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closer still

Lovely voice on the other end of the phone. I took this picture, listening as you spoke of your day.  Closer. From passing thunder clouds the rain never reached the ground.


You probably already know that Google makes nice and cute instructional videos on the products and services they offer. This one for Google Mobile search is perfectly absurd. h/t to mashable

ROBOTANISTS - Exiled State of Mind (reworked Jay Z cover)

Band:  ROBOTANISTS   ( facebook , myspace youtube )  Song:   Exiled State of Mind Why:  Let's be honest here. Many of use are transplants in this beautiful city of Los Angeles. Some of us moved here for love or to escape memories or to chase a dreams. At some point you realize that this is a city doesn't care what your past was and yet still loves you for who you are. Some days that lack of caring is too hard not to take personally yet many of us would not live anywhere else.  If you're planning a retreat, trust me it gets better. Any city is what you make it out to be - this city is just one of better ones to try it in because it doesn't matter why you are here. We all have our reasons and they're all valid. Sometimes it's all about letting go of the Why that brought you here and embracing the What you are going to do about it. So maybe you'll relate to this slowed down modified cover of Jay Z's "Exiled State of Mind" by one my fa

1.56 pm

When I'm having a bad day at work, like I am today, I think about the smile in your eyes; It cheers me up.