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In conversations about relationships I tend to toss in the saying "timing is everything." In a fluid bowl of people meeting and connecting, two individuals would need to be looking for the same thing at the same time, creating traction towards relationship establishment. What I'm offering is nothing I can't afford to lose Simply you have to be in the same place mentally, emotionally, and willing to risk some kind of loss. You'll never leave empty handed, be it love and partnership, or a hobo stick of regret wrapped in red and white handkerchief. Anyhow my this random driving to the bank thought was if you're swimming (making an effort) in this social bowl of people and you connect with someone, wouldn't that also lead to the path of least resistance? Wouldn't the phrase "falling for someone" imply little effort? Sorry, this is obviously not well thought out - my timing must be off.


Have you ever meet someone and then tried to explain the last five years of your life in fifteen minutes? I haven't done it in awhile, but it happen to me recently. I thought I was the only one who did that. Unrelated: So the cool police.. is looking for a (non Westside) bar that has weekly trivia contests/quiz bowl like up in San Francisco. If you can help her click here Enjoy the Disney weirdos lovers ( message board . Hot topics include: The Owl on Splash Mountain is Now Talking and Fun or Funny: The Jungle Cruise Controversy Thanks again for reading my boring blog


I want to go to the zoo, but the billion degrees this weekend will keep me away. I like Monkeys. Soon I will see you little monkeys. Yeah and it's also the end of Sea Lion Summer

Chicken who?

xTracyx asked yesterday if if anyone was excited for the new Wallace and Gromit movie. Hell yes I am! Opens October 7th, though odds are I'll see it on the 17th. Haven't seen too much advertising on the regular 1-13 channels, I assume most of the focus is on kiddie cable channels, so I hope it does well. Now if I can only figure out how to make a W&G Halloween costume.

santa fe street.

Body temperature before popping four Advils: 101 --- Perfect for driving home in traffic. Finally went to have my tire fixed after driving on the spare this week. Corey remarked how I was one of those people he's scared to drive next to on the freeway. In my defense I hold up my record for zero accidents in the16 years of driving compared to his how many now? Sometimes I’m afraid to drive with Corey, and I see now that the feeling is mutual. Stuffed face with a double crunch zinger sandwich (which sounds like a cool sex toy * if you dropped off the sandwich part), showered, sped down the 60 almost missing the Santa Fe Exit underneath the interchange. Very tricky placing by Cal-Trans where the exit is a half mile before the actually street location. Sorry to the people I cut off. [ * I guess you can buy one here (Maybe NSFW ) ] Made it in plenty of time, with plenty of parking around that block where Hangar 1018 and a lock out for bands were located. Chatted with LR and A and T

One Friday I'll go

Okay how lame am I for just discovering how amazing Jon Brion is? I've heard of him of course, but only recently listened to some tracks sitting in my iTunes. Stream a couple songs on his myspace page here A little bit of his bio from the IMDB. Performs an immensely popular, semi-improvisational cabaret act at L.A.-based nightclub Largo , every Friday night. Music producer/composer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He collaborated and/or produced albums of Aimee Mann, Fiona Apple, Rufus Wainwright, David Byrne, and the Eels.

dreaming while sick

Avoidance is driving around on a beanie tire for three days. Joy is painting for the first time in...years. I wasn't online, the television never started, and I skipped Kiss or Kill last night. Strange to be in bed by eleven. Two nights ago I twisted up in my comforter, waking up every two hours to my roommate's TV. He must have fallen asleep with his television unit blaring through my closet, two am, four am, six am, still on. Last night I dreamt about partying with strangers (well let's just say they were strangers) in Vegas. We were drinking in my room at the MGM Emerald Tower. This girl wanted to do coke I said go ahead, have fun. No I was cool; I had my rum and coca-cola to hold me. She leaned over to do her thing, my glass held up to my forehead cooling my temples as I watched. I have no idea why I was dreaming this last night. [Cocaine imagery courtesy of bad episodes of Miami Vice and Nyquil - I've never seen coke in my life actually]

I did my Kevin Art last night

Tomorrow night, Midway is throwing a party, art show, and special performances featuring Vagrant Vinnie and the Instigators , Soda & His Million Piece Band and Bang Sugar Bang in honor of Kevin's FAVORITE city, NEW ORLEANS!!!! We've transformed HANGAR 1018 into Bourbon Street!! You can visit Cafe Du Monde and have a Beignet with your Cafe Au Lait OR have a famous Pat O'Brian's Hurricane to drink. We'll have Midway Mardi Gras beads andall sorts of other surprises comin' out of the bayou (maybe even some pirates...) ALL PROCEEDS from this event will go to the RED CROSS KATRINA RELIEF FUND, but this may not ease Kevin's broken heart and gloom after seeing his favorite city go through all this torment. How else to cheer him up??? We'll have the long-awaited and much-anticipated DRAW KEVIN CONTEST!!!! To enter this contest, feel the inspiration his soothing keyboard lines bring to you and maybe do some "pointing and ooohing" in the mirror, th


I'm a little sick today, and not every other week Chicken Little sick. Really it's true. Nose is running, cloudy thoughts hover in front of my eyes, but at least I can eat today without the following ten minutes of uneasiness I've been experiencing. So I just wanted to say a little thank you for reading these boring posts. That's all. A special thanks to those lurkers I don't know. My friends read it to be nosey, but I can't imagine why strangers would want to. I need to lay off the speed cold medicine and finish my ad for work.


Imperial Hwy almost to Norwalk @ 7.30 AM Stopped at the longest light in the world, I peep back into my rear view mirror and watch two silhouettes step out of the vehicle a couple cars behind me. These Yogi and Boo Boo guys walk up in my direction, one of each side of the car behind me, veering to my right at the last moment. Yogi Bear starts yelling at the delivery truck next to me, pulling on the door handle to open it. The door pops opens an inch or two then closes, opening again for a leg to make an appearance. The shouting continues between Yogi and truck driver while Boo Boo hangs back calling out out the driver. Of course I turn the radio down to listen. After a little prodding the driver jumps out and it becomes a shoving match behind my car. Trucker has a friend and he pops out, coming around from the front of the truck. Punches are thrown, Trucker does some kicking, more punches, then some wrestling like circus bears waddling around in circle taking wipes at each other. Boo

moaning post

I had a flat this Friday, not that big of a deal normally, except I managed to snap the stem as I was removing a lug nut. Wonderful. More money that I don't have. I'm getting sick of tires, my numerous flats, gas prices, traffic. If I wasn't getting such a good price on rent I would move closer, but why pay what I'm currently paying for far less space in a worse neighborhood? Even with the gas savings I would nearly be at the same spot I am now. We'll see if Just Tires can fix my problem and/or hopefully replace it under the service plan I paid for. Good chance the obscene amount of miles I've put on my might have over shot the plan limitations, which will force me to pay out of pocket. Grr. I have 99,700 miles on my car as of last night. That means I'm doing @ 25-30,000 miles a year. Yikes! Oh I'm sick again, spending the weekend sleeping, not getting my tire fixed, and writing stuff for the other blog. Sometimes I wish no one knew about this one then

good morning Craigslist MC

I wonder if she really posted this? > missed connections > Sarah Silverman Seeks Moody Bearded Guy - w4m Sarah Silverman Seeks Moody Bearded Guy - w4m Reply to: Date: 2005-09-25, 11:53PM PDT Saw you at Barnes and Noble, reading Judy Blume books. You are HOT. I want you to punch me in the back. this is in or around Jewland no -- it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests 99984854

the scene last night

still editing Sat in traffic for an hour to Glendale on Thursday, 30 minutes longer than it needed to be. Annoyed I jumped off the One Ten at the Sixth Street exit, rolling down Beaumont past the never to be finished Beaumont Learning Center. A quick left up some street past the one of the many towing companies (shakes fist) I see in this area, and over the One-O-One through Echo Park. I tire of navigating through vague recollections of which street points my way, what turn connects to me, to my car, to this road with fifteen miles to go. A brief conversation with the roommate who seems to no longer hate me, followed by the dog walking and chatting thing with my friend afterwards. The chats are always interesting and my advice remains to go ahead and kiss the guy, and enjoy the moment. What doesn't kill you will make crumble into a ball and cry for awhile I always say and that's not at all helpful advice she replies. Okay I never said that last part. In short order, we later w

Tuesday on Thursday

I want to write first about how I ate too much Del Taco that night because we had an extra taco and were going to offer it to the homeless person outside, but he disappeared. So I ate it. We did drive around for a few minutes looking at him, so I don’t feel bad. Fat maybe, but remorseful, nope. We picked up Katie and made the mile drive to see Sara Radle play solo at Tangiers. The three of us sat together talking and we debated saying hi to Sara on the other side of the room. When it was mentioned that I should ideclined with rationale that I already creep people out, no need to make that impression worse. At one point we went back out to the car to get a sweater for Katie and waste a little time since we were early. Back in we still had the whole back corner on the left to ourselves so we decided to sit eight feet away from each other to be dumb. Sara started a couple minutes later so I stay put during her solo set while Katie and Cortney scooted closer to each other as more eventu

Midway + Fishbone = Fun

You know I love Midway, I love the Scene Bar, and I've never seen Fishbone live (you didn't know that of course) so this should be a great show no matter how you cut it. I hear it is also Emily's birthday show. September, 22 2005 at Scene Bar w/ FISHBONE!!! 806 E. Colorado, Glendale, CA 91205 Cost: $10 featuring: MIDWAY - Zombi - Fishbone

cheap ol grump

Last night I remembered that I had screening passes for the new Jenny McCarthy movie Dirty Love on Monday night. Eww Jenny McCarthy you're thinking, and you're right to question why I would go to a movie that will surely bomb. First it was free, and secondly I just wanted to check out the Cinerama Dome where it was playing at, too lame to actually pay to see a movie there. Not surprising coming from the person who waited to see Star Wars at the dollar cinema though that would've been the perfect movie to see on the Dome's giant screen earlier this year. Movies and where they played at used to matter when I was younger, but at this point it is hard for me to justify spending the extra money I currently have little of on a potentially sub par movie experience with stupid people unable to understand that they aren't in their fricking living rooms. Even if I was watching a DVD at home with friends or family I want them to shut the f--k up too. I watch movies to lose

I need to get to Italy

Artists erect giant pink bunny on mountain From the press release: Rabbit The things one finds wandering in a landscape: familiar things and utterly unknown, like a flower one has never seen before, or, as Columbus discovered, an inexplicable continent; and then, behind a hill, as if knitted by giant grandmothers, lies this vast rabbit, to make you feel as small as a daisy. The toilet-paper-pink creature lies on its back: a rabbit-mountain like Gulliver in Lilliput. Happy you feel as you climb up along its ears, almost falling into its cavernous mouth, to the belly-summit and look out over the pink woolen landscape of the rabbitĂ­s body, a country dropped from the sky; ears and limbs sneaking into the distance; from its side flowing heart, liver and intestines. Happily in love you step down the decaying corpse, through the wound, now small like a maggot, over woolen kidney and bowel. Happy you leave like the larva that gets its wings from an innocent carcass at the roadside. Such is

check back later

Stuck in meetings today, but I have a couple half finished posts for later. [tonight] Going to cram some food in my mouth before the next meeting with our crackhead sales rep Sylvia. Should be interesting. Hey M., I swear that DB was at Kiss or Kill last night. DJCZ even thought it looked like him. You missed him by a week.

Thunder, Lighting, Strike

The thunderstorm woke me up at 3 am this morning. I laid there listening to the thunder roar over my house, timing the shortening delay between thunder and lighting to mark it's progress overhead. Drifted from sleep to wide awake, dreaming about music playing on the radio in my car and how I would kick someone’s ass with my supernatural ninja skills that this non-lucid state bestowed on me. I was honored to be given ninja secrets and promised the thundering gods to use them for only good ass kicking and maybe a little girl impressing too. A blue flash from miles away illuminated my backyard through the sheer drapes my Ex had left me and the house with. I rolled quickly out of bed with ancient powers, snapping up onto my feet, fully aware of the darkness and what hid in it. It felt good to be a ninja again.

Too late movie reviews

I love going to the dollar cinema, so instead of torturing you folks with another I have crush and a pic of DG is still my background image, blah blah blahness , I'm going to give you my take on the last two movies I saw on the cheap. Reviews given without regard for insightfulness and with the assumption that you already seen these films. Madagascar The lemurs were great especially King Julian as played by Sacha Baron Cohen (Da Ali G Show - he is Ali G) . Every one talked about the penguins, but they are so not funny. Guess the kids and retards like them. Dreamworks animated films will never be on the same level or quality of an average Pixar film. They play more for the lowest common demoniator of the viewing public, releasing quanity over quality. This doesn't hurt Madagascar because the movie hits enough jokes, sight gags, and movie references to keep feeling fresh. It's more topical than groundbreaking, keeping with old WB cartoons compare to Pixar's goal for timel

Another one gone

Park Theater: 1941-2005 Loyal fans turn out for single-screen cinema's last hurrah Sad to read that the Park theatre in Lafayette is closing down. Before all the multiplexes came to central Contra Costa County, this little one screen was the closest place to catch a movie in the art house circuit. Traded a lot of free shows there with us at Festival - Walnut Creek. Ccorey/ Monica, did you guys ever work there or was that at the Grand Lake in Oakland? Read the article here (via

driving this morning

Prius drivers suck. They don't accelerate on the freeway just to up the miles per gallon they so smugly enjoy. Don't they know that actually hurts the mileage? . Oh must get 50 miles to a gallon, lets drive really slow. F--king get off the freeway! City driving is actually better for your hybrid with the power regeneration from braking. Stop wasting my time getting to work by hogging up the freeways. Oh damn you too for getting to use the carpool lane you single rider f--k. That said, I want one too. Woke up at 7.30 this morning, first thought is I'm not going to make it to work by 8 am. Made the 38 miles by 9 somehow and following my already rough start, I dropped my coffee within 10 feet of walking inside. Great. These are the things I think of while stuck in traffic: Scene: guy and girl driving. A new couple on a road trip Guy cell rings. He looks down to read the display but doesn't answer it She: Who is it? Guy: It’s my friend Bill She: Don't you want to ta

only crickets today

The blogsphere is dead today. Why isn't anyone posting? hmm. I bought my one ticket to riches and I'm starting to day dream how I would buy and sell all you in an instant. I mean how I can share the wealth with my fellow humans. yeah thats it.

much too much

This post is taking in water… Friend wanted onion rings and she wanted them bad. "Whatever," I said and she aimed her little car to this burger joint on Central she kept driving by all week. All greasy burger stands must have good onion rings we figured and when I saw that it was long ago converted Taco Bell, how could we go wrong? Hamburger Central is the place to eat, let me tell you. Great rings and fries, good burgers, clean, decent prices and overall yummy. The back of the post starts to dip into KorK stuff. Lower the boats. M. was in town midway on a Las Vegas/Disneyland trip so it is decided to meet up at the Echo for her first to visit to KorK. I want to go every week, but originally planned on skipping this night to get some rest. With her arrival I now had an excuse to bounce around to Porterville, Bang Sugar Bang, and check out Kill Radio. On the way there in the little car, I suggested that she should paint “Le Car” on the side, but she didn’t remember them and i

2.5 hour apple store adventure

Warning: another pointless, lame post My friend needed help with her ongoing iPod battery problem (it doesn’t charge) so after a quick dinner we camped out at the Genius Bar for assistance. We were warned that without an appointment, to expect a wait of at least an hour, so we screwed around on message boards, checking email and such for awhile. Behind a blob of customers and Apple clerks awaited a glimpse of the new iPod Nano. "Look. She's holding one right there." Damn the iPod Nano is tiny. Visualize drooling on my part. Yeah I knew it was smaller than a pencil and all that jazz, but it is seriously the size of a stack of business cards. I wish I could justify buying one, but my budget won't allow it and absolutely don't need it. No. I need at least a 20 gig model. Reminded me of this parody from a few months ago: The iPod Flea (wmv-video) Nice little article on the Nano in the NY Times (free registration required) and/or you can watch an amusing video repo

Sara Radle Show!

Hey guys... I'll be playing my first show since moving out here in June. It's solo/acoustic, only 5 buckaroos, and I go on early (8:30pm). I'd love to see some of you L.A. peeps there! Here's the flyer...

Bummed for a couple reasons

So its official. Megan and Kelly are leaving The Randies and Laura and Sienna will continue the band. I know nothing as to the reasons behind any of this, but as they say, change is good. Wishing Megan and Kelly great success for whatever the future holds for them. While The Randies was a big part of their lives lately, in the end it is just a band, and by no means defines a person's place in life. A bummer still. When I was shopping at Albertsons last night, I kept crossing paths of these two young girls in their early 20s who kept giggling. I didn't know what was up with them and continued my shopping adventure. The third time I heard them say, "oh he's OLD" and ran off laughing. Maybe they wanted to sell me something, but I didn't fit into the age group they were targeting. It had to be the converse high tops that threw them off. As much as I try to deny it, I'm old and I've been old for a long time sadly. Until last night I never considered 32 (

yeah, so?

I make up words, and it drives my friends nuts.

Cherry coated lips.

I turned around in the bar stool to the tapping on my shoulder. "Hey" "Oh. Hi!" She stood behind me in a short black skirt, matching tights, with a fitted white blouse; upper half unbuttoned revealing a black tank top underneath. Not my thing normally to do, I looked her up and over, stopped when my eyes reached her knowing smile. My focus jumped from smile to acknowledging look from the corner of her eye. She looked great holding the high ground and quite tall with her heeled boots. Quickly focusing back on the jukebox she was facing. “Help me pick out a song on the jukebox." I leaned over alongside her watching her fingers drift across the keypad, listening to the mostly hand written selections flop over. “Ooh how about some Black Flag?” “Black Flag is always good.” Looking up I received another dropling of a smile from her sugary coated lips, a sweet cheery flavor imagined under the gloss. “Which song do you want?” I was in trouble. “Oh. I don’t know.” If o

shoot me

Her: Which printer is it? Is it Epson LQ 1050? Me: No, it's listed as Epson Invoices and as Invoices/Orders under the description. Her: So it's not Epson LQ 1050? Me: No. You're going to have to add it. The gimp of the hamster running through her head just passed out. Her: I have to add...? Me: Go to Start menu, Printers and Faxes and click on "add printer" Her: Start Menu? (long pause) Um okay... I hang up not knowing if anything else was coming out of that big gaping hole. I know for a fact she knows how to do it, as I have shown her many times, so why does she try to make me walk her through it? I'm sick and cranky. Can't you tell?

no movie, but blueberries

Last week I tried to making it out for a screening of The Baxter and stood in line waiting for our friend to bring back food from the Mexican place across the street. Some pushy mom of the two young teenagers behind us was determined to get in without waiting and went ahead to haggle, whine and demand to jump ahead. After five minutes our line started to move and we caught up to the mom annoyed that the screening was already full and the crowd was left with t-shirts and hats for the craptastic movie The Skeleton Key. Glen was still across the street securing food, figure we might as well make a dinner out of the cancelled effort. Before I continue with another lame story, let me tell you a few things: Now I’m Hispanic, born to a New Yorker (with family ties to Spain) and my mom is from Guatemala. I cannot speak Spanish. - I can’t even count to ten in Spanish, but I do understand it in context. I can count easily in German My mom’s Chinese food was better than anything Mexican she tried

RSS feeds

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What have I've done

I've been struggling to write stuff and get work done at the same time for the last few days. At home my free time is spent watching the news about the damage in New Orleans and how the US has screwed up in its response. Had some great conversations with friends and strangers over what and who got screwed, admittedly biased in our liberal, indie, Californian viewpoints. My friend had some interesting and bombastic remarks concerning the situation: ... and this is why I hate America ...It's all about money...They're going to take all the land from the poor people and give it to big business. ..I wouldn't do it, but I'll be the first person to stand up and applaud if someone "took him out" While I wouldn't phrase things that way, we both really hate Bush. Anyhow, I've been too lazy to transcribe all the notes I've written into posts, and the few that I have completed went to the other blog. Did I mention not being snubbed by Ogirl on Tuesday? Rea

I'm not above hinting for my b-day

Do you have anything booked for October yet? robert dean | Homepage | 09.07.05 - 2:54 pm | # We're gonna try for one big show in October.. you got any ideas? Jason | 09.08.05 - 4:55 pm | # Jason....I think you could squeeze in a show between my left nut and right nut in October. Interested? If so next time you see me ask to speak to my agent....[zip] Dan | 09.08.05 - 8:31 pm | # Oct 21 st would be nice... I want Midway to do a cover of sweet child of mine with Cortney singing. ALSO Have a few other bands join midway as dressing up/playing as other real bands. well like the first three songs of each set. midway could do all GnR songs and another band can do cyndi lauper songs or whatever band. I don't care. AND have audience dress like Kevin night again. AND a pony so it can suck on Dan's nuts. No, the other way around. Wait that's really wrong. robert dean | 09.09.05 - 12:19 am | #

book cover contest

Tony Pierce at the Bus Blog is having a little contest this week in search of a cover for his upcoming book "Stiff". Feel free to pass it along or make a cover yourself. More info at his post I made a very simple cover using a couple low rez pics, one I took at KorK and the other stolen from DJ Cheese Zombie of the cigarette machine located at the Continental Room in Fullerton. There is a link to the gallery in the post link above and a $66.66 cash prize too.

Can we build it?

During my early Sunday morning cartoon watching I discovered one of my favorite comedian’s dirty secret. The highly intellectual comic Greg Proops is now Bob the Builder. The brilliant member of the original British series “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” and the decent American version now voices a squat little hard hat wearing, know it all construction worker. I really don’t have a problem with this as everyone has to pay bills and Bob is an established force on the children’s circuit and you never know how it's all going to pay off either. As freshman in high school (@ 1986), my friend and I would visit this local bar located in a desolate shopping center called Fubars in Pleasant Hill to watch local comics pass through. Before the boom of Punchline comedy clubs throughout the Bay Area, most comics played at local out the way places when not in the mecca of comedy, the city of SF. I remember seeing Dana Gould (now ex. producer of the Simpsons), Larry “bubbles” Brown, one half of the t