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My response:

So yes my actions speak louder than words, what words I spoke are less important than what I didn't say. I'm a read inbetween the lines type of guy and nothing you've done has phased me at all. I'm stuck in a dimensional shift between here and there, or was it now and then? I'm the flower that closes up at sunset, the blocked entry to the market after ten pm. I'm legos to your spaghetti.

The new Randie

I have zero info on the new Randies girl. Anyone?

yes indeed

So many things, so many things I don't write about here, like the few seconds someone rubbed their fingers against my arm, grabbing a hand to pull towards a dark corner only to move less than a foot, or a glance across the room looking for an explanation. I went to Stater Bors. Supermarket twice today to handle a little business where the cashiers stare and watch you, thoughts of "Oh he's one of those people" and yes I am and I wish I wasn't. I'm out of pepsi right now at eight four eight so lets go to Albertsons when I done writing this. Maybe tomorrow I'll be in West Hollywood drunk with friends and strangers or maybe I'll be home avoiding the knocking on the door. Just because I'm sitting on my couch which faces out towards the large front window, doesn't entitle you to candy kid. Screw it, I'm going to open that lone beer sitting in my refrigerator to feel a little less lonely and then slip into my Ex's clothes again. For Halloween

have fun without me

The Makeout Bandits (1st at 9 pm-ish) The Rainman Suite (best thing/worst thing: they sound like green day) Underwater City People (me love ucp long time) Midway (we all know I love every single cell in each member's body. yes every cell.) Pu$$y Cow (I think I like them a lot) *jealous* Booze, Costumes, & Free at Mr T's Bowl (I like free)

I know she knows

Walking back from the patio to the Red Room I saw DG chatting with so and so and made my way over to give her a hello hug. She was standing in the empty area where the DJ played and where I tried to ignore his so-so choices in so-so songs. She said hi, hello, hey there, or something like that over the loud music, reaching out for the hug. As I pulled away from her I made some remark pointing out how I decided to say hi to her in person instead of just online hellos, making light of my shyness. She laughingly asked, "What?" Not hearing a single word I said. I smiled, rolled my eyes and mouthed a ' Don’ t worry about it. It was nothing' as I continued off in my original direction. A pointless, simple hello, yet there I was trying to ignore the memory of my hands around her waist for the rest of the night.

Lauren Hoffman

I should've posted this earlier! Tonight Lauren Hoffman has her only LA show at Genghis Cohen. Her bio is an interesting read in itsself, with her path crossing the likes of Jeff Buckley, David Lowery, Dave Matthews, a major record deal with Virgin, her own label, touring on Lilith Fair with most of this in her pre and early twenties. Now on her own, her new album is set for an European release and you can buy an advance copy on her site/myspace/ at the show tonight. "Hoffman is the real thing" - new yorker "Ms. Hoffman makes moody and sexy pop songs." - ben ratliff, the new york times Lauren Hoffman @ Genghis Cohen I hear they serve yummy NY style egg rolls 740 N. Fairfax, Los Angeles Lauren Hoffman @ myspace Lauren Hoffman main site

I know I had fun

Tuesday night was Halloween dress up night, but hardly anyone bothered. There were a lot of newish or less common faces in the crowd, which is great, and I'm wondering if the location of either Zen sushi and/or Silverlake (vs. Echo Park) had anything to do with this. Another possibility is all the Myspace attention the Waking Hour received from listed as Featured Band for a couple weeks. Hmm I wonder how much it would cost to put a KorK ad on myspace. Stood in the back while Bobot played and a then a little closer for the Waking Hours, who dressed up in drag. They didn't end with the LL Cool cover this time, but still managed to destroy their setup, and injuring the drummer pretty badly. He looked like was still in pain out in the patio afterwards so I hope it’s not a broken rib or anything. Saw only a bit of Silver Needle before heading back out to talk and stuff with people. Nice little chat with Andrea, who I find cooler each time I speak to her. Just a laid back, sw

The return of The Rentals

Yes the Rentals are returning with a new album due in 2006. I wonder if this is the same project Sara Radle was working on with Matt Sharp, besides her song they rerecorded. I most likely wrong, but The Rentals back together is great news regardless. The Rentals on myspace The Rentals main site


My new-ish friend sent me this message yesterday: Is there anything you have to say about why you seem to keep very good track of what you eat in your blog? I was curious about that. I never realized I documented my eating habits here on a regular basis, but looking back there does appear to be quite a few mentions of food. The number of times I reference eating bacon cheeseburgers alone is astounding, but I know eat better than that. I can only blame my mom for this. Fast food was a luxury for us three kids growing up, so whenever I want treat myself I choose to cuddle up with a hamburger. Hamburgers will always love you for who you are. Hamburgers don't judge and only want to be wanted too. During my last break up I didn't turn to Jack Daniels for comfort, I turned to Jack in the Box. When I told this girl that I liked her, her outburst of laughter sent me running into the arms of Wendy's. This support group is consistently there for me, on nearly every corner, some open


This morning I read about a new exhibit at MOCA called ECSTASY - In and About Altered States while lurking through the hip little livejournal no wait, but listen . This exhibit looks pretty cool as all the artwork is inspired by actual or imagined drug use by the artists. Carsten Höller made this cool upside down room with giant mushrooms. My little experimental stage of trying soft drugs ended way back in 1993, so I leave you with this advice: Don't use drugs folks... but if you already are and haven't tried mushrooms, I highly recommend it at least once in a safe environment. Objects like lampshades start to melt and drip in front of you and that was hella cool. Maybe I shouldn't write stuff like that. ~~~~~~~ Tonight: Kiss or Kill is at Zen Sushi just like old times: Star No Star 9:30, Bobot Adrenaline 10:10, The Waking Hours 10:50, Silver Needle 11:30, The Kill Devils Featuring members of Motorcycle Boy, the Cramps, Dr. Know, and Texas Terri 12:10

Then and now

Did a quick little drive to help my friend with her new Z22 palm pilot thingy which was wasn't hot synching correctly with her ancient laptop. The palm software was confusing her new device to the cooler one she lost recently on the USC shuttle, that and it really isn't suppose to work with anything pre-winXP, but it does now thanks to years of fixing my own stupid cumputer mistakes. Later ate dinner and talked about how much has changed this year with us individually, with new friends and such over yummy ciabatta burgers at Jack in the Box. I had the bacon cheese, she had the bruschetta chicken ciabatta; we shared our food and drinks as always and talked for two hours. Good times watching the homeless couple chat with the employees and watching a weird 12 yr. old kid dressed in a soccer uniform happily hide behind planters and tables from his dad. Eventually made it home thinking my old tires were slowing me through the misty daze of outside and of in my mind, the 30 miles str

My little thought

Some nights are just better than others.

I'm still waiting

Over the weekend I celebrated my birthday like that kid from Mask . Alone. Alone until I was invited over for a late night of wine and conversation underneath the 6th Street Bridge with Ashley, her sister Brie, and a tuna plus brown rice mixed with sunflower seeds, placed on top of lettuce-eating Tara. It indeed looked as gross as it sounded. I had a lot fun for a mellow night and even made good friends with the front door at one point. The next day I opted for not showering for a day and a half, spending way too much time online, scrubbing the f--out of my kitchen and shower in a “ No wire hangers ” kind of way, the whole time waiting for my surprise party to start. A big whoop whoop (yeah that's right, whoop whoop) to my friends for keeping it such a great secret even when I joined them with Midway Kevin and Jason Pancake at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park for some miniature golf. For them to wait until Monday to surprise me is very sneaky. I did amazingly well for some of the advan

I just realized something

I'm 33 and I need a tattoo.

Halloween plans?

Okay I'm taking a lot of this information from this post , where Al Lutz offers more details and additional Halloween related events. Do you remember how the focus of Halloween was about trick or treating? Grab bags of candy, apples, carmel corn, with the cheap ass old folks who gave us a nickel. With the crazy inflation and gas shortages of the late 70s, that nickel was worth probably less then it is today. Then it happen. Razor blades and paper clips hidden in chocolate bars, some poor kids are hurt, and trick or treating nearly killed, last seen in the artificial world of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial . For better or worse Halloween has transformed from a neighborhood event into large over-priced theme mazes at your local amusement park. I read somewhere in terms of dollars spent it comes only behind Christmas which means in five years you're a scmuck for not giving your co-worker a card. <---- Wow, how attitudes have changed about a lot things, huh? Pre-Halloween There ar

This morning

6.27 AM Driving through the City of Compton (said in a vocoder voice) when my cell rings. K+ J are calling to wish me a happy birthday and this is the best thing ever.

I'm all about free tonight.

Did you know: If you sign up at Red Robin you'll get a free hamburger for your birthday, though its more of buy one, get one free deal. Then again you're not going to be eating there by yourself I hope. After stuffing my myself with the Royal Red Robin Burger™ (yeah thats right: Fat juicy hamburger + cheese + bacon + a friggin' fried egg) I'll be rolling my fat self to catch a free screening of Stay. All I know is that was directed by Marc Forster (Monster Ball, Finding Neverland), a bit tripy according to early reviews, and has obi whats his face, I mean Ewan McGregor and Noami Watts and its free. Oh at Zen Sushi tonight Tara's band The Makeout Bandits are playing. Click here for flyer discount since it not free. Whats up with that? Sorry if this sounds too much like an ad for Red Robin - I was looking at my drafts and there is ton of stuff I need to finish that have nothing to do with food or movies.

Felt just like last time

Strange to walk into a room I haven't been in for a month. Celeste was working the door when I paid and received a friendly big hug, and who wouldn’ t want to be greeted like that? Better than walking into a Cheers setting where everyone knows your name, then talks smack behind your back. Lets be realistic, I do n’t like everybody sometimes and the feeling is mutual I’d im agine, so give me a few honest friends over being fake loved by all. The first person I see is DG sta nd ing by the column with a friend or a date or something. Thought she looked younger for some reason, even doubting it was her for a little while. Ah it was very much her. Next person to walk by was Honey Pot; made eye contact and then later a brief hello - all very much a non-issue and that’s okay with me. Out for only two social occasions in the last four weeks, I’m forg et ting that I need to engage people instead of hanging back along the walls observing strangers slip between blots of friends and couples

baby drunk

16 friggin' kids!! Why? How? Oh this is wrong for so many reasons, but I feel bad for the kids more than anything. Life is hard enough without competing with 15 other siblings. From Mark Morford at sfgate: God Does Not Want 16 Kids Arkansas mom gives birth to a whole freakin' baseball team. How deeply should you cringe?

Can I tell you something

I don’t want to be at work today. “Who does?” said the blind man to the lamp post. “Who does indeed.” I whispered in his ear. He smiles knowingly, the whiskers of three days growth bristling against his scarf colored and twisted like a churro around his neck. “Maybe we should get a cup-o-coffee at the milk store.” he speaks now to the location of my voice. “The milk store is just a regular Vons; they sell everything there,” I informed him. “And they have coffee and stop telling me things I already know.” We make our way over through the parking lot, then inside to the cafe/deli/bakery/shoe repair section of the store. I decline the flu shot/large coffee combo and settle for the mini paper cup of the brewed caffeine vehicle. “So tempted by the honey pot, eh?” “Yes. I mean I was.” I didn't care for how that sounded. “I mean I was for a little but I was just getting ahead of myself again.” The bucther behind the counter hands over two dogs to a lady pogo-ing an inch off the ground in

Random Phrases

These things mean something to me today: Only in rare moments like these, I realize how lucky I am not to be with you anymore. We'll see what happens with the honey pot; I'll be wise to keep my distance tonight. Speaking of which, tonight at Kiss or Kill: The New Fidelity 9:30 -- Front Row For The Meltdown 10:10 The Waking Hours 10:50 -- Get Set Go 11:30 - The Letter Openers 12:10 Halloween post coming up What I don't understand is why ET is so confused about plants. Wasn't he collecting plants in the movie? Could it not be inferred that a being from an advanced race doing research in a forest already know something about plants?

my pants feel hot

Yeah so none of that stuff happened below, save for the movie and replacing my burnt out headlight. You know, the boring stuff. I'm getting a boring haircut tonight after my boring commute home. Rain - you bore me too.


Wow, I have a ton of things piled up on my desk to finish today so I'm just going to quickly recap my weekend. Headed out to Brea to catch Wallace and Gromit, one of the few movies I will pay full price for. It has been getting some great reviews, except for that that Roper dude who gave it a thumbs down thinking it might be a little too British for some. Even if it is, injecting a little Britain could only help the general population since 30% of Americans (18-24) cannot even find the Pacific Ocean on a map . If only Monty Python movies and episodes of EastEnders were required viewing in public schools, then maybe we wouldn't suck as much. So that was pretty much Saturday, with Sunday being all raining and stuff - kind of boring. Managed to change out my headlight and during a break in the rain washed my car and I don't care is you think it was pointless, you didn't see it look more brown than black. Had a strange experience at Target later that night, when I rushed

October is not suppose to be like this.

Half way through what should be the best month ever yet my week has been pulling me to the side like bad alignment. Jealousy, gossip, stupid stuff like that has been getting me down. It happens. I'm done with it and leaving a little early to start my weekend right. W + G


Tonight there is a free Dollyrots and New MaximumDonkey show at Mr. T's Bowl. The Dollyrots are playing a quick show before taking off on a Canadian/Us tour with labelmates the Groovie Ghoulies. Oh Kelly-rot is sooo cute. New Maximum Donkey not only rocks and play catchy songs, the lead singer Benny has to be one of the funniest people ever. His banter and the whole band are just silly. Which reminds me for Saturday Tonight, right this second as I type this , The Randies will be at Spaceland with Cheap Chick. Benny and Tim from NMD have been filling in for departed members Megan and Kelly so it would be cool to see how that is working out. Missed the Randies last night at Molly Malones, so doesn't look I'll be able to catch them until 11.02. Wish I could go but looking forward to my non-free weekend and seeing Wallace & Gromit.

Get Set Go

I feel like I need to make up for the super uber low fi-ness of Katie the Pest with the most amazing power pop band ever: Get Set Go This post is for the strangers that read this as my friends already know how cool this band is. This band (actually Mike TV) offers some of the catchiest, poppy rock songs with some twisted lyrics and is easily one of my favorite albums to listen to. Go visit the myspace page to listen to some songs and read a great review that captures what I'm incapable of explaining. Lately they have been using some songs for Grey's Anatomy and the song Wait is on the new soundtrack album. The people at Grey's Anatomy used our song Wait on their second episode entitled, The First Cut is the Deepest. They're also planning on using the songs Kiss the Girl and Break Your Heart, from the first record entitled So You've Ruined Your Life, and the song Sleep from the upcoming second record. If you go to the myspace page, he is offering the first album +

Domino survived

One of the perks of living in/near Los Angeles is the ample movie screenings you can attend for free. I like free movies, popcorn, sodas, and the Chinese so with a tons of time to waste, these events are usually enjoyable. You're going to do a lot of waiting outside and sometimes they let you in within an hour; Tuesday night was not one of those nights. During the 2.5 hour wait, our line was entertained by the one and Blu-Blocker Sunglass rapper guy , making jams up on the fly while rolling his change bucket down the line. What a way to survive and become a recognizable persona in this town. Eventually we could hear the stars been introduced on the red carpet, seeing only the reflection of camera flashes in the windows underneath the Cinegrille sign. Finally we were let inside without any security checks, grabbing the free popcorn and soda before making our way to the front rows. Pleased that we were 10 rows back in the center section we settled in as my fellow nobodies craned thei


Oh I hate installing service packs when co-workers decide to cancel them half way through. Oh so nice. I think I said I was going to eat over an hour ago. grr

At this second

My mistake, my fault, my hurt for today. In five minutes: I'm going to spend money I don't have on unhealthy food. Oh sweet Bacon Ultimate Cheesburger with a large side of curly fries, suck up my tears of sorrow today. Later: Domino was alright, a band you will like, and the things that I do to myself.

gotta go, things to do

Leave work (worry about timing) Stuff food inside mouth (yum) Drive to Hollywood against traffic (hmm) Find Parking in Hollywood (yikes) Meet-up with friend without the use of cellphones (it can be done) Watch movie premiere (it can't be that bad) Eat more food (worry about health) Make way to the Echo for Kiss or Kill (worry about the burnt out headlight I noticed this morning) Thank people for being super sweet (ahh) Try not to make a fool out of myself (yeah right) Stare at people in a good way (easy)

Can I rent this for prom?

Assuming I was still in high school (thank God I'm not), wouldn't this be the coolest way to show up for prom or something? Spotted by Corey aka DJCZ on the Arrested Development set.

Enough posting for one day

This is the lame recap that was originally two pages longs - I'm tired so just highlights and random thoughts. Saturday night: The industrial area Ashley lives in was a lot easier to find than I thought it would be, completely devoid of life save for a bunch of young hipsters kids not at first visible in the parking lot. Guess they were trying to sneak into the party, defeated by the two guys watching the gate. I assumed they were just two guys chatting as I ducked inbetween them before they could ask me anything. Very cool party all and all, with pleanty of room to walk around, hangout inside and drink, which I did plenty of. As for the bands, I enjoyed the new Get Set Go line up, Pu$$y Cow's extended set with new stuff like Taco Chariot was played. Tara and Emma’s band were simply damn good. Lots of people I didn't know (I really don't know that many people) and lots of nice folks that I didn't really talk to. Celeste was super sweet and slipped me the new UCP a

fun with flash

When I'm bored I'll play around with flash to make new blog headers. One day I will take a class because I have no idea what I'm doing outside of the templates they give you in RoboDemo. lorange.swf Six posts in day so far! Lame recap one coming later.

I like my smart friends

My friend who does research at the Department of Cell and Neurobiology at USC co-authored a paper awhile ago showing how addictive steriods are. What I didn't realize was that there are a few hardcore body builders/health nuts still trying to argue that some steriods are completely harmless, so research like hers continues to prove this as 100% fact, though most sane people already take it as such. Anyhow, got a little kick out of this email from her the other day: Guess what! My article on steroid addiction is slammed in the November issue of Muscular Development magazine (a big body building magazine!) and the article, "Steroid Addiction - Fact or Fallacy," is mentioned on the front cover! It is a 4 page article talking about how we are "steroid prohibitionists" and basically refuting everything that we say! And since it included our email address, I am sure the hate mail is soon to follow! I love it! Some people think the trips to the moon were faked, so I sh


Life is often broken up into scenes as if the world was a movie, complete with soundtrack. I imagine for most people certain songs bring back memories or feelings and this connection will always be after the scene plays out. "This song reminds me of that time...," they'll say to themselves. Often I have the urge to pause time to synch it with a song that has been making an impression on me lately. Unfortunately life refuses to heed itself for mere mortals and not until later upon replaying the song will I realize the lyrics don't quite fit anyhow, but the music might still. This happens a lot. Sunday 4 AM listening to the music of "Crooked Stars" within my head with a blurred drunken recall. I could've closed my eyes and stood there forever in the unchanged temperature of the night, the unchanged traffic patterns of the 101 becoming more than a low drone among the bridge pillars. Tonight the unchanged me heard only music drifting between the empty str


Oh I have passes to the premiere of Domino on Tuesday night at the Chinese. Keira Knightley sure is pretty, but I'll be happy to see Christopher Walken if I'm lucky. My last premiere there was for Team America which was fun with free popcorn and soda (I'm easy to please and like shiny things too), but we got stuck in the front row which sucked. These screenings just shuttle all the nobodies like me in and out the side of the building, so odds are I won't see anyone interesting. Anyhow I know this is loosely based on a real person and early word is it very True Romance-ish in pacing. The preview doesn't make it look all that good, but we'll see. From director Tony Scott and inspired by a real-life story, Keira Knightley stars as Domino Harvey, who rejected her privileged Beverly Hills lifestyle as the daughter of a famous actor (Lawrence Harvey) and a Ford agency model to become a bounty hunter in pursuit of society's nastiest criminals. The film features a

Bridge party pics

The top corners have been chopped off in this picture, but as you can see it was underneath the bridge, with the bands playing between the concrete supports. I didn't see any dead bodies dumped on the surrounding blocks, but if you had to, this would be a great place. I'm fascinated by this bridge for some reason. There were some cute girls there too. Mike Schnee from Pu$$y Cow with trishariffic (according to Ashley's page), Tara, and I have no idea who the last girl is. A handful of photos which I didn't steal here on Ashley's page.

Katie the Pest

photo by adam fedderly 2004 There is a list of local bands that I've been following for the last two or three years that for one reason or another I've never made it to a show of theirs. Included in this group was the bands starcrasher (now Pretty in Stereo ), popbandAlice , and this one Katie the Pest . Katie the Pest is actually two girls, neither named Katie. After a lull in activity, in the last couple months they have started to play random shows and self-released the album This Giant Will Kill You. This last week I've been just really digging the new songs, especially "Sober", but that's just me. From their bio: Melancholy vocal harmonies inspired by Phil Spector and Brian Wilson color the songs with shades of light, dark and everything in between. Talia Rose's loudloud distorted guitar, fuzzy and slightly dissonant, inspired by My Bloody Valentine, Sebadoh, and Jesus and Mary Chain provide a cloud of confusion. Mary's insanely danceable drum be

5.19 am

I just got home from the party underneath the 6th bridge. What I can say before bed is that I had fun for the most part, but can't even tell you how stupid I feel right now. Had tons-o-fun and many-o-drinks and said lots-o-things I meant. It doesn't really matter now, does it?

I have nothing to say today

Sorta want to eat a giant lunch but don't want to spend the money. I have to buy brake pads still. Very blah right now. How are you? Tonight: Underwater City People is back from their little midwest-west coast tour and will be playing a free show with 8-Bit tonight. Mr. T's Bowl 5621 1/2 Figueroa St, Highland Park, CA Underwater City People -- 9pm Abbreviated Daylight -- 10 pm The Penfifteen Club -- 11 pm 8-Bit -- Midnight Might go, but sleep sounds good. Saturday: Invited to a party which just happens to be under the 6th street bridge. Should be interesting. Bands playing: Get Set Go , Tara's band The Make Out Bandits , and Pu$$y Cow . Unrelated: If you're a dork like me, you will find this interesting: Pictorial guide to LA freeways Fun facts about the Los Angeles area highways

Stalker t-shirt for babies

I was looking for a stalker t-shirt for myself and ran into these instead. Cute, no? This last one I thought was quite funny for some reason. Mummy's Little Stalker long sleeve double layer punk slogan baby t-shirt by Nappy Head. Punk Raw edge seams with a punky ripped neck. Ideal New baby gift, christening gift or funky gift for a baby shower. Available from . (@ $ 25 USD + $14 USD to ship to US) I'm sure somebody is importing them into Los Angeles.

My 11:30 appointment

Hey. Oh you're back? I hoped I wouldn't see your ugly face again. Ah but you do, don't you? Yeah sadly. Alright make it quick. Mr. Bring You Down had stopped by, didn't he? Yeah, of course he did. I've been sick for three weeks now - going home every night to eat left over chili, read some blogs, and sleep like shit will bring you down. The Nyquil just fucks me up too. Are you feeling better yet? I think I am. He told me you were coming. You're early. Sorry about that. Timing is not that important to me - I happen when I happen. Well do me a favor and come back next week after it happens. Really, I just want to enjoy my weekend. It's October and it should be feeling like Rocktober before the holidays. You know how I hate everything from Thanksgiving through the first week on January. Come on Robert, you know you don't. I know. I know. If it wasn't for K+J... I do a good job of hiding my dislike and try to relive the holidays through their eyes. It is

Some of you might care to know this

Fraggle Rock film in development New movie slated to begin filming in 2006 and will feature the main Fraggles traveling to "outer space." (a.k.a. the human world) .... More info here 1983... I feel old

Kiss or Kill Missed Connection?

I'm wondering who this is, and/or if this was a joke His name can be found here Kiss or kill? - 30 Reply to: Date: 2005-10-05, 9:24AM PDT I was doin the jurk..and had to much to drink you were cute and we smoked cigs and talk till they shut us down..You said to meet you at some bar in hollywod but I was to drunk to remember...If you not her maybe we can fake it..yeah its the new real.. This is in or around spaceland And this was the reply: RE: Kiss or Kill (definitely kill) kill - 24 Reply to: Date: 2005-10-05, 10:13AM PDT The bar was Boardners and you were VERY drunk if you thing we hit it off. You smelled bad too. More blogs about kiss or kill .

Not that you care to know

NYC bloggeratti Lindsay Robertson posted about this Promiscuity Formula she found on another blog. Check it out here . I came in at 0.44 due to my handful of long relationships over the years - among other factors. Most folks come in between 1-2, so if your number is a 4 or something higher, then you're probably doing porn.

I don't know about tonight

Tonight Kiss or Kill will be at Spaceland. Parking will suck. Great line up with Pu$$y Cow, Bang Sugar Bang, So Unloved. The last two using this as their tour kick off with the Addicts. I think the tour starts tomorrow at the House of Blues. I don't know anything, so you can check that somewhere if you care. I don't think I'm going tonight - throat is killing me, have to replace the brake pads on my car. Maybe I should get a flu shot this year. Being sick = sucks. I have to laugh at myself today for being so predictable. If I get everything done and drug myself up I'll probably go. Bands and people to see and such. All very pointless thoughts today. Happy thoughts to escape the reality of the %$%#*^ server which is acting up. When the Corprate Enterprise edition of Norton Antivirus is not working on your server, you (I) might want to be a little worried. Hmm the clients seem fine. Oh I hate my job today. Stupid meth head f**k in the other building is starting smack wi

A show so funny, it hurts.

I wish I could kick some people into watching Arrested Development, especially if you are part of the Neilson rating system. Maybe the only show which can make me fall off the couch laughing (the Charlie Brown episode) or have me watch with my hand covering my mouth, trying not to laugh hysterically like a mad man. Brilliant television. Update: Found a great Arrested Development fansite:


Using a microwave isn't hard. You want to cook popcorn? There's a button just for that. Want to warm something up in a minute? You can add 30 seconds at a time with two punches, or be anal with the exact 60 seconds. Rebel against the system and enter 100, just to test the appliance's intelligence. The microwave is smart - It knows you want only a minute either route you take. Meat, Fish, or Poultry? It's all there in easy to find categories. The Start button always starts the cooking as required. A light even comes on for your viewing pleasure - 30 seconds of spinning entertainment. The microwave cares about you. It's so simple one would think. Imagine my confusion in the break room, everyday , seeing the timer with a remaining cook times from 35.32 to 67.17 minutes. Everyday I wonder if my co-workers are that retarded.

Too Late Movie Review 2

I love seeing movies on the cheap at the local dollar cinema. These reviews are given without regard for insightfulness and with the assumption that you already seen these films. So deal. Herbie: Fully Loaded There is enough here not to bore you and seeing that little old VW bug does bring back some great memories. Once you’re past the sentimentality, this is basically a simple movie, slightly better than staring at a blank screen. The focus remains on Lindsay and Herbie but the relationship isn’t built up enough with the unchallenging script which shorts the actors in this movie, especially wasting the talents of Michael Keaton and Matt Dillon. Basic plot: Girl finds Herbie, Dad won’t let girl race, Everyone hates Matt Dillion, Herbie starts smack, Justin Long tries to get into Lindsay pants, Girls disrespects Herbie, Girl saves Herbie from demolition derby, Herbie and girl race and save the day. Matt Dillon goes coo coo for coco puffs and set ups potential