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Katie the Pest - Tropic Of Cancer

Stuck at work on the day after xmas listening to Katie the Pest , which makes it alright. Seeing Ms. Talia Rose and friends play a show is even a better thought considering the band was offically put to rest a few months ago.  Not always perfect, yet the perfectly wonderful Katie the Pest plays the Prospector on Decemeber 30th, so consider it a rare (and hopefully not last) chance to catch the band. It will probably cost you five bucks. It will positvely make you smile.

North Hollywood @ 7AM

From last month, B took this wonderful shot on the way to work after the rain had pass through. As for me, I thought about giving up on this space. Work keeps me busy, her sock less feet are there for me to find each night. Life is good. I still have words...and blog.
You are beautiful even when coastal hills burn and murk you up.


We had headaches on Saturday. Events slip off my calender, passing without my notice. It's been weeks of work and sleep and that is perfectly fine with me. I love my job, I love coming home and hugging B and how she closes her eyes. We go through our days as I walk in around 7pm, a good 12 hours after I left the apartment for work. I'm happy when I leave home* and happier still seeing the glow of her laptop around the corner. I'm a moth drawn in. * actually I take my sweet time leaving. trust me, I would rather be sleeping.

My friend Chissum as James Bond

Hi, I'm Chissum Worthington. As many of you know, I have a strong resemblance to Sean Connery. My personality also has an uncanny resemblance to the character of James Bond. Why doesn't Hollywood agree? I don't know. Let them make their stupid, mindless movies (The Bell and the Butterfly, The Savages, etc) while we eat it up. Fortunately, I have a computer. Here is MY James Bond movie. It should be better than Quantum of Solace, which opens this Friday. Gosh, my boner is HUGE when I think of this Friday. ( click here if you can't see the video ) Chissum on myspace .

a very buddha wedding

A few weeks ago we headed down to the Gardena Buddhist church for an old friend's wedding. Besides this being my first attendance to a Buddhist wedding, this was the first time I agreed to bring along a date.  The last few weddings I just went stag with my friend Corey since we all know the same people with the benefit of splitting gas on the way up to the Bay Area. This worked fine until at the last one when we where seated among a mutual friend and his new wife. Settling in after dinner and drinks, in that same false sense of familiarity one has with their mail carrier, she leaned over and asked us how long we had been a couple. In that moment I vowed to have real date next time. This also happened to be the great LA.metblogs blogger trek from the start of Western Ave in Los Feliz to its terminus at the Pacific Ocean . Something like 28 miles!!   So as we drove to the reception in Torrance we happen to drive by the last three walkers. "That's them!"

Protest against Prop 8 this SAT 6pm at Sunset Junction (Silver Lake) --

A.N.S.W.E.R. LA Emergency Protest & Rally - ALL OUT! No More Hate! Overturn Prop. 8! Equality for All! Same Sex Marriage Rights Now! This Saturday, November 8, 6pm Gather at Sunset Junction in Silver Lake Corner of Sunset Blvd. and Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles 90029 More info at: (I'm pretty sure this is a permitted, official event btw)


I have yet to fly Spirit airlines, which based out of Detroit makes it the first choice for my Michiganite GF due to some crazy, great deals. I’ve seen cross country flights range from literally pennies to under $100 on their often amusing web newsletters. Of course the catch is limited selection and a bare bones flight with no in-flight movie, having to pay for everything extra save for the bathroom, all the while crammed together with other cheapskates who put cheapness in front of personal comfort (and with increased odds, personal hygiene). Basically it’s the Walmart of airlines. Anyhow the newest email had this: Ochobama! With Fares From $8* Each Way Spirit, a Maverick in airline sales, brings you Ochobama! He's built his platform around bringing you low fares, from only $8* each way for $9 Fare Club** members. We're also offering many more great fares for everyone. Check out the low fares and save big today! All other sales Palin comparison. But hurry, the polls

this amuses me to no end

B: So you think I could fit through there? Me: ... .

October Joys

Hey you're back in town. So I've might have mentioned that October is the best month ever. This year has shaped out alright in my book. A list in no particular order: 1) My new job rocks. With each paycheck I receive a $20 gas card. Twice a week: free lunch. 2) Jessica Dobson (with Beck) on David Letterman!!  3) Ok this is about work again. Since I now interact with the purchasing department I often deal with vendor sale reps that come into work. Today I finally meet the one who part times in the world of porn (really). Mid to late 30s, 6 foot something with a grip of giant hands that frankly intimidated me. Everything screamed giant penis. As he stood up from the chair I swear that I and everything on the desk would be force pushed like droids blocking the path of Obi Wan. He'd be perfect for the porn version of The Office (there has to be one by now). 4) The Happy Hollows are releasing the great EP Imaginary today. Someone wrote that it was experimenta

September Luck

So I started a new job a few weeks ago. Again I find myself in the same industry (vitamins) with a very well known brand sold in a chain that rhymes with scmole schmoods. Again I have to remind myself that after 10+ years in this industry, I'm actually quite qualified to do this job. In the interview I was asked if my weaknesses (not having the educational background they were looking for) could be a problem. "No." I replied, "In fact, I've never been properly qualified in any of my previous positions." This got their attention. "I was hired into a marketing job (in this industry) without having a marketing degree. Before this I worked up from customer service to product manager of the same vitamin line. I know where I stand on paper and have always had to work twice as hard as the next guy; I have no choice but to do so."  It wasn't meant in cockiness or as a defensive reaction to the question, just a realization that it wasn

mr. Gnome at SilverLake Lounge tonight

Band: mr. Gnome Song: Night of the Crickets At the SilverLake Lounge  $8

Walking with Dinosaurs

In a land far, far away called the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles.... Man walked among inflatable palm trees and animatronic dinosaurs!!! Thanks to Tina  (who I totally remember from high school by the way) for offering Thursday night tickets up on the Mediabristo/fishbowl LA site. So how was it? Ashley and I had a great (Cheesy) time! Not surprisingly, it was as enjoyable and cheesy as one might think.  Sure it's all based on a BBC science show. But inflatable plants?  A baby t-rex hamming it up for the crowd? An over-sized cave lined with impossibly large teeth? No, what was surprising was the scene located in the Nokia plaza next door. A massive hotel convention party with three bands on top of Wolfgang Puck catered tables. I turned to my friend and asked "Was that crowd especially white or was that just my imagination? "Oh no, I noticed that too!" Our normal Los Angeles (diverse) crowd went from walking with dinosaurs to walking w

The Randies - Freezerburn

Wow, this video was a long time in the making - definitely worth the wait though. What I love about this song is how it sneaks up on you. Sometime around the second chorus...

Rest in peace Paul Newman, your legacy thrives

Overheard during brunch at Millie's : hipster girl 1:  Oh did you hear about Paul Newman this morning? hipster girl 2:   Who? hipster girl 1:  He was a famous old actor. hipster girl 2:   ??? hipster girl 1:   He created Newman's Own sauces and stuff. hipster girl 2: Oh, yeah him.  (said with total indifference)

I actually have shows to go to this week

Though I have a sore throat (is it allergies, a cold or is it memorex?) I have a 3 day spurt of fun shows to attend. You can choose your adventure: This Tuesday at Canters/Kibitz Room: If you haven't experience an Automatic Music Explosion show, stop by Canters as they wind down their 2 month residency (a rare thing in LA). Highly suggest getting there early for Audra Mae (amazing voice) with Also P-Cow closing the night out. FREE, 21+ This Wednesday at El Cid: Rob Z's Acoustic in the Garden of Gnome and Evil Always fun and always free - Rob's little shindigs brings out great local talent for a night of music, fun and drinks all wrapped within the shell of El Cid. This Thursday at the Viper Room: The Dollyrots , Calamity Magnet , and one of my favorites Looker from NYC

waiting waiting waiting

video post by Lorange on

chickens in love mural gone!

Sadly Echo Park's Chickens in Love mural painted by Cache has been painted over. I noticed the blank brown wall this morning around ten but didn't have a camera on me to take an updated picture. Looked like the uneven work of LA city employees as it might have been an un-permitted mural -Still searching the blogs to find more info on this. Photo taken from Cache's myspace page
Yeah I've been slacking over here but things have been zipping along on the home front. Now this home front will be moving from Echo Park to Los Feliz up the hill in the next week or two. Trading a quick access to taco trucks and downtown for fish taco stands,the bulk nut store and more hippies and actors. And yes this means I an now living with B. for those not keeping score at home. All part of the master plan, the Lots-o-changes that I promised to write about here, er, except that I haven't. Oh and those road trip updates? Until I get around writing up a summary with pics, you can look at the photos from my road trip on flickr: On another note, deadpan is not blogging anymore = sad face.

Hello from Las Vegas

I floated over my pillow. Well my head was down and my eyes open. Thinking how much was going change is just a few short hours. I awoke before my alarm on the cell phone rang, set for 5 AM. Made it to LAX by 7.15 for my 9am flight. I call this way to early. I pressed your speed dial code even knowing I would see your face, hold your hand, kiss your lips in just a few hours. We discovered that we've woke up at the same time today, despite the time zone between us. You sounded well rested, my sweetness. I've never flown to Vegas nor on US Airways and never from Terminal 1. I thought of you. The 15 below snaked through the clouds in glimpses. I thought of you again . Watching with the sun shade down the desert looked as if a felt blanket had replaced the sand and rocks and laid twisted by feet, and arms, and bodies. I thought it weird, this distortion from the thick cabin windows because I'm easily distracted like that. And I thought of how weird you are too.


So this Monday I will be flying off to Michigan with a nice 3+ hour layover (by choice) between LA and Detroit. While 3 hours is long for a domestic stretch, it's not just the $100 savings making it worthwhile. No, I'm the strange guy you likes the occasion layover. Between a restroom without lines and the ability to stretch my legs to be less jet lagged are all good benefits for the leisure traveler like myself, it doesn't hurt that my layover is in Las Vegas with slot machines and free wifi. Anyhow, I'm helping B in this little adventure we'll call:  2,177 mi – about 1 day 8 hours (nonstop - ah ahahahah. More like 4/5 days towing a car). The plan is to blog the trip which will be utterly fascinating or completely boring. Regardless we're going to have fun even if it doesn't translate on here.

Congratulations to Deadpan

on getting some twins oops wrong picture Much better. Deadpan over at The Factory Floor somehow convinced his wife that this would be a good idea. I think it's wonderful!  Congratulations!! (There's even pictures via the link in his post.)

There will be torn green fabric

Walking out the door of Kohls I started cursing to myself over the money I just spent. Really it was only 3 items but at 75 bucks I thought it much for 2 pairs of pants and a new green polo to replace the one I still have. You see, I despise the original, old green polo. It's not worn outside all too often and only when dirty laundry awaits a trip to the laundromat. You (or it this case my GF last week) wouldn't notice how this passable article to the untrained eye rots my soul away with it's faded, pit stained and deodorant burned innards each time I place my arms through the side holes, my bowling bowl head breached easily top side as if the strecthed collar was laced with butter . It looked good, well for the first year. By year 2 this shirt became the helpful crutch as I emerged from seclusion (divorced and very, very poor) into new social worlds. Like a middle school humpty dumpty, I was that guy who was learning to put myself all together again and not very
Somedays it's harder to notice the action on the street when blinded by beauty. Sell photos on photrade | By lorange

The Joy Formidable - Austere

Band: The Joy Formidable Song: Austere Why: If this song sound familiar, it was used for this video (not sure if this is NSFW, but let's say Parental Advisory for subject matter at least) that was making the rounds on the intertubes in April. I had originally stumbled across the song in February and besides thinking "damn that's catchy' (always a good start) I couldn't help but notice how the bass line is strikingly similar to Mahogany's song One Plus One Equals Three or More from 2004, which of course is probably inspired by a 20 year old song that I'm blissfully unaware of. Regardless, the other Joy Formidable songs are equally great and worth checking out. Anyhow they're doing the remix thing with their songs here and recommend the following bands: Half Tiger and the awesomely named Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Austere video by The Joy Formidable


If you haven't noticed, I've taken a break from posting the last few weeks to regroup and clear out a few thing in my life. And my desk at work. Yet I've been busy and now sit on top of a bunch of nearly finished posts to be um, posted. I will mentioned that I did see wall-e but instead if going into how great it was, let me tell/show you the first thing I just had to tell Becky about. It was that important. This little trailer placed before the movie better be everything it's advertised or all of our inner children will riot outside the gates of pixarland. Imagine the world of bollywood meeting anthropomorphic Disney animals! Am I the only one seeing the gold in this? Gold, I tell you. Gold!

what's not to like about this video?

THE BRIGHTON PORT AUTHORITY or just BPA (another Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim side project) with vocals by David Byrne, who I love, and Dizzee Rascal, who I'm unfamiliar with. Oh and blacked box nekid people. Song is called Toe Jam and super catchy indeed. hat tip to moving in stereo for cluing me in on this.


These are notes from last year found while cleaning out my back up drive. Going up to the Bay Area for a wedding , posted more for my amusement than anything else - so much has changed... drive up listening to a mix cd ida maria sounds like bjork (not really) Corey trying to catch flies in a paper bag they were picked up at junction 41, my half way point found the karabal nightlife album gets better after track three this sounds like they were hanging out with the happy hollows I like this and I only thought of Txxx once. the last wedding was months after the last separation and I asked her to go out of courtesy though not Cxxxx my brother had dinner and his house is the bachelor pad any guy would want. leather couches, big screen, a glowing faucet bartending lessons, cooking lessons paid off in a great dinner and spot on mixed drinks then Monica’s for bit got a haircut went to Kohls for undershirts i needed mom time country club wedding and read on Sonia lj that a old friend was wai

bad news

So if you haven't heard...the Star Trek Experience ride located at the Las Vegas Hilton is rumored to be closing this year. Oh the memories of over priced bad acting and an outdated simulator ride. I had a lot of fun doing it of course, but then again I'm bit of ST nerd. Yeah that's right. For your amusement - a well done ST TNG rap ( NSFW without headphones ) Oh and I found out yesterday that the LA office is being closed this week, meaning I'm job searching again... didn't this just happen to me last year? Yes. Yes it did . Yay go me. Hands down this was the best job/office I've ever worked at and as I can't go into details all I can say is that thankfully the Co-owner is handling the situation with grace and compassion. Oh well, that's business for you. Puts a damper on on the other good things going on that I promised, yet failed to write about. They're still happening just with slight modifications. more later.
At the not so secret Beck show down the block from me at the Echo: Oh that would be Jessica Dobson of Deep Sea Diver playing the guitar. So, so happy for her when I heard about this last month. Beck has a reputation for working with great musicians in his band and she's crazy talented. Sadly I didn't hear about the show until a hour after the fact of course. yay go me. Multimedia content via Michael Lambie , under Creative Commons license . Hat tip to LAist for posting this first.


This morning I leaned into the front of corner of my car and created a nice little dent. "Damn it. Why am I not surprised?" I commented to the week I've had; the dent was just one more thing. I slammed a closed fist on the top edge of the car and out pops the indentation. Story of my life I thought or at least hoped it was. I can handle this. I can handle this week. Turning I see the LA skyline and this creates a little grin. Yeah I can handle this place.

Thrushes - Heartbeats

Artist: Thrushes ( myspace / website ) Video/Song: Heartbeats Why: I'm in that kind of mood Upcoming shows that should be in Los Angeles, but are not: 6.13 Big Art Show Baltimore, Maryland 6.19 Artscape! Baltimore, Maryland Aug 16 2008 Athens Popfest! Athens, Georgia
Last week I saw a commercial for the new movie The Love Guru and thought two things: 1) Wow, Brendan Fraser is trying to be mike meyers (bad idea), 2) thus it might actually be 25% funny. The newest commercial I saw during SNL made it very clear that it was indeed Mike Meyers doing his same old shtick. (even worse idea) Come on, it kind of looks like him with a crazy hippie, Beatles went to India wig from afar. oh well, still not seeing it.

lorange blog food review no.1

McDonald's Southern Chicken Sandwich Conclusion: It ain't no Chick-Fli-A.

I left a town called Lorange

You see I like being that couple. The couple that meets one summer night in Silver Lake and falls in love despite living thousands of miles apart. It didn’t hurt that we shared the same mobile phone carrier. So I have been holding back telling you readers the conversations, the plans, the potential hi-jinks because the stories would be sappy in such a sickening way that a few of you will curl in disbelief and stomach propelled disgust. Yes it’s that sappy, and as this is my blog, my space, I plan on sharing some of them with you as time goes by. You don’t have to read them, you don’t have to like them; I really don’t care what you think to be honest. I’m happy. It has taken me many years of making mistakes, learning from them, and repeating them again to get to this point. In the past I’d placed myself in bad situations and took a few down with me. I’m sorry that I did. After my divorce I tried to act like I wasn’t the cold, fucked up asshole it (the process of divorce) made me into a

Rob Z'S Lounge Thing this Weds 5.14.08

ROB Z'S LOUNGE THING @ El Cid 9:30pm free! Rob Z and friends are doing the lounge thing again this Wednesday. Always fun. Always free Also with loungeified versions of tha bands PCow and Vermouth

Shower Thoughts: Alex - Part 1

Shower Thoughts is a collection of random memories that come to visit between the turn of faucets and the pull of the curtain. Many years ago a friend asked to borrow my silver mini Mitsubishi turbo diesel pick up. Reluctantly I agreed as he made it clear this would be the most important thing that I could ever do for someone I called my best friend. Outside the Concord BART station Will waited for me with his best happy face of the week on over the usual faded, green surplus pants and black henley shirt. The ever present knapsack was tossed on the floor of the cab. I asked him again where he was going, when he was coming back, all which thoroughly annoyed him. "I. I just need to do something in The City." "What?" "Look. I need to drive around and go somewhere. I just have something to do, okay?" "I take it you're not going to tell me then?" "Jesus Christ Robert! I'll be back tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Don't worry! I just need to d

weirdness this morning

In order of occurrence, not weirdness. month old laptop starts acting weird. can't type at random moments keyboard and track pad stop working completely I frustratedly close the lid and head for the shower I hear a grown man's voice outside yelling OW OW OW OW OW I casually think "hey maybe someone got hit by a car," but those are the only sounds I heard. No screeching brakes, no screams, nor sirens. I think nothing of it as I turn on the water. Leaving my apartment only to see this: There were a lot of people from the church across the street, hands clasped together, up to their chest or face. They look upon worried. A couple young men assisted with traffic control around the firetruck using the stop signs normally meant as additional auto guidance as the parishioners cross through the Glendale intersection. I worried about him too on my drive to work.
I've promised myself that a hour a day will be spent on this blog. Time for a revamp and some stories. Thank you so much for reading my little blog. Good things have been going on and I would like to share them. kthxbai.

Chalk it up

Sometimes I hate my job when it has me here late at night eating pretzels and brewing strong tea to stay awake. I'll end up missing a show because I'm just too worn out to deal with traffic/parking/late set times/evil chipmunks/etc. It's hit or miss if find myself in a club for a band on those nights anyhow; either grumping at every mistaken note played, still bitter when the bartender holds up eight fingers for a weak whiskey and coke. So I don't go. After watching this live clip of ROBOTANISTS I regret making that kind of choice, which is what happened for their LA show last month. (The music starts a minute into the clip, as the band is reacting to the live web feedback between songs) Check out more clips from this show from DeepRockDrive on ROBOTANISTS next show: 5.19.08 for Blue Comet Cafe (Private Show - Video Shoot) @ Temple Bar Email to join this free Hi-Def filming for

A big difference 5 months make

I honestly don't know how people enjoy living in snow. Late December - dead frozen leaves Late April - new leaves about to bud I have a bunch of photos on flickr but they still need to cropped and stuff with more to upload.

Hello from Michigan

There is nothing better after a long flight than to be greeted by a super cute girl with a hug, a kiss, a bottle of Vernors ginger soda . This stuff is a highly spiced ginger ale that will make a person unaccustomed to that first whiff start coughing much like an untrained smoker. It's potent stuff. Last time I was here I was catching snow flakes in my mouth and braving 10 inches of snow. Today birds are chirping, trees are budding, and I'm with my girl again.