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Sat 6.3.06 - Kiss or Kill Picnic

It was 2006 the last time I checked

She told him she liked his smile with the squint of her eyes signaling a step up from the playful flirting she interspersed while sipping from her coffee cup. This is going well he thought. "You did notice the gap right? And the 20 plus years of Pepsi has taken its toll too." He started to backtrack, "I mean thank you, but mine will never compare to yours" She leaned back into the iron frame of the chair and returned only a smirk before speaking again. "I still like your smile and I like you." "Well how you could not?" His hands reached up a bit as if holding a giant globe in front of him. "I mean really, I love myself so much,...'cause I am all that. How couldn't a near stranger at a bare minimum not like me or more realistically want to be just like me?" With an Oh Really Look she responded, "You're a bit of brat, aren't you?" "Yes. Yes I am." Finished drinks in hand they made quick plans to watch

For Friday 5.26.06

I would go to this, but I can't. :: sad face :: FRIDAY, MAY 26th PUNK ROCK SOCIAL - LIVE Presents: at the Anarchy Library Featuring: The Checkers The Dollyrots Rocket A favorite of Tony Pierce Regal Beagle Atoms Sean and Julia are the greatest and their Punk Rock Social - Live are the greater-est. Enough said, go check out this great line up in the cooler inside (though I'm not a big fan of their bathrooms) than it looks from the outside Anarchy Library . *I would even skip kiss or kill for this show, but I'll be missing both. :: double sad face :: Speaking of Kiss or Kill : Silver Needle 12:30--- Underwater City People 11:45-12:15 The Randies 11:00-11:30 The Sump Pumps 10:15-10:45 (From Bloomington, Indiana) Wrapt In Plastic 9:30-10:15 Have a good holiday!

summer is here - a new hope

The first Saturday of every month: The Kiss or Kill PLAYA's PICNIC @ The Old Towne Pub , Pasadena noon - 5? -- Free food like last year? -- five bucks ? A dragon shaped vent with billowing smoke at a charming hidden in an alley bar? Yes! All other Fridays still at Safari Sam's of course. Now let me put this in my own words: Nobody liked the Key Club nights and everybody bitched about paying up the ying yang for parking, but many like myself will have no problem paying the five bucks to park in Pasadena and real money at the bar during the picnics. Great vibe - great fun From summer 2005 I will bring the mayo again. (That wasn't meant to sound dirty, just an inside joke from last year)

well that settles that

whoa hey stop notice part 1: how can I not notice? A month ago I sat there across from DG in a crowded mess of friends and chairs, both types of feet interlocked. I noticed more than warmth through my jeans with our calves pressed together with her skirt ending just above the knees as they lined up with mine. What stood out to me was that I no longer was freaking the fuck out around her. whoa hey stop notice - part 2 Friday at Kiss or Kill was mellow fun with a temporary patio set up outside. blah blah blah is this the end? blah blah blah. Strange part was my inner voice kicking in with the phrase "holding out" when triggered by some shared words among the group. Weird. Don't ask what it means - I couldn't tell you what my crazy internal voice is trying to tell me. Any ideas? Saturday I slept all day and then flaked on the lava lounge show and the party out in the Valley. Evening wasted with my stupid writing hat on and scratched glasses. It didn't help what I

Most Sundays aren't like this

At first I thought it was the anti-stalker who stalks but a little detail revealed the brillant one has returned . A happy/sad welcome back. Just like that song.

This weekend shows 5.19.06

Tonight 5.19.06: Kiss or Kill @ Safari Sam's [updated 2pm] [no Bangkok 5 tonight. Not surprised when I saw kids wearing their shirts this weekend] The New Fidelity 12:30 The Rainman Suite 11:45-12:15 Bloodsugar 11:45-12:15 The Randies 11:00-11:30 [new & improved old favorite] The Overnight Lows 10:15-10:45 [new favorite] Nauty Pet 9:30-10:15 [new to me] Seems like the Lava Lounge has been booking some good stuff lately. Good words being spread about their Anarchy in Hollywood punkish line-ups on Monday nights and a nice range of upcoming shows this weekend: Tonight 5.19.06 she's your sister Chicago rock that makes me smile. with hockey, the whirling dervish, heard Sat. 5.20.06 Seiko and Salome (formally From Bubblegum to Sky) with meho plaza, we miss the earth, love you long time Also a benefit show worth noting for Sat From the band Earlimart: "'s a benefit for our friend Fyn Stec. he and his family have had some problems as of late. little

I'm Sorry

Damn I did it again! I used a great post title like "I'm not going to lie" and offered a boring, phoned in, writing in my sleep, thank you with an inside joke post instead. I'm sorry. I love you people - even you Corey. So it's no lie (which doesn't sound better than it's true, I'll confess ) when I tell you I'm a lightweight when it comes to drinking. Tuesday I had three guinnesses (guinni?) and I felt great by number two. It's no lie that I can drink more than that. I'm lame, but not that lame. It's no lie that I am that lame. It's no lie that Chissum Worthington is a genius. A genius compared to a chimp... save for the ones that know sign language. Those chimps will rule the world one day! It's no lie - I saw it on NOVA once. It's no lie that I smiled during the whole set. That doesn't happen often; not because I don't smile, it was that good. It's no lie that this blog hasn't been anonymous in a long tim

I'm not going to lie

I'm not going to pretend that part of me wasn't disappointed [more on that later] leaving the venue last night. THEN as I dropped Ashley off she gave me a gift "...because I've been nice lately"; note the word lately . Thing is I already knew she was super duper cool and has been a great friend to me lately too. Many a great night being winos in her industrial backyard, talking, smoking (I know, I know) have helped sharpen my focus and curbed my daydreaming during conversations. Sometimes very important conversations. Eeks. So thank you Ash even though my hope guess of a gift of porn was wrong. You've created a monster btw with this No lie, Ashley is cool.

Who is Chissum Worthington?

Cult Leader? Genius? Idiot? Come find out tonight at Highland Grounds with Underwater City People , and XUK . Or not. Whatever. More songs and videos: Chissum Worthington@ myspace

Saturday was actually a good day

Goal was to see the bog people at the natural history museum but showed up to find hundreds escaping politely skipping the Bangles playing at the Coliseum for the Revlon Cancer awareness walk that earlier day. From my vantage point in front of the giant screen outside the building, Susanne Hoffs still looks yummy. Great cause of course but how did "Walk like an Egyptian" ever become a hit anyhow and do they still have to torture me with it? Well due to the event the museum was opening late that day so time was spent milling around the rose gardens doing summersaults and the science center trying not to break any of the exhibits. Next stop: Walt Disney Concert Hall I sort of missed the turn I originally wanted to make when leaving and found myself heading into downtown instead. Been there at night so I figured it might be a whole new experience during the day. There is no real difference in night time exploring over afternoon exploring the concert hall I'd discovered;

The Rentals on sale this Sat (5/13)

The Rentals Live at Henry Fonda Theater July 7th, 2006 The Rentals new lineup features the original founding members Matt Sharp (ex-weezer) and Rachel Haden (that dog!) along with new members Sara Radle [duh. had no idea ;P..and talented too!] (vocals/ multi-inst), Ben Pringle (synth master), Lauren Chipman (viola/vocals) and Dan Joeright (drums). Worldwide dates are in the works. The Rentals will perform their first Los Angeles concert in over a decade, July 7th, at The Henry Fonda Theatre followed by two nights at the Yokohama Arena in Japan. The band hopes to hit the studio later this year to record a new full-length album for release in 2007. Opening: ozma $18 + roughly the cost of a kidney on the black market service charges at ticketmaster

There was a gorilla head at the bbq too

If I didn't have the worst hangover yesterday I might've posted something. But I did and now life is about catching up on work, on sleep, on remembering all the stupid things I said. So far this is what is coming back to me: Early evening bbq - check Three hot dogs 'cause I'm pig - check Five, maybe six bottles of wine - check Two increasingly drunk trips to buy smokes- check Falling off the chair, falling into dirt - check Momentary belief that I was funny – check Not feeling so well – ugh - check Comfty couch crashing - check (A little unsure but I think someone actually tucked me in too) I also tortured my friends with the current mix cd in my car and Ashley is picky as fuck and only liked this one song by the New York band The Hong Kong . It's called Tongue Tied, kind of catchy, and off the forthcoming album produced by Ric Ocasek [on a side note (barely): The New Cars . gorilla head here from earlier this week.

I don't believe it happened either

[Two years ago an angel fell into my arms at Kiss or Kill] She fell into my arms down from sweaty hands and smoky smiles Weighed nearly nothing Nothing like I ever held before She thanked the other fellow Less nervous than this young fresh fellow Never looking at me It was never in front of the others Placed down and safe I picked up my sweater Taking position in the back of the crowd watching her slyly make circles around the room until reaching me to smile like we did every week.

how did I miss this?

Original Guess I don't troll the message boards enough to have seen the beauty of Mosh Pit Girl already. sweet.


It's cool, I'll be home in only five hours. Really, I've only been here at my desk since 6.15 this morning, I'm not that hungry. No, No, it's soo cool that you threw away my container too. Really isn't this what co-workers do for each other?

seven hours on friday

I had the worse getting home at 3 am headache Saturday morning. Sad thing is that my cinco de lamo was spent sober attending a fairly ordinary Kiss or Kill and playing driver to the upper reaches of the Sunset Strip where it was awfully dead for 10 pm on a Friday night. Compare to Echo Park an hour earlier with small families making their way up side streets to Sunset, passing taco trucks on the corner as strangers stood amused with their own stumble onto the sidewalk from a friend's car. The street was alive and good smelly from welcoming resturants compared to the sterile upper strip. I parked in the lots behind Sunset and noticed how intersections with the right combination of sounds and city lights draw back to memories of visiting my parent’s old haunts in the Mission District before the suburbs claimed them. The strongest memory is meeting up with my dad’s old friend one warm winter evening, dropped the top on his large, dark gray Cadillac and cruised the neighborhood to see


I was wearing a tux I thought it was the right thing to be doing at the time Honestly, I don't regret it at all.

stuff for today

Monsters Are Waiting - Last Goodbye video It took me a few minutes to figure out that the gutiar part reminded me of New Order's song Love Vigilantes ( mp3 ) Free show tonight btw ISM quarterly magazine release party ALL AGES!!! @ the Orange County Museum of Art featuring performances by: Curious Primate . Fin . Hopefield . Monsters Are Waiting . Thornlake . Turkish Rocket Another free show today with Los Abandoned Join Indie 103.1 from 3p-6p FREE performance from Los Abandoned @ Lulas 2720 Main Street, Santa Monica Or Tune in online at Tonight Kiss or Kill at the Key Club all details here yeah, a lazy post. Tons of drafts to finish fragments ?

Free Pat & Oscars in Irvine today

[Hey JP!] Irvine location -- today (5.4.06) only 10.30 am - 4 pm view complete info here and also on their website


What I need: a bottle of wine and talking What I don't need: A trip just to invalidate my fears How could I not come away disappointed? I don't need to be there among her and her sounds or her words I don't need to be there alone.

the day after

Asain Customer: Hey Robert, it's Marshal. Me: Hi Marshel. How are you doing today? AC: Good. Good. Did you enjoy the protest and the events yesterday? Me: There was a protest yesterday?? [short pause] AC: was a downtown. A big protest. Me: Huh. [longer pause] AC: It went all day. It was big... Me: I never heard anything about it. [much longer confused pause] AC: Uh is Antonio there?