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Tonight: She's Your Sister (Final Show)

SHE'S YOUR SISTER Final Show @ El Cid Saturday, 3.29 -- Doors 9pm $3, 21+ Present Tense 9:30pm, Mad Habit 10:30pm, She's Your Sister 11:30pm, Silver Needle 12:30am

Shower Thoughts, Episode 1

Shower Thoughts is a collection of random memories that come to visit between the turn of faucets and the pull of the curtain. I didn't know my dad very well. Sure he was there to raise me to what he thought were good morals (they were) and to show us kids as much of the world as possible. Now that world meant road trips across the state or side trips through the districts of San Francisco always with a bit of history thrown in. So yeah I knew my dad being full of random information on why Army street was called Army street or the secret location of the other curviest street in world but when it came to his childhood in New York or the time before he meet my mom, details were vague at best. One day I picked up the phone and a ten year girl voice responded to my fourteen year squeak. "Hello?" "Hi, may I speak to my grand father, Robert XxXxxxx?" My dad went by Bob, I by Bobby but we both were the name she asked for. I was on close terms with my siblings and pro

I like your thighs!

Band: Pu$$y Cow Song: BernNadette Why: A) They're a great band that can fit 22 songs in a 30 min set. B) Band name is a play on the Cal Worthington commercials . ... Cal Worthington and his dog spot... Go See Cal, Go See Cal C)You have not heard this on any TV show. yet. D) Chissum Worthington made this video too.

2nd once in a lifetime girl

Band: The New Fidelity Song: 2nd Once in a Lifetime Girl Why: A) They're a great band. B)You might have heard this in at the start of Eli Stone (during the recap) C) Chissum Worthington made this video.
Yes, that would be a Ferrari (albeit old but in perfect condition) being washed at the $1 self car wash on Sunset Blvd.

traveling in bursts

I often complain that I'm not a well traveled person, somehow feeling less worldly than my (possible more financially secure) friends. Even if the years with T were all taken away, would I have actually gone anywhere? I'm not my sister how packed up for NYC without a job two months after 9/11 (this fear seems silly now), nor am I MFR who moved to Sweden for school, traveled on bamboo rafts in Thailand, or talks about the cute little lizards in her apartment on St.Kitts . T. (The Ex) didn't like to go places and her reluctance really affected me. I gave up on my child based dreams of traveling through Europe or even cool places in this country. Divorce can be a good thing and in this aspect it has: she has her house in Southern Orange County with three cars, the mall, isolated in the same, utterly boring shit in every direction. I have dumpy place in EP with a view of the city and lake, amazing friends and relationships that influence my curiosity in the world. In booking a

When hipsters cry in Echo Park

Sadly some of you won't be receiving this month's issue of Dwell. The postal carrier decided my hallway was a better place to leave your copy. My complex thanks you for the free issue btw; it was a full stack yesterday, not so much this morning. Yes I do subscribe, but only because I needed to redeem some frequent flier miles so as not to lose the full amount.

post. i win.

Monday To: robert Subject: So.. I have called you back every single time... tag, you are it. Wednesday: To: robert Subject: Seriously? I mean, seriously?! Robert> Subject: Re: Seriously Omg. I've been sick and working crazy hours. I say the following with a smile indicating I'm being a brat: I get emails if I don't call ever I get emails when I do, but you don't answer -being on vacation is not a good enough excuse XXX ! Robert> XXX> the email was me being bratty. you should be able to get my sarcasm via email and know my facial expression too. what kind of friend are you anyway? Robert> Chicks are inherently confusing to read...especially in emails. stop being such a chick XXX> stop being such a dick Robert> can I post this conversation on my blog?

Too many shows for the first week of March

I missed the one last week, but there are two more Gemma Hayes shows: Sunday @ Room 5 Monday @ The Echo for the first night of the Chapin Sister's residency this month - FREE - also with Blanket which I seriously hope is a reference to the baby that Micheal Jackson dangled out a window. Also on Sunday is cool little benefit at the Hotel Cafe Rock & Run for Charity All proceeds go to People Assisting the Homeless ( ..... Local musicians (Sara Radle of Calamity Magnet and brother Chris Radle from Supersport) will run L.A. Marathon, then play benefit show that same night! ..... with Goldenboy, Let’s Go Sailing, Calamity Magnet, Supersport, Ben Pringle and The Bros A little later is everyone's favorite friend, RobZ on Thursday March 6th, but don't confuse it with the show he puts on next week (for another post). Slope Ent. @ M Bar: live lounge piano performances by Rob Z., Sean Howard, SlowMo Erotic, and Amanda Rowse, there will be burlesque dancers, sh