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not looking good

So I've been dealing with crack screen for a few weeks, watching it slowly spread from the bottom right corner to what you see now. Without my hand pinching the screen all one would see is white snow. It's not really all that fun to use a computer like this so I just haven't as my lack of blog posts this month shows. Oh well I hope there will be some great Black Friday sales this weekend. You'll probably find me around 5 AM at the Frys Electronics in Concord (yup I'll be up in the Bay Area for 2.5 days) fighting the crowds. For now I'm going to continue this experiment of living IRL a bit longer. maybe I'll win the lottery too.

Guess where this guy was conceived

Today my Co-worker mentioned in conversation that she used to watch this kid that drove her up the wall back when she was pregnant many years ago. There was nothing wrong with the kid of course but pretty much everything annoyed her during her pregnancy. Everyday she would watch the kid for her friend as a kind gesture. Everyday she resented this kid's existence. She feels bad about it now but when he asked to watch the Power Rangers she often denied him in favor of watching her favorites. Pregnancy was ugly on her. "Oh do you know the best part?" she asked and answered, "His parents named him Sheraton." "Like the hotel?" "Yeah the Sheraton Waikki. They went to Hawaii on their honeymoon." "Noooo. I call BS on this name!" "No really! I'm friends with him on Facebook. And there he was. Waikiki is spelled differently, but still wow.

swords and tigers and cheese

i'll leave it at that, afraid to lose myself to words again. over-thinking will be the end of me. (ha. this would make an amusing line on my gravestone) I'm sick and have strange dreams, plus too much on my mind to work through. right now. swords and tigers and cheese, indeed.