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Kiss or Kill 2007

[I hope this year is better: Cooper is booking again = good thing] The first Kiss or Kill of 2007 will be starting on their new night (Wednesday) at the same old location Safari Sam's. Also new is the kissorkillclub blog . What is the same is the website and myspace . I would normally say look for this sign on Sunset Blvd. this Wednesday: But it looked liked this yesterday (burnt): Anyway the line up is as follows: The Automatic Music Explosion 9:30-10:00, The New Fidelity 10:15-10:45, Silver Needle 11:00-11:30, Underwater City People 11:45-12:15, Midway 12:30 no midway :( KorK is still booking the first three acts before Metal Skool on the first Monday on every month . Feb 5ths show (get in free info the kork site) line up is: Steel 9 pm, The Letter Openers 10 pm, Porterville 11pm, and then (who cares) Metal Skool at midnight. Porterville is so frigging fun live but what will the not so broad minded rock fans (not all rock fans are like this of course) think of this

I dont know why I bother

If you read this only through RSS feeds, please ignore that last post (already deleted) since I'm obviously confused, if not flat out retarded. Mish-mashing different posts together will result in unexpected results. Anyhow I'll be back on Monday - have to leave early and make a turn around drive to Laguna Beach right now. Traffic = no joy.

things in the stew

I can't believe Thursday is here already. Posts I'm working on: -Jessica Dobson show review of sorts -The spaces between my toes -Things I can learn from my friend Corey (J. Owens & Corey circa 1992) I'll probably be here tonight: New Fidelity at Three of Clubs, Hollywood Lavender Diamond @ Safari Sams The Softlightes @ The Silverlake Lounge Sitting alone @ my couch Could go either way.

Cheap eats at Old Spag Fac tonight

(I'm still looking for more info on this) The Old Spaghetti Factory on Sunset Blvd is having a promotion to celebrate their anniversary* (I think - I was half awake when I saw this on the news this morning) with six selections of spaghetti with a rolled back price of 2 bucks a plate (vs 8-10 bucks). I know this runs from 5-10 pm tonight, and maybe tomorrow too. Cheap food + sitting in the old trolley car = golden *they opened jan 10th 1969 so they're a little late.

today is tuesday

radiofree silverlake has a better list than I do for the whole week so I'm just going add (and repeat) a few things: Jessica Dobson @ The Prospector $3 10pm (see flyer) with Ghost Town Jenny and Cavil at Rest Also it might be the only venue with a stage smaller than the Lava Lounge in Hollywood. Caroline (who is more swell than I could ever be) on Crack wrote about this thing already but since my friend Corey is bugging me to go I'll mention it again: Comedy Death Ray show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre with special host Patton Oswalt, special guest Sarah Silverman and only five bucks (limited tickets at the door - maybe.) Hell Ya! night at the Echo with Birdmonster, Wired All Wrong, The Drawing Board (see flyer) Radio Free Silverlake presents: Tigers Can Bite You, The Black Pine, Let's Go Sailing. (see flyer) The Waking Hours , Bang Sugar Bang, Get Set Go @ Key Club - Free The Waking Hours have been closing out their sets this last year with an am

I just wanted this weekend daze to be over with

5.45 am this morning: My coffee mugs holds 2 cups if filled to the Brim . My coffee mug is never filled to that point and this morning wasn't any different . This morning I sat by my wall heater drinking my 1.5 cups of coffee of the day. This is all I ever drink coffee wise but six cups of soda is possible every other day; maybe three cups if you average it out. I was in mood Friday night (couldn't you tell?) and thought it better to drink one cup of wine before bed. Skipped the Midway show, skipped the last Mormons show ever (playing with 8 Bit and only two blocks walking distance) and neither was enough to forget my one cup of wine as I sat by the space heater. Saturday night I went out to the Saturday Double Feature at the ACME Comedy Theatre by myself for some sketch comedy. Loved the actor who played the Dentist in Bravo company show and was quite amused by the short form skits put on by Charlie company which were a little more silly in nature. I was looking forward to

overnight lows - the breaks

Artist: Overnight Lows Song: The Breaks youtube link Some of you fellow kiss or kill-ers don't like this band - a little too poppy - too much use of a backtrack, etc. Whatever I like them. I like pop. There, I said it. I've been seriously digging their new song Castle in the Sand on my newest mix cd lately: sounds more like them during a show than some of their album tracks = a good thing.


Please keep me away from myself. I've been day dreaming again and I finally figured out the why. It's times like this that I foolishly think I want a girlfriend. The idea I can handle having one is ridiculous and explains that I haven't had a date with a complete stranger in almost two years. I just don't date. Then again I swore that I didn't do the Funky Chicken dance either but my current header pic above shows my head (with a confetti speck) right there on New Years doing just that. So I'm just full of it. I need a drink I think. A quick snag of a drag of a lip sticked rimmed cigarette maybe. Or not. I don't smoke, I don't smoke anymore I remind myself. Ideally she doesn't either. "Ideally" - I think that is my problem right there. Ideally is tall/short/blond/black hair blue/brown eyed artsy, smarty singer/writer/painter/welder? female who (and this is the kicker) is willing to put up with my crap. I'm fucking losing my mind this w

I want to go to Vegas

Boy I needed to recover after posting such a hilarious post on Tuesday. Ouch I hurt still. Um more like working consecutive 10hour days wore me out enough so that I missed my two favorite bands, New Maximum Donkey and Midway on Tuesday night. Did catch the Submarines at the Echo on Monday but that's it for the week so far. Tonight I'll make up with it a Los Abandoned set at Amobea at 7 sharp. If I'm up for a drive there is a good line up at the Detroit Bar with Philistine! , Venus Infers , and The Randies ...not Monsters are Waiting as originally listed. Speaking of which they ( MAW ) announced a Safari Sams show with Stellastarr* the night before their Troubadour date - and its cheaper too ($10). I've been thinking about hitting people for a ride to Punk Rock Bowling in Vegas this weekend, but the Black Fag / Me First and the Gimme Gimmes show is on Sunday night and I do have to show up at some point for work on Monday. Joe and Flaco from Pu$$y-Cow are going to


January 16, 2007 - Only one day after Los Angeles ABC affiliate KABC announced "LIVE MEGA DOPPLER 7000 HD," an upgrade of weather forecasting hyperbole never before seen in a city already know for over-hyping brushfires to near apocalyptic proportions, the next donkey punch to KCBS, KCAL, and KNBC has been leaked out to the blogsphere. LIVE WHOPPER DOPPLER 7000 TO THE THIRD POWER is the new collaboration between national fast food chain Burger King and KABC. Not content with the over population of McDonalds and Western Regional heavyweight Jack In The Box locations, Burger King felt it needed to be able to turn over drive-thru service faster than the competition by thinking out of the box. By teaming up in this first regional test of Eatery Doppler Technology (EDT), Burger King hopes to predict orders before the customer reaches the menu board saving the company money with reduced mistakes, serving times, and eventually the costs of maintaining up to two boards per locat

we are just slightly evolved primates

We all have our vices, our interests, our little kinks. I am no different than you though I only play one on TV. Some days I wished this was anonymous. Some days I wish I could confess. Boy have I done some dumb things in my life. This morning I worried about a stranger: Been there. Done that I would say. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Some days I wished I was younger. This morning the internets offered up a new picture and I swooned* ~~~~~~~~~~~ Spent Saturday at the zoo with my scarf wrapped around my neck and hands inside my jacket. We stood by this Dad and his two kids watching a group of deer related animals watch us, probably curious as to why these creatures were staring at them as they ate. I don't really know if this is true; I'm not deer related. The dad and kids walked slowly along the pen and the deer related animals started to track them with suspicion. We continued behind them. Dad picks his son up for a better view over the fence. "Look, they're watching us. You see? They

Real Food Daily

If you've read this blog long enough, you'll already know that I have special place in my heart for meat. Specifically the bacon and swiss hamburgers that I try to use as comfort food. Often I find a double bacon cheeseburger from Jack in the Box makes a fine substitute for loneness when in a pinch. So I thought I might change it up a bit and forgo my slurry relationship with my local drive-thru and enjoy dinner with someone who thinks I might be interesting and worthwhile. Well at least potentially interesting and worthwhile. Her choice was Real Food Daily ( site ~ yelp ), a well know vegan restaurant in West Hollywood she liked to bring her meat eating friends to. Lucked out with parking in front and were seated immediately in the nearly full restaurant next to the giant yellow painting in the back. Our waiter was friendly as we started off with Nori Maki rolls (just alright) as a starter and very helpful with suggestions when ordering our entrees, such as switching out t

Katie is Golden

Artist: Katie The Pest Song: Golden Why: A hopefully less rare performance by Talia Rose will occur on Friday night @ The Blue Cafe in Whittier. Maybe you can buy a shirt while you're there that reads "I'm Whittier than you are." I'm kind of sad I didn't the last time I was in that hood. myspace / website / youtube link

Jessica Dobson at the Prospector ** jan 23 **

From her myspace: "the record is finished (and soon to be released) and this will be the first show since then. please do come! **an all ages show is coming very soon" Jessica Dobson January, 23 2007 at The Prospector 2400 E 7th St, Long Beach, 90804 Cost : $3 (21+) (that is an old pic that I found online) Update: Date was changed to the Tuesday the 23rd!

boring things

1) The council has spoken and a change to the banner has been made. (see comments on previous post) 2) Hey it's national de-lurking week ( link @ but I already know a good portion of people who read this and I'm not sure how much de-lurking will be revealed today. I can only guess at the handful of regulars that actually click through daily. I like you strangers the best; you're a probably as big as a blog voyeur as I am. ...anyhow if you want to de-lurk, cool. 3) music is not agreeing with me lately So I wasn't feeling all that great last night before I went out for a show and a couple hours later I wished that I just stayed home instead. Walking nearly a mile to the venue - uphill - didn't help a set that bored me out of my mind. I had missed the more entertaining opener and I bailed when the line up was changed, placing the best band on last. So I saw only one band play. The boring one. I like this band but their live show is only a faint shadow

a post about upcoming shows this week

I'm sick, in a funk, etc etc. blah Monday: The Submarines start their Jan residency at the Echo. Tuesday: She's Your Sister plays a painfully early set (8pm) at the alterknit lounge $ 5 Get Set Go start their Ruby Tuesdays residency at the Key Club - free 1.09.07 with Kids of Widney High , the wonderful Underwater City People , then get set go, the ultra cool New Fidelity , and Teaneck 1.15.07 with MIDWAY !, Yes Dear , New Maximum Donkey, and the Electrolites 1.23.07 with Bang Sugar Bang , Waking Hours, Service Group 1.30 .07 with New Maximum Donkey , The Powercords , and The Hot Toddies (from the Bay Area) PHILISTINE! at Check Yo Ponytail @ Safari Sam's (w/ The Deadly Syndrome) $5 w/ rsvp Wednesday: Solare @ Safari Sams Cursive with the Parson Red Heads @ The Troubadour Thursday Club Yoostuh BeCool @ Old Towne Pub Pasadena, $5 Bands: Pu$$y-cow , the Waking Hours , the Black Comets and Chissum Worthington 8 Bit @ Safari Sams Skate/hip-hop/art/dinner/film night

I turned over in my bed

Inches away she smiled, she squinted, she continued singing though her intention wasn't to wake me up. "Hey" I whispered. Another smile and on to the next verse. Then I woke up. Stupid fucking nyquil.
I can't give you much maybe memories of frisbee games behind the lifeguard tower and throwing sand into the waves

Corey likes Meiko

Artist: Meiko ( myspace) Song: ? I'm not sure what song this is actually Why: Two reasons 1) she's playing a show tonight 2) raspy voices are sexy Small town Georgia girl who has played a few nights on the Hotel Cafe Tour, which I assume is where Corey saw her first. Corey has nose for cute, young girls. I mean Corey has a good sense for talent when he sees it. video link 01.03.07 @ Hotel Cafe , 8pm, with Noah Rothschild and Joe Purdy $5 01.15.07 @ Room 5 in Hollywood Songwriters in the round - with Sally Jaye, Jay Nash and Sonia Leigh 1.17.07 Crane's in Hollywood 01.26.07 @ The Gypsy Den in Santa Ana

I tend to miss things

The worst thing that happen to me between Thanksgiving and New Years was that this girl left for Vet School. At least I had a near proper goodbye before she left and even a decent picture was taken at her going away party (by Kevin of Midway). As long as I don't look directly into the camera I can avoid causing a horrific chain reaction of events starting with blindness, infertility and nuclear core meltdowns. Yeah that's my favorite Target sweater and I do look that tired all the time; so basically I look like shit. So lets see, in the two weeks off from work we got the three deaths out of the way, I finished off a couple books, went up to the Bay, went to the beach, but mostly spent a whole lot of time in my apartment doing a whole lot of nothing. The first book finished was If On A Winter's Night A Traveler . I liked this strange book (part of books?); If you don't like the use of flashbacks, you won't like this one even though flashbacks aren't use at all. L

The first odd moment of the year

One of my favorite drunken moments on New Year's Eve: "Is this the line?" she asked the three of us quite intoxicated (me) stoned (the guy next me) and the blond girl (cute), waiting in line to use the bathroom. She turned her focus from the group directly towards me. "Hey I'm so happy to see you!" I smiled and glanced outwardly, a little in disbelief, to my fellow bathroom line waiters who neither cared how this exchange was blowing my mind. A couple slight snubs in the past and I labeled future encounters as just to smile and walk away. "Why are you giving me a hug??" Really, I wanted to know why she now was hugging me. "Because I miss you!" "I'm pretty sure you don't even like me." "What? Of course I do." "Oh, okaaay then."