch to the doorway without letting go of either a waist, or an arm, or a hand. On the blue cotton sweater he pulled slightly, then smoothed out the mid of her back with his hand. "Why do you have to go? You said that you wanted to stay." She asked. The door was now open to the fog which waited patiently outside for them. She glanced quickly past his warmth and into the strange orange glow blurring the outlines of the streetlights. It would be five more minutes before they would feel the difference in temperature but their touch was now unlocked and He already had slipped a couple feet down the walkway. He turned back with a squint, "This is kind of sappy, but I wanted to leave on a high note, you know?" He paused for a moment. "I...I...want to walk down to my car..." His right arm traveled a clear level plane, "and feel like I'm floating on air." "I want to

The new Beck album (bootleg)

I like it for the most part. If you follow the comments on Stereogum , most of them think it doesn't live up to his earlier work. Maybe, but my humble opinion is that Beck's worst material is still a billion times better than what plays on KISS FM. / top 40. I don't really think he has any bad material. There have been some song name changes according to recent updates and a video from what was originally titled Hell Yeah on the bootleg is now up. This remix is done by this group 8 Bit down here in LA (Highland Park). Best way to describe them visually is a bunch of drunk rapping robots. Hard to explain, but fun to watch. Beck - "Hell Yes (8 bit remix) Windows Media Real Media .

01.23 - 01.28 or Boxing, Ashlee Simpson

I'm recapping my week, more for myself. Sunday: spent the weekend working up an advert for our european division of the skin care line. Think it will be in the trade mag Professional Spa UK, feb issue..Personally, I think it looks lame since I'm stuck using the same photos over and over. Had to make up some cheesy [um, just re-read what I wrote..very bad] copy since Mcphee didn't follow through again. Long running problem with the "professionals" the owners hire, but we end up finding out they are all talk. I'm not trained to do some of the things I do..and it shows...but I do a darn good job faking it. Monday: Watched 24 . The first 12 minutes were some of the best action/drama I've seen in a while. A character was revealed to be working for the terrorists..but is she a double agent??. dum dum dum dummm. Tuesday: Skipped Kiss or Kill and I miss this during the Midway set: Emily and Theresa came out to the Rocky theme, started boxing. Theresa had a


I've been sick with the flu. Missed the Randies and the Underwater City People last night but I had to sleep and I was getting tired of feeling ill. Among other reasons, I really wanted to go see these two bands play at Mr. T Bowl...The Randies will be playing at a snowboard convention and also opening for Berlin at the House of Blues in Vegas next cool...I would drive out there to see them if I could get in and get back to work the next morning. yum vegas...must get my penny slot fix soon! Spent tonight at Alberstons buying ingredients for the best turkey sandwich ever. The cashier asked me how I was doing..if evrything was alright with me tonight or something like that. Not thinking that I had too strange of a look on my face, I replied, "well, it's almost 9 on a Saturday night, and I'm here shopping (pause) alone, it could be better." He has to rescan the Monterey Jack cheese (best sandwich ever), looks up, smiles, "Yeah, you could be stuck he

me sleepy

I can be a hella ditz at times. At Corey's apartment, I left my car door wide open with my checkbook, CDs, gold nuggets, freshly made poorboy sandwiches, a pile of iPods, a..okay just the first two. Luckily their lot is pretty secure, but still, it was sitting there open for almost an hour. Almost forgot to lock it in Echo Park last night too. That could've been bad. 3.5 hours of sleep results in stupid comments on other blogs (and this blog) and band's websites. My day sent me off to the Sunset Strip to set up a 5x6 poster I designed for this spa/salon. It's right on the corner of Doheny and Sunset Blvd. (with the blue neon lights framing the windows), if you happen to be walking around there. So I get stuck driving out there in rush hour traffic to get the poster up in time for their offical grand opening. If you know how bad the 405 is from LAX at that time you can understand what the sixth or seventh layer of Limbo it is. Picked up Corey to help, which he di

jesus candles, balloon art, and pizza?

I mean no offense, really! So I was browsing through some myspace profiles and the reference of Jesus Candles came up. A quick google search came up with this: The Mexican Jesus Candle Race hmm that's a little boring, so... Other Jesus google image searches: Baby Jesus in the Manger Balloon Art ".... There are two versions shown, one with a halo and one without." Help with the search for the Jesus Pizza!!

What you talking about Willis?

So I see this van for a charity on the way to work the other day. I couldn't see if "Willis" was driving it himself or if Gary Coleman was in the passenger seat. B Sounds like a good enough cause. Todd Bridges Youth Foundation ~~~ I'm even more sore today than I was yesterday. All from jumping around Tuesday night. I'm just out of shape. I'm craving chinese food. Must stop eating crap.


Just spoke briefly to a guy named Roger on the phone. You might of heard of his brother Bill and Bill's wife Hillary. Actually, it was maybe ten words. Someone I work with knows him.

It was a good night

Made it out to the Echo for the Kiss or Kill 2005 kick off, but didn't show up up 11pm due to the new roommate moving in. Missed the Knives and the Letter Openers, but not the great sing-along to Midway, Silver Needle (great as always) and Bang Sugar Bang playing a new song for a recently departed friend. During BSB, someone got pushed back towards me and their head slammed right into my cheek. Hard. If it had hit my nose it might have broken I thought later. No bruise this morning, but it frigging hurt I tell you! Talked to a couple people for the first time. Nothing major, just trying to keep my new years resolution for meeting more of the people I see at KorK. Also thanked Kelly-rot (singer for the dollyrots) for the postcard sent out from their last tour. I'm not sure if she even knows my name...I don't think I told her. tags: kork , kiss or kill

New Midway flyer


I love the show "24" but...

There are hardly any basements in the Californian suburbs! In the episode last night the evil mom wanted her son to go to the basement to shoot his girlfriend. I thought wtf? They live in the Valley somewhere not the East Coast. I don't remember the Brady Bunch house having a frigging basement, do you? tag: 24

rain, rain, and maybe a new mac

Rain It's pouring here in Los Angeles and save for a few random days, it has been going on for almost two weeks now. Reminds me of Ray Bradbury's Illustrated Man short about the stranded crew on Venus where it rained non-stop. Yeah, it's getting old now. No Shows for Me I've skipped the few shows going on this last week do to the rain and re-adjusting to being back at work. No Margo Lee , no 8 Bit (who were about to fly to Japan to open for the Beastie Boys, but that just fell apart..they are also doing some remixes for Beck too), no Mormons . Nothing. I'm saving all my energy for the Kiss or Kill Club 2005 kick-off this Tuesday at the Echo . Go! See flyer a couple posts down..I'm re-making a non-sucky one. Read a great article about Kiss or Kill in the LA Weekly here . A new Mac? maybe. So part of my job is to do some minor graphic design. Brochures, banners for display booths, folders, one-sheets, etc. Sadly I'm stuck on a PC, and a low

Stuck at work

Yesterday, one of our reps who is a complete scatter-brain (we have our opinions as to why she is like that), took my keys when she was here. car keys, house keys, my everything keys. Waited until 7.30 pm for her to make it back to where I work. A big empty warehouse and offices are kinda spooky at night. The upside was a commute home cut in half. So I might be getting a room-mate this weekend. Haven't worked out the details, but this a good thing money-wise. Of course this means in a couple months I might be able to afford a small vegas trip. Been almost a year since I've went and want to go with a bunch of people this time and play penny slots and blackjack, and ride the new monorail . Feed your inner trekkie in Vegas Now before you dismiss the Star Trek Experience outright, here is a couple tips to make it worthwhile. 1) There is large casino right there, so go only if you're "up", cause 30 bucks is lot for ride no matter how rich you are. 2) Go do

2nd try

I would've posted yesterday but I was pissed. It was a good start in the morning: traffic was light, no rain cruising along doing 80 mph on The 105, listening to the Go! Team. I was optimistic for the new year until lunch time. Basically I work with power hungry idiots. This guy in the other building who always wants to be in charge, but never actually does anything was stupid enough to: A) try to do my job B) try to make me do his job for him C) threaten to literally kick my ass (he bullies all the mfg plant this way, but the office is my turf) when I flat out told him no and then, D) flips open his cell saying he's going to call the owner on me (nevermind the fact that the owner's only son just died on Dec 22 and has more important things on his mind)... after he said that I needed to do what he wanted right then and now so he could go home (it was now 2.30) and my response was to quit his bitching since I was there since 7.30 and hadn't had lunch and that no one hear

Midway @ Kiss or Kill / Jan 2005

I was bored this week. Actually this was a break in the work I had brought home to do on my vacation. My first gig poster...I already want to change some things..I need a lot more practice, oh and talent. Image is low rez. my favorite part is the logo for my fake design company. It's lame like me. [edit: I should mention that I used the current logos for Kiss or Kill and the Echo, and I'm not taking credit for them.]