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Blogging on an iphone. Yay!
Regular posting on Tuesday I can has a cheezburger yeah it's been around for awhile - yet still amusing to me.
It is the rare day like this when I wish I could crawl into bed and take a nap next to someone.

yeah I know. one last thing

Mountain Goats in-store July 22nd at 5 p.m. Rhino Records 235 Yale Avenue, Claremont
I'm not posting this week work work work that and I'm trying to hold back from writing vague notes to strangers here
ha. I won 1st place.

The Dairy Store of Echo Park


Tonight's Kiss or Kill

I swear the third spot for tonight has been the biggest revolving door of bands: first it was mother tongue, then p cow was booked but danny had prior plans, and finally the Randies were to set to play until late yesterday when the word was "The Automatic Music Explosion returns to the Kiss or Kill stage to fill in for The Randies after a busy recording period." Um that would be code for drummer issues again and right after I causally mentioned how this might be a good year for them with said new drummer last week. As a fan I hate to hear news like this. Since The Automatic Music Explosion has been the flavor of the month at kork this should be a good turn out coupled with, I think, their second show since recording with producer Mike Chapman (Blondie -parallel lines, the knack -my shorona, Pat Benatar) last month. If you like that self described "Blast Pop" sound and attitude you'll love AME. (read AME's blog about it here ) These pictures I snatched fr

cold rice

how many times has this post has been drastically rewritten: 5, 6, 7 times? this post is not deep - just rambling. two weeks ago after the night show I'm down at the top of my stairs, I'm down staring into a pot of cold rice I pulled out of the refrigerator thinking about over the shoulder smiles and the answer my friend came back with. two weeks of my head down blurry eyes watching late night poker with a slightly less salt in the mouth reaction to infomercials. The television reception lost I give up and in to sleeping on top of comforters with the fan buzzing out sounds of buses and trucks rumbling down Glendale over the same bump in the street. Two weeks of staying in then a week mostly up and about to three most nights and all I wonder if this week will even out somehow. So Friday I slept and Saturday still sick and I remember cooking and sleeping for hours as the 99cent nyquil put me out and over comforters without revelations to my current state of mind. I slept on it a

Looker this week

If you picked up the current issue of the LA Weekly you might have noticed on page 140 tonight's Looker [ myspace , website ] show at Metal Skool is listed as their GO pick of the week for Monday. Pretty cool but even cooler is that they're playing Kiss or Kill this Wednesday at El Cid, and unlike the Sunset Strip parking is free and ample (relatively). Only five bucks and less big hair. Monday: - show/interview 3.30pm Key Club with Metal Skool $15-20? Tuesday: Little Radio (God's Girls) interview/show 3pm KXLU interview/show 5pm Wednesday: Looker @ El Cid ( Kiss or Kill ) with Wake-Up Incinerate 9:45, Looker 10.30, The Randies 11:15, The Killdevils 12:00

le orange county evening

Feel sorry for me. I've been sick for a few days now. ok don't. ok do. I had to leave work early Wednesday not so I could crawl into bed wishing for nyquil dreams but to make a last minute recital in Mission Viejo by 6:30. Nothing like rushing home to shower then down the Golden State in sold traffic for nearly two hours. Worth every minute of it even though it last barely over a half hour. With time to kill before the Deep Sea Diver show in Fullerton I stopped for dinner ala drive-thru and had Caribbean phone calls in a target parking lot yet as I got to the Plush Lounge the bands were running late so now I ordered up a beer so I could kickback and get some writing done. This is when I crossed paths with Jessica who informed me that it would be just her playing solo eventually that night. We chatted for a few minutes and I'm just going to note a part of the conversation here where she mentioned picking up little side jobs recently and as she took a breath between the th
le sigh le wow

kork homecoming bits

When I went to Kiss or Kill last week I was out to prove a theory that's been floating around in my head: drinking more than my usual 0-1 beers will make my blog less boring the next day. Um nope. All I proved was that cheap beer is hard to shake off the next morning and very much unlike how I felt after all the great beer at this event last night (more on this later). So the "Homecoming blah blah..whatever it was called" was a blast and the atmosphere at El Cid was perfect for Kiss or Kill with its dark booths and hidden nooks and crannies for discreet moments or in my case silly conversations about jobs. There is something to be said about lounging at the outdoor bar, standing at the top of the stairs to people watch or enjoying the bands in the old timey main room that makes this one of my favorite venues. Rob Z & JP pictured on right After a little prep (take a three hour nap, skipped diner, drink coffee (past my one cup in the morning limit), debate which sla

3 hours at The Scene

20 more minutes again. typical neurotic post to follow eventually I've been trying to flesh out a schedule this week that involves other bloggers (with real notable blogs - yikes) if I don't flake tonight, kiss or kill (maybe), the Plush Lounge in Fullerton (most definitely), Pasadena show on Thursday or I might just stay at home and read. Last night I finally felt back in to the groove of weekday shows and couldn't past up the freeness of seeing the Randies and Bang Sugar Bang at the Scene Bar. A Randies show is only as good as their present confidence level and lately it's been running high again. With a great new drummer name Chelsea and catchy new songs for the audience, this might be a good year for them. Between sets outside I heard Joe's story of how their (p-cow) Burbank show earlier that night went bad: " last night we played 4 songs before we were asked not to curse. After changing motherfucking to mother grabbing & changing fuck to [shut

Don't say that "g" word

I've been playing this game of catch up for the last two weeks at work so I'll give you twenty minutes like Tony says. More stuff coming later My big plans this weekend was to visit the Fern Dell section of Griffith Park located right at the elbow of Western Avenue and Los Feliz Blvd. Wacky Huell Howser did a segment on it a few weeks ago on PBS and me and Huell are of the same breed of dork with overly excitable childlike enjoyment at funky places to visit so this place was a must do. First It didn't hurt that the trail is maybe a half mile long for my out of shape ass and could also be easily managed by my gimpy friend that I invited to tag along with me. Secondly I also teased her with the possibility of vegan pie at the The Trails Cafe /snack shack at the end of the dell. This was our carrot. We parked at the lower end and started walking up the trail that hugged the side of small stream that ran about ten feet below the roadway. According to this 3rd & Fairf

upcoming posts

[Friday 3.30 update: I'm going to enjoy this day by not blogging and instead going to Scoops for gelato. See you Monday] -blah tired cheap beer headache (aka Kiss Or Kill @ El Cid) -cold rice -Bay Area wedding -various music posts Yeah I know this LAist post is a few days old (6/4) but I still cannot picture anything else when I look at London's 2012 Olympic logo. read it here (sorry for all the rss feeds from January and beyond. Just editing photo tags and labels)

Kiss or Kill Homecoming this Weds @ El Cid

Kiss or Kill Homecoming Show at El Cid 9:45 pm - Chissum Worthington, 10:30 pm - No Thanks, 11:15 pm - The New Fidelity, 12:15 am - The Black Comets 18+, $3 before 10pm / $5 / dress up! Returning to where it all started years ago at the historic El Cid in Silver Lake, Kiss or Kill is throwing a dress up and rock event tomorrow night for it's first weekly show at the new location. With a great patio for socializing and the overall better atmosphere of the venue hopefully this will breathe new life in the Kiss or Kill scene. So come down, have some stiff drinks, listen to some decent bands and don't forget to vote for Miss Kiss Or Kill 2007! [ Since they are all my friends I'm voting for the first one who promises to share their winnings ($50 bar tab) with me. Just saying.]

weekend revisions

Friday: I fell asleep on the couch around 8pm Friday: She smiled. Of course she smiled; she understood that I wanted to be liked and a smile was a warm acknowledgment universally understood. I stuck my hand out as a joist to her opening embrace without thinking. Not only did this stop her advance but confused her enough with an upper body step back that her lower portion did not follow. My guard was up. Fuck! Saturday: Cleaned out my refrigerator, went to the LACMA alone, picked up Corey for some Tito Tacos. Saturday: I skipped into the elevator, swung to my left past the stranger controlling the buttons by his default location to land against the far end of the stainless steel box. The man looked back to me as the doors started to close. I said hi. I think he was waiting for me to call out a floor but I noticed the glowing ring around the P before his purple shirt and dark black wool slacks. His belt was that twisted leather strap kind found in Macy's or with that gold coate

things I do to myself # 4822

1) I make popcorn the old fashion way by stovetop with oil and seeds. 2) Hot soldering seeds will fly out and burn you if you take off the lid to peek inside. 3) This isn't the first time I've been burned.

button up shirts

Yes that was me dancing around to Porterville the other night. I mean no it wasn't. Sometimes I'll do that moving my body to music in spastastic ways thing - something I always did for many a Midway show - if you weren't around back then you probably didn't know that I have moves to be reckoned with. Clearly this is a lie. The truth is I'm incredibly out of shape (and old) that I could only manage a couple songs of bouncing around before being a bit winded. Didn't help that I was wearing docs (excuses, excuses). No I've degraded into complete slothhood lately. So I was in a good starter beer mood by the time Chissum finished his cheeky set, loving the melody recap for those coming in past the half way point . Ordered my born again usual (hefeweizen) as Bobot Adrealine played and wondered why people were smiling - not at me - just strange devilish grins walking about that night. After Porterville was the Randies with their new drummer and then The Fizzi