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Katie the Pest - Tropic Of Cancer

Stuck at work on the day after xmas listening to Katie the Pest , which makes it alright. Seeing Ms. Talia Rose and friends play a show is even a better thought considering the band was offically put to rest a few months ago.  Not always perfect, yet the perfectly wonderful Katie the Pest plays the Prospector on Decemeber 30th, so consider it a rare (and hopefully not last) chance to catch the band. It will probably cost you five bucks. It will positvely make you smile.

North Hollywood @ 7AM

From last month, B took this wonderful shot on the way to work after the rain had pass through. As for me, I thought about giving up on this space. Work keeps me busy, her sock less feet are there for me to find each night. Life is good. I still have words...and blog.