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Hello from Las Vegas

I floated over my pillow. Well my head was down and my eyes open. Thinking how much was going change is just a few short hours. I awoke before my alarm on the cell phone rang, set for 5 AM. Made it to LAX by 7.15 for my 9am flight. I call this way to early. I pressed your speed dial code even knowing I would see your face, hold your hand, kiss your lips in just a few hours. We discovered that we've woke up at the same time today, despite the time zone between us. You sounded well rested, my sweetness. I've never flown to Vegas nor on US Airways and never from Terminal 1. I thought of you. The 15 below snaked through the clouds in glimpses. I thought of you again . Watching with the sun shade down the desert looked as if a felt blanket had replaced the sand and rocks and laid twisted by feet, and arms, and bodies. I thought it weird, this distortion from the thick cabin windows because I'm easily distracted like that. And I thought of how weird you are too.


So this Monday I will be flying off to Michigan with a nice 3+ hour layover (by choice) between LA and Detroit. While 3 hours is long for a domestic stretch, it's not just the $100 savings making it worthwhile. No, I'm the strange guy you likes the occasion layover. Between a restroom without lines and the ability to stretch my legs to be less jet lagged are all good benefits for the leisure traveler like myself, it doesn't hurt that my layover is in Las Vegas with slot machines and free wifi. Anyhow, I'm helping B in this little adventure we'll call:  2,177 mi – about 1 day 8 hours (nonstop - ah ahahahah. More like 4/5 days towing a car). The plan is to blog the trip which will be utterly fascinating or completely boring. Regardless we're going to have fun even if it doesn't translate on here.

Congratulations to Deadpan

on getting some twins oops wrong picture Much better. Deadpan over at The Factory Floor somehow convinced his wife that this would be a good idea. I think it's wonderful!  Congratulations!! (There's even pictures via the link in his post.)

There will be torn green fabric

Walking out the door of Kohls I started cursing to myself over the money I just spent. Really it was only 3 items but at 75 bucks I thought it much for 2 pairs of pants and a new green polo to replace the one I still have. You see, I despise the original, old green polo. It's not worn outside all too often and only when dirty laundry awaits a trip to the laundromat. You (or it this case my GF last week) wouldn't notice how this passable article to the untrained eye rots my soul away with it's faded, pit stained and deodorant burned innards each time I place my arms through the side holes, my bowling bowl head breached easily top side as if the strecthed collar was laced with butter . It looked good, well for the first year. By year 2 this shirt became the helpful crutch as I emerged from seclusion (divorced and very, very poor) into new social worlds. Like a middle school humpty dumpty, I was that guy who was learning to put myself all together again and not very
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The Joy Formidable - Austere

Band: The Joy Formidable Song: Austere Why: If this song sound familiar, it was used for this video (not sure if this is NSFW, but let's say Parental Advisory for subject matter at least) that was making the rounds on the intertubes in April. I had originally stumbled across the song in February and besides thinking "damn that's catchy' (always a good start) I couldn't help but notice how the bass line is strikingly similar to Mahogany's song One Plus One Equals Three or More from 2004, which of course is probably inspired by a 20 year old song that I'm blissfully unaware of. Regardless, the other Joy Formidable songs are equally great and worth checking out. Anyhow they're doing the remix thing with their songs here and recommend the following bands: Half Tiger and the awesomely named Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Austere video by The Joy Formidable


If you haven't noticed, I've taken a break from posting the last few weeks to regroup and clear out a few thing in my life. And my desk at work. Yet I've been busy and now sit on top of a bunch of nearly finished posts to be um, posted. I will mentioned that I did see wall-e but instead if going into how great it was, let me tell/show you the first thing I just had to tell Becky about. It was that important. This little trailer placed before the movie better be everything it's advertised or all of our inner children will riot outside the gates of pixarland. Imagine the world of bollywood meeting anthropomorphic Disney animals! Am I the only one seeing the gold in this? Gold, I tell you. Gold!