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12.31.04 11.45 pm

This New Years Eve I'm spending at home with family. My friends are either out of town, mad at me, or working late (until 11.45) and/or two of the three that I just listed. Could've gone out to Mr. T's Bowl for a great line up of bands and seen some people I know socially, but it's a good 30-40 miles away and I had nowhere to crash or a get lift to/from. I need to be less shy and more out-going. It would've been fun and more money than I have would've be spent. Then of course I don't smoke anymore, which I've come to realize is also a nice crutch for filling in time when there is no-one to talk to. So I sit here and think of you and you and you and no-one instead. I'm not bummed about this. There's a new year ahead for all of us. Let's make it different than last year. Happy New Year Everyone!


Just noticed the privacy settings for the blogs. cool I've been walking around my house (I rent) with a scarf around my neck for my sore throat. Trying to get work done but ended up doing my first gig poster. I'll link it later. Okay I donated five bucks to the relief efforts going on and wish I could give more. I'm not that cheap, just tight on funds at the moment. Anyhow the exchange rate make that five go a lot farther according to the news. This has been on my mind all week and it's hard to imagine a disaster that immense. My problems are so meaningless.

This is what it is

Hi. Hello. Thanks for reading. Well at least for the few of you. This rain is getting old now and the joy of seeing family is wearing off. I have the whole week off, but here I am doing work at 11.45 pm and I budget out of necessity. Had to turn off Elliott Smith and play some Her Space Holiday, oh and some Green Day. Oh I change my blog entries all the time. I like Myspace. I like Music. I like You. Only two of them are true.


Great music / shows make me smile Running a little late, but made it to see Margo Lee (= Jessica Dobson = Deep Sea Diver ) last night playing with a full band. Twice as packed than last week and wow. wow. oh, and wow. Smiled all the way home until I went to bed. Locally, only Midway and couple other bands have put on shows that cool. Each extremely different from each other, but I left all with smiles. listening to: Magneta Lane - Constant Lover album

I got mail today

Current mood: surprised Postcard personally sent to me (and everyone else who gave out their address) from Kelly of the dollyrots whilst on tour. Just a random message....oh and I got presents from various relatives. Also listening to the Beastles...Beastie Boys/Beatles mash up...pretty fun. Download it here Currently listening: Funeral By Arcade Fire Release date: By 14 September, 2004


It's my friend Corey's (look in my friends list) birthday today, so even if you don't know him, please send nice comments his way. You can crank call him at [909!] xxx-762-xxxx ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So Corey's birthday dinner was at Barney's Beanery . I've known about it, but had never been there before (there's a lot of places I haven't been to yet since moving down here 8 yrs ago...long story, but just started to explore So Cal only in the last couple of years). Not bad, most stuff 7-10 bucks and a urinal that seemed a little too close to the sink. This kind of distrubed us in a funny way. I made a special Lindsay Lohan photo collage B-day card for Corey and he gave me the the first season of Arrested Development for Christmas. Hella cool! C. gave me the director's cut of Das Boot . Das ist sehr gut! Currently listening: Orchestra Sadly Has Refused By Silent League Release date: By 30 March, 2004

yup - dec 12 - 17

[edit: this was not a normal week; went out too much, a lot of ups and downs.] Sun: Saw Oceans 12 (not so good) at the Grove (apple store!), ate at the Apple Pit (good) [edit: Pan, sorry corey all that talk about 90210 and the peach pit confused me] , saw Lolita Davidovich eat food five feet away from me. Mon: Saw Midway at the Echo. Must find child mannequins for Theresa. Tues: The Randies at the Key Club. Free cookies and cupcakes as always. C. is still mad at me. Ate too many Sweet Tarts handed out by a very drunk Santa Joe. Felt ill. New mix cd with "A Simple Plan" by The Information this song ... I want to marry it. Weds: Will see Margo Lee at Plush in Fullerton. Eat either fish tacos from Wahoos or one dollar whoppers from the BK down there. Thurs. Amazing show last night by Margo Lee..wished her EP was out, but I'll settle for the old songs from a couple years ago. I ended up having a whopper. //// traffic sucked. I love commuting 3 hrs a day. fell as