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People I love more than anything - Mom!

This is my mom and Sunday was her birthday. She spoiled me growing up maybe to compensate for being the middle child, maybe I needed it at first, maybe because she still talks about when I was an infant with a crazy high fever and how she panicked not really knowing what to do. With me shivering with fever chills my mom wrapped me up in multiple blankets which of course doesn't help and I would guess my dad seeing me getting worse finally convinced her that despite what little money my family at the time was not to be worried about and a trip to the ER was a must (You have to remember this is before most folks used HMOs , where you paid out of pocket for the dentist, for the optometrist, and especially for ER visits).   Well I ended up in the emergency room where I'm told the doctors gave her grief about what she thought was the right thing to do wrapping me up like that.  The hospital staff quickly swept away from my mom's arms and placed my infant body into

08.24.07 Vegas Crackhead Encounters

[My brother turned 40 in 2007 and invited the whole family to Vegas for a weekend of fun. My sister and then husband flew in from Rhode Island, my mom from the Bay Area and I drove through the desert (that post says more - says everything). I did a quick recap of the trip here but never finished writing about the conversations like I said I would. So here they are and a little more] In Vegas, you only need to stand outside a casino side entrance a few minutes to meet a crackhead. Encounter#1: Outside Excalibur chatting with my sister when a lady walks up to us asking where we're from. She looks like a normal middle age mom, not homeless, not selling us anything just a little too friendly - something was odd but I couldn't put my finger on it. My sister answers with Rhode Island but clarifies that we are actually California natives. This excites the lady and she states how she can relate, explaining she lives in Hawaii. My sis and I are not tracking this course of conv


03.07.10 It was a long day.  The Ex requested that I return my kids a few hours later than normal which meant I had time to be flexible with scheduling meals and planning out our day. coordination This Sunday I was up early before the kids so I made an assortment of breakfasts to greet each one as they stumbled out of the bedroom: leftovers for myself from last night's dinner and for them scrambled eggs and toast served with cut pineapples and grapes. We got ready and went to the store for I don't remember what but there was still the typical diffused glow of a LA morning that said nothing of the previous day's rain. Mother Nature can be so Hollywood sometimes, quick to change scenes and always looking camera ready. Then it was Laundry Time! (I mention doing laundry a lot - I sort of love doing laundry) as the kids did their homework and when that was done we watched bootleg Invader Zim episodes online, a show I now totally love but loved even more so this downtime

I live here

...and love it more everyday. The East Side of Los Angeles on a Sunny Day from clark vogeler on Vimeo . The Eastern end of Los Angeles as seen through some Tilt Shift video. The song is "gymnopedie #1" by Eric Satie according to one commenter on Curbed LA, so there's that too. h/t Curbed LA