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This is all I want to post right now

There was a boy I used to be I guess that he was cold If she came to buy him now, how cheaply he'd be sold But the light is gone and it is dark what used to be the sky Is suddenly embarrassing to the naked eye. . . . Yes, I've resorted to posting song lyrics. Shoot me.

Not quite missed connections

At this post , Sean Bonner wrote about some amusing self made Missed Connection postings ala craigslist that The Sneeze created. There are only a handful so I'm not going to quote them, so take a look here . Images of Transportation Voronoi Diagrams I love missed connections on craigslist and yes, I even posted one myself a long time ago and got a reply too. The biggest shock for me was seeing that email from her in my inbox. I remember staring at the words and blanking out on a response for at least an hour. What the heck was I going to say? I think she was a little perturbed by the whole idea, admitting that she wasn't familiar with whole missed connections thing and wouldn't have known if her friend had not sent the post to her. I could imagine her friend describing MC as the site of choice for freaks and stalkers to post random sightings of strangers they were interested in. Um, I guess that's partly true. She was curious to know who I was, what I

Drive + Sleep + Drive

I had the most wonderful and boring weekend where all I did was sleep and had all my meals made for me. Thanks Mom! Missed the dragon boat races when I woke up around noon and the last thing I wanted to deal with was the toll plaza and parking. Oh well. I'm going back up next weekend, so I'm going to try to squeeze some activities like eating at the Cheesesteak Shop and Blondie’s, and maybe a trip into the City. My highlights: A. Target for a prescription. Out of boredom, took my blood pressure (135 over 83 btw). B. Toys-R-Us -- Just an evil place of depressed employees. C. Safeway -- Just like Vons! The Columbo bread wasn't fresh so I passed and they didn't have It-Its. Lame. E. Park. -- Walked around my childhood stomping grounds with its now disintegrating trails and dried out fields. Depressing to see how reality hasn't kept up with your memories. At the playground I saw this older, fat kid sitting on top of the slide, just hanging out with his younger (and thi

Dragon Boat Festival - SF

Was planning on posting about this after I got back, but noticed an article went up on today about the San Francisco Dragon Boat Festival this weekend. These hard core boat races are moving from Lake Merced to Clipper Cove on Treasure Island due to growth of this event. Read the article . Treasure Island, if you don't already know is a man made island, which has been used for the 1939–40 World’s Fair and as a military base which closed in the 80s and is now a public part of the City of San Francisco. Clipper Cove is named after the landing spot/base for Pan Am's "China Clipper" route and a couple hangers still exist in this area. You can see them next to the marina area in this amazing 360 degree QTR from the entrance of Treasure Island here. Quick little history of Treasure Island, Yerba Buena Island and The Bay Bridge that tunnels through it, can be found here. More pics: Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival @ July

what I see

Looking out the bar window I watch the homeless man on the sidewalk talking up the doorman. Trying to make out the toothless, gummy words mouthed from the other side of the glass, I give up realizing it was no longer a simple conversation I could follow. My friends were off doing their own thing at the moment, so I turn around and watch the birthday girl dance with her father to the mariachi band. Visible from the open back dress is a round tattoo about the size of a serving plate. You really can't go up to a girl and closely inspect the elaborate design without them noticing of course, and my wanting to trace the lines with my fingertips was out of the question. This strange, drunk impulse amuses me. This night could happen on any downtown night in some other city, but after eight years living in Southern California it finally feels like home to me. This weekend I'll be at my first home sleeping in my first room and I will miss Los Angeles. This is at once weird and perfectly


First let me direct you to DJ Cheese Zombie's blog Are you going to finish that? . A far better writer with a more f'd up view of reality than I could ever muster to blog about. Many a meal with DJ CZ ends with that Starving Kids in China rationale behind that question, so the title is quite fitting. I'll say this again and again Begin. I lie sometimes, but if you know me and ask me point blank questions about what I wrote, I will answer honestly. Either I don't care enough about you or what you think, so I'm not going to lie or I do care about you and I'm not going to lie because I generally believe it is better to be honest and open in a relationship/friendship. Waiting to tell is not the same as lying. End. Starving Kids in China would make a great band name don't you think?


Posted a while ago on my other blog I thought her odd and she told me I was strange and this might be the only thing we have in common. After the movie, we went to have dinner at Truly on Hollywood Blvd. I watched her talk about all sorts of dishes with another lover of vegan fare. I, the outcasted meat eater, lover of dead, cooked animals for consumption looked on as they traded recommendations. She felt at ease talking about this, but not so much talking to me at first. She looked me in the eyes and I stared backed twice as much. I wasn't giving her any mixed signals, but I was polite and didn't start anything at first. Lying on the couch half awake (fully clothed) watching Daria, our legs tangled, her head resting on my chest. With her smaller than I, she fit nicely against my body. It didn't feel weird at all.

Bar 107

I had every intention to drive home and not go out this week after seeing how tight screwed I was budget wise. Feeling strangled by this ropes I’ve placed around me, fully aware that I’m the only one who can untie them to move forward. This entanglement on top of a funk about my "not getting a raise in three years" thoughts and frustration with "I kind of think I want to spend time with someone * , yet realizing I'm not capable of committing myself financially or emotionally" blues. It’s been worse and can say I haven’t been happier in years as a strange as it sounds. When I’m like this I'm susceptible to the lets hang out, eat cheap, do some errands and hit the penny bar you keep blabbering about idea that my good friend suggested. Run off with the fishes is what I say [I so made that up] and off we did errands and with perfect timing our friend called willing to join us for food and drinks. On the way there she said there was no way in hell she was walkin

If you care to go

Bar 107 in downtown LA is having one cent well drinks for ladies until the end of August. Special runs M-F 8-2 am. More info here Jessica Dobson is back from NYC, where she recorded her debut album on Atlantic and is playing a free show at the Detroit Bar next Monday (8.29). I posted little things before here , here , and here . I like her music a lot. Gemma Hayes is playing at Tangier (8.30) with the Cold Water Kids, before heading back to Europe. 7-8 dollars ?. She is on first @ 7.30. I told you how cool she is in this post . Tonight 8.23: The Randies @ Zen or Kiss or Kill has The Rainman Suite 12:10, The Letter Openers 11:30, Pu$$y Cow 10:50, Deadbeat Sinatra 10:10 and Front Row For The Meltdown 9:30 @ the Echo Sat/Sun 8.27-8.28 I'm out of town for Sunset Junction, so please stop by El Cid for this: RUMBLE IN THE JUNCTION ~ KISS OR KILL AT THE SUNSET JUNCTION 2 Days ~~ 24 Bands ~~ $1/day The stage will be inside the cool oasis of El Cid. 4212 Sunset Blvd. Silverlake,

boring thoughts, recap

I think DJ Cheese Zombie was right about my posts. This one is boring. Friday I hung out with my friend Cortney and watched television at my house instead of catching Silver Needle, the Letter Openers and the Ben Vaughn Desert Classic play. I've managed to take a couple weeks from shows like I kept promising to do and with this cold, I really had no choice but to slow down. I just read Ben Vaughn's bio for this post and I already knew that he wrote the theme to That 70s Show, but he has also done a million much cooler things too, so I feel lame for missing him. He plays a lot of free shows at Mr T's Bowl, so next time. Saturday I was to attend a birthday party in Hollywood, but I was still feeling sickly, so I passed. Part of it was that I think she's cute and I looked like shit. So pointless. Also scheduled that night was an art/music show at Hangar 1018 featuring Gram Rabbit and 8 Bit. I've only seen GR once a couple years ago at the Scene and since then they ha

DJ Cheese Zombie, I'm calling you out

My longtime friend DJ Cheese Zombie complains that my posts have been boring lately, so I've asked him to step up and guest post in the near future. He's one of those people always with something to say. Should be interesting. If you don't know what a cheese zombie is, Jennifer Accettola describes them like this in This surreal concoction of California public school cafeterias looks like an unsliced hotdog bun with a chunk of mozzarella inside that was melted when the lunches are warmed. They were yummy. tags: cheese zombie

This is why I miss the Bay Area

"What residents know for sure is that the San Francisco Bay Area has three seasons: winter, summer and fog." from I'm going up to the Bay the next two weekends! hella sweet.

Just in case

Why is it that I write a lot on Fridays? Today is another Payday Friday , which might have something to do with it. Tonight is a sketch comedy show that a friend wrote and performs a few scenes in. I have no idea if it’s any good, but I might risk it and the trawling tow trucks of Hollywood who I fear will gobble up my car, and hold it hostage in the belly of a storage yard. I got towed once back when T. worked at Sybase . God I use to love hanging out at that company when she worked into the night alone on her floor. This was 1993 or 94 and our POS Performa with the “new“ power pc chip had only a 26.8 k modem and 56K was becoming mainstream, but Sybase had a T1 if not T2 line. Sweet Kelly Clarkson, it was fast and free as I imagine she would be, but the web was much smaller then so you can only look at so much after a few days. This one day I decided to go see a movie down the street, bored of random word searches in yahoo. Drove around until I found the prefect spot and parked up aga

I'm tired of hitting reload.

All day I hoped for an email to brighten my mood, take my mind of my sore throat. It still hurts. Two days without my afternoon soda will do this to me. Tonight I will crawl into bed and cuddle with a can of pepsi. goodnight.

March of the Penguins

Talk about truth in advertising. They walk in a line, they fall down sometimes. Throw my ass on a 70 mile walk across Antarctica and I'd be falling down too. Include 30 minutes of me bitching about my hair getting messed up by the wind and the penguins would be pushing my face into the ice and tossing me to the seals. It could've been better What disappointed me is that I've seen it all before on PBS for free. I knew they huddled in a circle for warmth, and the father held the eggs and babies in their belly flap while the females feed in the ocean. "Ah, how cute," go the women in the theatre seats around me. Oh how cute when shit happens and then who's fault is it when the eggs drop? The males of course. Pile enough men together and you will quickly see a whole bunch fathers dropping their kids on the floor too. Once I was throwing Kaitlyn into the air at the grandparent's house. I was sitting on the floor in the beginning so the first few times it was onl


This gas thing is killing me. Over $3 a gallon for premium last Wednesday driving down Santa Monica Blvd. Ended up paying $ 2.78 for cheap gas, but I had no choice. $3 by next month? Ughy Ugh. Drove 30 miles to Mr. T's Bowl in Highland Park (1 gallon) to see my favorite band Midway with 8 Bit, The Mormons, The Powercords, and some touring band called Bacon and Eggs. I guess Sean from Midway knew them from his days in Arlo. The Powercords are a young band ala Weezer, or Ozma with a great poppy sound. They can only get better as they mature as performers and their sound evolves a bit more. I phrase it that way only because I didn't realize how much better the rest of the bands have gotten over the last two years. Skipped out on Bacon and Eggs to get a soda and straw from Taco Bell down the street. Menu: Welcome to Taco Bell, what can I get for you tonight? Me: Could I get a large Pepsi and a soft taco? Menu: Is that all? Me: Yup. Menu: You would like steak, chicken, or b

I'm a little sick

Lagging in the posts. Have one fat one and a little one coming. Um, that sounded weird didn't it?

Normality will be attempted

These things will now be verboten after this post: 1) DG 2) One way crushes This is the reality of the situation: Impossible – no Improbable – yes I've been pretty obvious when I come out bouncing through the doorway, with eye contact generating smiles to her. I can’t hide it and she responds in a naturally friendly manner. I never did expected additional interest coming my way and that's just how it will remain telling her or not. It’s all fine and dandy to write and feel and want and lust, but when it gets the best of me, overwhelms me, then I can't handle it. Back off, retreat, overload, circuits blown and I walk away from our conversation. Part shyness, part frustration of not acting like myself and speaking my thoughts. Can I tell you something? Please don't take this the wrong way. (Like this somehow excuses the uncomfortable moment I’m going to drop on you.) Maybe you know this already, I think you might. I think you’re cool and neat and beautiful and I have th

Too much free time

[update: site taken down] [update 9.26.06 Site back up!] Dr. Walker has the time to make up these strange pictorials with dolls. From the site: Twinns are very adventurous, and the Tumbling Twinns have been having quite a few adventures to boast about. They have also been inundated by other Twinns coming forward with their adventures. This is where we you can read more about them. "The New Cookie" story is a bit creepy or how about "Pizza Day"? Click here for the full index of adventures. [update: see above link] tags: dolls

The Randies, Vagenius - Key Club 8.10.05

I couldn't decide which picture I liked better Went out to the Key Club to see The Randies and Vagenius for this girls rock/Avon/mark cosmetic production thingy. Offering half price martinis (7 bucks) , free manicures, and allegedly half off admission with password, but the club ripped me off and I didn't feel like arguing over a dollar fifty. Gave the ticket guy my whatever look and went in. Now the Randies are one of my favorite bands so seeing them at the Key Club is nice for the sound system alone and usually a decent crowd for these events. Walked inside and saw it was pretty empty on the floor, though they were probably more people boozing upstairs. It was five minutes past their 9 sharp set time and according to Jason (pancake) they had moved all the bands up by a half hour. How annoying for a promoter to do that considering the hassle people put up with parking and all the shit that happens on the Strip. Vagenius pulled a ton of people in for their set, but since they

Hey Monica, Juliagulia and others

I think you might agree that is post from the awesome Jessica Stover is amusing. Well if you liked ST TNG, you might. Make sure to check out the "related gallery" on the bottom.

not even an inch

Stopped to stand against the wall, looked over and here I was right next to her. We talk for a minute or two and I was so selfishly focused on her I had forgotten my friend standing only inches away. I sensed what I was doing and mentally looked for the braided string to turn off the Dodgervision sign over my head scrolling the messages I have a crush on you ... I think you're beautiful ... This is driving me crazy standing here . Does everyone see it too? Does she? So I'm getting nervous and people are coming up and saying hi, blah, blah, blahing. All nice stuff really but I had just felt our arms slightly touch against each other for few seconds. 10 seconds maybe. More as I replayed the sensation from my memory, feeling the tips of hair standing up, brushing with the smoothness of cool-whip. How much of this did I just imagined up? Our little group of friends were crowded up together yap, yap, yapping so I don't know if either of us could have shifted away immediately. As

campy tuesday kiss or kill recap

I'm sure this happens all the time. A young lady noticably cracked out her mind, Mick Jagger style strutting through the middle of the Los Feliz and San Fernando Blvd intersection about 7 pm last night. She was staioned slightly north when I came back ten minutes later just before the police copter signaled the arrival of ground units. I hope she's okay. Sounds of Asteroth I figured it couldn’t get anymore exciting staying out in Glendale so I drove home, napped for a couple hours, showered and drove back to Kiss or Kill , walking in on the last three songs by Sounds of Asteroth. I was a little confused to the ultra neon wigs, drag queen backup singers, and a glittered up body of the lead singer at first, but a little camp didn’t take away from the poppy rock of this group. Matt Southwell explained how this band was recommended to them, and he felt they were future residency material for sure. Not only were they a lot of fun, but they had a good draw which always help. I shoul

A Saturday BBQ

I was going to tell some girl Saturday my fascination with the sparkly green eye shadow she was wearing, which would've sound like a cheesy pick up line, but I just thought it looked really cool. On most people it would've been way too much, but I was impressed that it looked good on her. Spent a few minutes trying to figure out a way to approach Miss Tambourine Girl with Green Eye Shadow, but decided best not to say anything. As it was I was already having trouble speaking to people that day. First, there was a little public bickering with OGirl, which I didn't realize was that noticeable until someone was "oh fight, fight" jokingly. One of those we didn't like each other's attitude misunderstandings, but we got that all worked out by the end of the day. Then there's my problem with acting aloof/air-headish around certain people. Now I'm the first to admit I'm not the smartest person in the world, but I've been finding myself going "H

Friday, F***k Yeah!

This whole company gets so lazy here on Fridays and I'm not immune to it. Spent the whole day creating playlists in iTunes, scouring the mp3 blogs, doing nothing. One Friday we did shots of vodka which took a little more effort than just laziness. Paydays are the worst of the worst work ways (said Elmer) since my company doesn't offer direct deposit. After coming down from wired from coffee morning productive, I'll go to lunch, come back for a couple hours, and when the paycheck is hand delivered to me, off to the bank on the company's dime. I think why my company isn't able to offer direct deposit has something to do with the owner being an idiot and laundering money for the Los Angeles arm of the Irish mob in-between the sister companies and partnerships, but don't quote me on that. Until a couple weeks ago I actually stood in line OG style with heavy sighs, crossed arms, doing a crippled co-worker a favor. This one teller, a tad young for my taste, flirts wit

Tomorrow is BYOM (mayo)

Kiss or Kill's Playa's Picnic At The Old Towne Pub 66 N. Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103 12noon-5pm | 21+ $5.00 gets you in the door for bands and bbq. Dogs and burgers. You can also bring your own stuff to grill up if y'all want! BANG sugar BANG 5:00 Porterville 4:15 Midway 3:30 Blockage 2:45 Bobot Adrenaline 2:00

So I broke it off.

That dirty whore called myspace. Some of you managed to make your way to my not so secret blog here and will have already seen this. Deal. Yup, this is all about me 8.4.05 All gone folks. This myspace blog has always been a back-up to my real one (I have two actually) and usually pulled in more views too, but I had to take it down because some of this is taken way out of context (my fault) and it was affecting people I care about. This blog is not a diary. I know people see this. I'm keeping the real one up, so for those who say they hate blogs yet read mine, please stop and admit that you actually like blogs. I understand the internet is public, but like television, if you have a problem with the content, then maybe you should change the channel. I love having readers, and don't plan on changing what I write about too much; yet keeping it off myspace will be helpful I think. 42. I have a love/hate thing with blogging. On one hand I like the attention of seeing how many view

I'll leave it at the first part

Short drive and a long search for elusive Silverlake parking, her fingers rubbed the top of the hand she was holding onto. Sometimes our bundled digits rested on her lap as she used her other hand to talk. Sometimes I was too distracted by her touch on my arm to listen as she guided me down the surrounding streets. I remember at one point holding the top of her leg and then running my finger down the edge of her ear softly, only after her fingertips moved up my neck, into my hair; my path of least resistance. My sighs for misjudging her car length for every potential spot hid also my urge to double park and kiss her. God she was torturing me in a good way, but still too drunk to realize how much so. I was too sober for the thoughts in my head and continued driving. A perfect spot magically opened, we parked, and I was about to walk her up when her cell rang....

I'll forget

unless I write it down, otherwise every night becomes a blur in my memory. Started early with the beer during Underwater City People 's set. They sounded great (as always) and the timed synchronized kicks were amusing. Noticed new people enjoying them so hopefully word spreads on how amazing this band is. Hung out at the bar and was going to say something to someone but still a little shy and only half way through my first beer. Looked up at the ceiling blankly, thinking of ways to not come off too awkwardly. Frustrated that I couldn't think of one, went outside and chatted with Laura red and Rain instead. In the end everything worked out as well as it could have realistically. Walked to the car twice and show C. my new Converse high-tops, only because I haven't owned a pair since high school and felt unusually impulsive for buying them. I was a Doc Martin person for 10+ years straight back then, mostly because they held up to the beating I put them through. I'm a shoe


I love this song Most Sundays by Jessica Dobson. I have for a long time, but I thought I would mention it again. One of these days her album will be finished and playing in my car over and over again. More songs/demos can be streamed at her old "margo lee" site here *site is dead* - use her new band Deep Sea Diver )


I woke up feeling the most solid I've been in weeks. My fault for pushing myself with shows every other night, only getting four hours of sleep on average. But I did win a duck at Punk Rock Social- Live " , so going out has it perks at times. New week, new month. I'm excited about tomorrow at Kiss or Kill Underwater City People 9:30pm The Randies 10:10pm Pu$$y Cow 10:50 (Aug resident band) The Muffs 11:30 This show is $5 bucks instead of the normal $3