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oh hey B, i hope you don't mind

I just bought the little girl poster for our living room: It's the new Shepard Fairey posters (if you've been living under a rock- same artist who did the Obama poster now placed in the Smithsonian ) for this weekend's May Day marches $45 @ . All The purpose of these images and prints are to gain awareness and action to help change and improve immigration policy and perceptions. All the proceeds from these prints will go towards creating materials for the May Day marches on MAY 1st and donations for immigration reform organizations. Yeah, you probably can pick one up at the marches - I thought it best not to risk it. Also let's be honest; I'm lazy.

Away We Go pre-screening + panel to support 826LA

AWAY WE GO pre-screening and panel discussion Featuring a panel discussion with: Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida, Director Sam Mendes, John Krasinski  (The Office), Maya Rudolph (SNL and did you know original member of The Rentals?), Alexi Murdoch, Catherine O'Hara Thursday, May 7, 2009  - 8:00 p.m. (doors open at 7:30) Vista Theater (in Los Feliz) 4473 Sunset Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90027 VIP After-Party at Malo - 4326 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90029 $35 tickets include screening and panel discussion $150 VIP tickets include screening, panel discussion, and VIP after-party All proceeds will support 826LA's free writing and tutoring programs for Los Angeles youth. Movie Preview here See you there!

rock on little gnomey

on the front gate of a house in los feliz.

Sonos - I Want You Back

I find myself strangely drawn into this acapella version of The Jackson 5's "I want you back" by local group SONOS Sonos "I Want You Back (Jackson 5) from Sonosings on Vimeo . Sonos is a young all-vocal group formed from the best of Southern California's thriving college a cappella community. The collective -- comprised of Jessica Freedman, Katharine Anne Hoye, Rachel Bearer, Ben McLain, Paul Peglar and Christopher Given Harrison -- reinvent a 21st century songbook with bold reinterpretations of indie artists - Rufus Wainwright, Fleet Foxes, the bird and the bee, Imogen Heap, Lewis Taylor, Magnet, Bjork -- and their sound is captivating press, radio and film in the US. SONOS plays a free show this Saturday at the Silver Lake location of HOME (a pretty good restaurant/bar) 10:00 PM at Home 2500 Riverside Dr, Silverlake, California 90039 FREE and All AGES

2 signs that you're in a serious relationship.

1) We went 50/50 on a joint Costco membership. 2) We have no real reason/need to shop at Costco but it's hard to control yourself when you do get in and we ended up 50/50 on a new camera and 4 lbs of frozen edamame. Saturday was spent testing the camera: Going backwards, caught the tail end of the sunset at the Griffith Observatory Looking towards Downtown Los Angeles On our walk to an early dinner at Fred 62 Sneaking a picture at the restaurant   Walking up Vermont back to our apartment

Perrypalooza Rock 'n Roll Blowout at The Mirage

Just saw this come through some of the bacn I get: Very cool, very short notice and very expensive @ $110 +tax per person PERRYPALOOZA - APRIL 11 - AT THE MIRAGE Perry Farrell's Golden Birthday Bash Join the founder of Lollapalooza and his celebrity friends for a rock 'n' roll blowout! Saturday, April 11th  -  Doors open at 9 p.m. All-Star Performance 10 p.m. // at BARE pool Perry Farrell DAVE NAVARRO // Jane's Addiction, ERIC AVERY // Jane's Addiction,  STEPHEN PERKINS // Jane's Addiction MARTYN LENOBLE // Porno for Pyros PETER DISTEFANO // Porno for Pyros SLASH // Velvet Revolver BILLY IDOL TOM MORELLO // Rage Against the Machine MATT SORUM // The Cult BILLY MORRISON // The Cult DONOVAN LEITCH JR. MARK MCGRATH, ETTY FARRELL, SEN DOG // Cypress Hill, BOBO // Cypress Hill, MICKEY AVALON, JULIETTE LEWIS , and many more of Perry's pals (If the Mirage wants to give me comp tix + room for my free plug, I'd be

Things I'm doing to myself

Image get out of the house this week. May i bitch for a second? Ok I'm a little tired seeing all the semi sober college kids taking up parking in my hood, eating at Mexico City (which sucks - why is it always busy? yuck). /bitch Monday - tonight:  I got a haircut. like you care. Tuesday: Deep Sea Diver @ Silverlake Lounge $8 :: 21+   9PM  Set Time: Midnight I'm excited to buy myself a honest to goo dness DSD shirt + poster + buttons + the new EP. The headliner is the Secret 6 led by James Killington, of the long defunct (not counting the short lived circa 2003 remade line-up) The Killingtons. Seriously go hunt down some of their old stuff.    Wednesday:  Beatnick Bonanza @ El Cid featuring Chissum Worthington and the legendary (well sort of) Beatnik Bandits Poetry Experiment. STARTING OFF THE NIGHT IS THE INIMITABLE CHISSUM WORTHINGTON . CHISSUMING HIS WAY INTO YOUR HEARTS AND THE DEEPEST COCKLES OF YOUR SOUL. THEN ITS TIME FOR: THE BEATNIK BANDITS POETRY

hockey cheer, my ass

B (a MSU alum and former MSU Drumline member) and I are watching the Final Four game between MSU and UConn when the camera cuts over to the student cheer section dancing in unison. Me: Why are they line dancing? B: What they're doing is called the "hockey cheer." Me: I say it's called line dancing. B: It's not line dancing! Me: Is it related to hockey games? B: Yes. Me: Okay, do Canadians do it at basketball games? B: ...No. Me: Then it's line dancing!