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Sara Lov - Fountain

 I'm just getting into Sara Lov these days. This video makes it so easy. fountain fountain we are the same you with the water me with the pain turning it over again and again don’t you wish you could throw their pennies back at them?

where did summer go?

A few months after I landed my current job I decided my first splurge was to be on season passes to Disneyland. Each year I toke my December born kids out to the parks as a combined birthday/Xmas present as I'm a firm believer in life experiences over material gifts.  Memories last forever, not so much whatever toy or gadget that is popular in the elementary/junior high set. Conveniently for me Disneyland now offers a monthly payment plan at 0% interest to SoCal residents so I had to jump on that.  Now we visit on random Sundays a few hour here, a few hours there never feeling the need to cram every ride in one day. While it is safe to say that I'm financially stable now, this wasn't true for most of this decade.  Those yearly trips were my way of evening out the playing field from the crazy and expensive gifts my Ex and her friends spoiled the kids with back then. I just couldn't complete with inflatable jumpers, computers, chinchillas and Nintendo DS ga

The New Fidelity has a free CD for you

From the band's tweet from today: @thenewfidelity : Download our new CD All Here Now for Free for a limited time only! I made it out again last week for another night of fun at Rob Z's little semi-monthly shindig at El Cid. Maybe you should have gone too because it was a great line up of bands. And if you know Rob Z (and you probably know him way better than I do in fact), then you know how he cherry picks great talent for these events. The New Fidelity made the night their CD Release show, packing the place with locals and bringing along quite a few Long Beach folks with them. They offer such a great, consistent sets of 60s/70s Brit-Pop inspired songs that get people up and dancing each time I catch them. I like what they bring to shows that I even tried to book them for big corporate party in Vegas a few years ago before my West Coast office was sadly closed down (and I was laid off). I highly recommend The New Fidelity if you're look

she's a rockstar blogger in my book

It's not like I've been all depressed and shit for two weeks straight, moping about eyeglasses and dental insurance. I'm generally happy everyday but come to think of it... work has been incredibly stressful lately, like I don't want to be there anymore stressful, and my car's transmission looked liked it was totally screwed, and the TV I've carted around, since 1996 died in the middle of Ghosthunters , and the money I've been saving for some wonderful things in the future are now tagged for the car+TV, and then I ate too many almonds one day. ugh my stomach, and then it seemed I ran out of words again. Okay, so yeah I had a lot of things bringing me down, crimping my style, setting the dial on to funk the last couple weeks.  The over-sharing has been helpful here as a way to release some thoughts without burdening B who's nothing but patient with my moodiness. There's also been a few nights of fun mixed in, namely I finally met Ms Sizzle
Oh look, it's Jessica Dobson (aka Deep Sea Diver) playing with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs last night on Conan O'Brien. video clip no longer on hulu Wish I could go to the sold out show at the Greek tonight, especially since I live only a few blocks away. oh well.

all I wanted was a hamburger and a hug

It's probably not normal to leave the dentist crying at this point in my life. Before I get into why I found myself sitting in my car all teary eyed, you have to understand a couple things: 1) While I'm known for giving good advice, I'm not very good at following any advice. 2) I have regrets for not adapting to changes in my life - that I do not do curve balls well. 3) I have this frustrated/sad look about me at times. I'll deny it but it is the look of utter disappointment / frustration in the current situation/myself and usually related to money issues. 4) Also this post is very long. When The Ex moved out and filed for separation she also took me off her insurance coverage which coincided with the company I worked for being sold and moved.  It was really a crappy time in my life with a commute increasing from 5 minutes to 50 minutes, my worth needed to proved to new owners, and oh yeah while that whole divorce process was happening. Years went by and I

Los Campesinos! @ The El Rey

Damn I forgot to post this earlier. Last Friday a couple of weeks ago I won tickets to one of may favorite bands Los Campesinos through the generosity of LA metblogs. I had entered the ticket giveaway which asked for a link to my favorite picture of Wales where the band hailed from and the location of the image. A quick google image search led to many boring, non-specific to any part of Wales pictures so I went with the one subject I knew of in Wales in my comment: The only thing I can think of Wales related is Carol Smillie, the original host of Changing Rooms on BBC America (aka Trading Spaces in the US). She was way cute. I assume that this is not going to win me any Los Campesinos! tickets. Later that day the one and only Lucinda sent over a silly email informing me that I merely won because there were only two entries (including mine) and two prizes so that's an automatic win for me!   So I took Corey of course and spent the whole time outside during the opening

At least she was honest and I like honesty

I now own my first new pair of glasses in 7 years.  Nothing fancy, just some thick frames branded by Converse (a bargain at $60 @ costco btw) that are just a bit trendy in a year 2003 sort of way. The old pair were whispery metal frames, sleek like thread that spoke to my imagined greater intelligence if not a little snobbishness, these new ones are obnoxious in comparison . Despite the 7 year lapse between examinations my prescription is still so minor these glasses are merely helpful but not necessary for driving an automobile or listening to poetry or making flan for dessert or even writing a blog post. No, because my eyes wear down quickly in this visual affair with all things web I wear them all day and more importantly they make my pumpkin head look, well better. Yes, on some level I do care about how people view me. So I started the past work week with the new glasses on, walking straight into the department I share with five other people as if nothing was different. T

The xx

So Corey asked what is the current buzzband and based on other blogs and reviews The xx is definitely on the short list this week. I've been listening to new album by The xx on my commute for a few days now and while sparse, the songs do make up a solid good first album. This would be a CD for long drawn out trips or relationships; I found myself day dreaming to this as a soundtrack, wanting to grow from this album into a stronger second disc that would better complete me. 3.75 out of 5 loranges. 4 on a good day.** The xx - Crystalised The xx - Basic Space ** I don't do proper reviews - this lorange numbering system is somewhat meaningless. Though if I like you/your band I will blog about you all the time.

Documenting the documentaries of the other LA music scene

People were chatting last week on the local music blogs about a cool documentary on the bands, clubs and people of the Silver Lake / Echo Park area called East of Sunset . Before moving to Southern California in the late 90s, I like many only knew of the glory days of the Sunset Strip; East of Sunset hopes to change that perception that still exists even within our own city limits. Here's the trailer: Very cool stuff and great for the bands included in this movie but this area has been a hotbed of activity for a long time so I wanted to highlight a couple documentaries of the lesser known slices of the same music scene: Live at the Smell Documentary ( LA Weekly article ) For over 10 year this downtown club has been serving the underground and the up and coming of LA music. "Live At The Smell" Trailer from Adam Cornelius on Vimeo And of course something close to my heart, the Kiss or Kill club of great people and bands that ran from 2002-2007 at Mr T