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B does an online crossword puzzle

B: 80s TV series with a talking car named KITT? Me: You seriously need to ask me this? B: Yes, I was born in the 80s (1982 to be fair) but I really don't remember much about them. Me: Ok I'll give you a hint: Hasselhoff B:    ... Me:   Not Baywatch. B starts typing: M Me:   M ?!?!? She laughs as the letter turns red in the online crossword. B: Ok not Miami Vice. I'm barely containing my laughter at this point. Me: Oh my god I love you, but this is so becoming a blog post. I'm sorry. B: David Hasselhoff wasn't on Miami Vice was he? Me: Um no. B: Oh that was Tom Selleck. I can't stop giggling throughout this whole conversation  Me: Oh my god that wasn't Tom Selleck in Miami Vice!

For Tony


bowling cupcake diorama

Ashley had a birthday last night and as one has birthdays, one normally has a party in celebration of said coming into this world event. In keeping with the not so consistent tradition ( the first and only was in 2007 ), a diorama was created for Ashley, but this time with B's yummy cupcakes. It was nothing fancy made with a couple hours of work but it sure went over well with the intoxicated party goers.

sushi dollar challenge

A few weekends ago we took a four block walk down to the local library which just happened to be across the street from a little Japanese restaurant that we wanted to try out. We ordered a few mexi-cokes , some mini California and Avocado Rolls, a side dish of edamame and teriyaki chicken bowls for the kids. "So are you going to have a California Roll?" I asked my youngest. "No." He might as well said Whatcha talkin' about Willis . "I"m just having the chicken." "But it's so good!" "Wait, have I eaten one before?" "Um...yeah you said you loved it last time." This was complete lie. "Ok." Pause. "Wait! No I didn't!" "Fine. I'll give you a dollar if you eat one California Roll". "Yes. A dollar!" He swiftly turns to his sister. "I'm getting a dollar, you're not!" She just rolled her eyes in return. So we took our mexi-cokes and sushi down

in the back, the sign said welcome

Finally did something I've always wanted to do: Walk/hike up the Hollywood Sign. It was an easy. breezy. covergirl of a hike taking less than an hour from the trail head on Beachwood Drive, past the horse stables using the fire trails and finally a paved road to the top. The clouds on Saturday were proceeding Sunday's rains so I'll have to go back for better pictures not taken with my phone. With three hours out and about our appetites were built up for an early afternoon of sushi at Noshi's. All in all, quite a perfect day.


Stompy is the name we've given to the girl that moved in upstairs. She's a tiny girl with dark skin and long dark hair who smokes on the first floor steps that lead to the side door of our complex. Having only seen her through the strange angle of peaking through the blinds, nearly sticking my head up against the glass, I couldn't give you a better description.* Some evenings it sounds like she rolls a bowling bowl on the floor or like tonight it was the now daily sound of hammering despite moving in two months ago; It can't still be new apartment decorating, can it? Sometimes I wish I had a good reason to call her Stumpy instead of Stompy, like she came to close to farm machinery stumpy. Then I sorta feel guilty about all the contaminated crops and the paperwork the farmer would be responsible for. Makes me think that if I was the stumpy one I would at least have a hella cool one of these: * This a lie. I've come up those steps when she was there once bu

green shirt, red shirt

Yesterday I wore red t-shirt to work and B asked what would happen if someone tried to pinch me for St. Patrick's Day. "I'll fucking punch them," I gleefully replied. "Even me?" "Well everyone but the love of my life of course." Pleased with the exception she tilted forward on tippie toes to kiss my cheek. My red t-shirt was an old shirt I didn't mind getting dirty moving our department from one side of the building to the other that day; I was not really dressing to impress . Walking past with an arm full of files a group of green shirt QC folks patted themselves proud for following through on holiday tradition. Instead of an offer to help I heard: "Look! Robert didn't wear green; we should pinch him!" "I'll punch you," I yelled back. Ha ha, oh that's so silly laughs gurgled from the group as I continued down the hallway with my stuff. Thank you for reading another entry into I don't have a

I'm not surprised that the Jonas Brother movie tanked

On Oscar night I was walking through Disney's California Adventure when I saw an official Disney cast member escorting a young couple with a fierce don't fuck with me attitude. That's the attitude you see when minor celebrities visit the park as they are escorted pass all the lines and through the crowds. The last celeb I saw escorted was Kirstie Alley during the height of the Jenny Craig commercials. Now I understand that the guard is to stop people from hassling these "celebrities" when they just want a day of fun with their kids, but I've also heard of some low hanging celebs stand in line with us dirty unwashed - maybe so low level not the average person would know them. Anyhow on Oscar day I saw a JO-Bro being escorted along with blond girl. In shorts and a white t-shirt he looked like any high school kid out playing basketball. Very low key and surprising not all that fit - a little pimple-y even. I turned to my 12 year old daughter, "Hey I th


This weekend was busy with a trip to my industry's biggest convention of the year taking the entire 5 halls of the Anaheim Conv Center. Here the manufacturers, suppliers and buyers come to intermingle and find all those yummy products you love to buy at Trader Joes or Whole Foods. Over the 8+ years of attending the show I've seen less of the Hippie/Venice Beach characters, now replaced with business suits with worldwide ingredient and financial connections. That might sound boring, yet this makes the industry change for the better in quality and safety. But at least there still was free ear candling or coning available, so not everything old has disappeared. Most of the show has moved towards the functional food arena so it was hard not to essentially eat your way through each hall. Soy based food. I ate some. Gluten free fake tacos - I ate it. Tea vendors, tofu based lasagna, raw food snacks, and water blessed with some ancient alien-mayan sacrifice? Yeah I devoured s


When I came home from a concert one night crawled into bed, scooting the cat off, tugged my share of the covers off my sleeping partner she sprung up to greet me. "Oh hey you're back." "Hi" I whisper. She falls back into the pillow, flips over and then sits up on her elbows, clearly not finished. "So how's your feet?" "Huh??" "Your feet. Are they alright?" This was the sleep in her talking and knowing she wouldn't remember this I answer a little too enthusiastically. "They're grrrreat!" "Oh that's good." And with that, she was out.

Deep Sea Diver EP release show - 3/5/09

Finally! DEEP SEA DIVER EP RELEASE SHOW! w/ special guest Marika Dahlin and Two Guns March 5th, 2009 EARLY SHOW!  Doors open at 7pm, first band 8pm, DSD @ 9.30pm sharp 18+  / $7 Advance /  $10 at the door **RIDE YOUR BIKE!!!! The first 30 people to arrive on bikes will get in for $7. The Bikestation of Long Beach is hosting a special bike valet that will include designated area with racks right in front of the theatre to lock your bike to. **only bikes without kickstands will be able to be stored on the racks**