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oh no he didn't

Oh yes I did. Illustration 1: I'm in Checkout Line 3. Products have started to be scanned and one additional cart with @35 items stands between me and my turn. I have 7 items. Express Line 2 is closed. Express Lane 1 is open with at least 10 customers. Illustration 2: My eyes follow a new checker weave through the checkout stands to pull the next customer in the Express Lane 2. He walks around to his station as the chosen one moves her cart over to Express Lane 2 (A). No one follows. I have time to follow the previous rearrangement, look at the items on the belt, items waiting to leave the cart in front of me, and still have a moment to calculate what, if any, time to be saved. No bodies follow the first to the new line. I make my move (B) and only then does the third person in Express Lane 1 locks eyes with me in a challenge of iron wagons (C). Three steps ahead and she didn't stand a chance; I was visualizing my placement before her wheels even started to creak over. My defe

darn I forgot to add this to my list

The third weekend in May: Mike the Headless Chicken Festival

it smells like a mid life crisis

Somehow things just work out. I have come to accomplish the goals in my life simply by the natural course of how things played out. Now I've come to realized that one cannot participate in life with out putting a little effort into it. Often I think that fate and dumb luck has play a bigger role in the past for me as I merrily merrily floated down the stream. Now as I transition into the second and final part of life (avg life expectancy + turning 35 = the slow end) I've decided that I need to grab life's little neck and wring it for all it's worth before it's all too late. You see I have now created a to do list to realize my goals: 1) find out what shit I need to get together 2) get a hair cut 3) get my shit together 4) keep my shit together 5) kiss my (yes, younger) girlfriend on new year's evemy 6) Go to Naples, Italy in the next three years now that little sister will be transferring for the navy band next June. Or just go anywhere in Europe. 7) eat m

Avoiding sleep still

I tried sleeping in this morning past the alarm, blankets weaved between my legs like blankets should be. I'd rather have my girlfriend's legs to wrap around mine and maybe this is why I'm up at one a.m. grilling chicken. Avoiding sleep again; listening to Jdob's voice sing those songs I love and missed this weekend. Instead of being at her show Saturday I was on Hollywood Blvd at Tiny's k.o. having drinks and eating birthday cake of a friend barely an hour after completing the long drive from the Bay Area. Well worth the fun trip though: Rolled into the Bay Area around 4 A.M. Thursday morning to a fog topped Altamont Pass along with other early morning commuters from the central valley. Crashed on my mom's couch (I let S+J take the spare bedroom) for just enough sleep to drive safely into Oakland (on the Berkeley border) the next day to a little vegan pizza place on Shattuck called Pizza Plaza . Pretty tasty and, this is random, the owner looks a lot like Jes

avoiding sleep

oh wonderful technology - you keep me up! oh wonderful technology - you can't help me! oh no! oh wonderful technology - why can't you tell me this post isn't as amusing to read as it is to write at 2.36 AM? oh wonderful technology - I think I'm loopy for you! oh wonderful technology - I think I'm going to bug my girlfriend thousands of miles away when she wakes up in a few minutes. oh wonderful technology - thank you for putting her on the same wireless network! oh wonderful technology - you make me all jittery. oh maybe that's the caffeine.

pre trip rambling

I've fallen in love with music again and this week's timing couldn't have been better. It's possible I've missed a few shows that where set in stone, encased in concrete, carved into flesh that I was to attend. Monday night wasn't any different - a headache - a worry - an early bed time for my old self. Though this blog was somewhat neglected it didn't mean I wasn't doing my regular Kiss or Kill on Wednesdays or checking out the previous Monday line ups. Just enough show smiles to get me through the week: Hearts of Palm UK a few weeks back at the Echo with Castledoor, the Go Team! at Amoeba. Just enough. I've been distracted the last month or two: B has been a positive change and her recent visit a major highlight. A close friend inserted a big negative for a short period but that was dealt with offline mostly save for the colorful blog comments here. T threw in a little, but far ominous dig one night. And $ is always an issue. These are deeper d

Sunset Blvd closed Thur & Friday night

So Jim Carrey's new film is closing down Sunset Blvd completely Thursday and Friday night between the hours of 9 P.M. and 6 A.M. Good luck getting to the Echo or Masa or returning movies at 50/50. I'm going out of town so thankfully I won't have to spend a hour to find parking a half mile from my apartment. I made a google map of the areas here - It should work (crosses fingers) **Filming in EP is welcomed - Not respecting the neighborhood isn't** Read the messages in the Echo Park/Elysian Park Neighborhood Council Discussion Forum for more info. ~~~~~ Production company: Hearthlight Pictures, INC Filming: Yes Man .... Permit: F-209578 Location: Sunset Bl from Park Ave - Echo Park Ave Dates: 11/08/07 - 11/09/07 HOURS: 5:00 P.M. - 7:00 A.M. [Um, rush hour traffic anyone?] Description of Scene: Exterior dialogue. Stunt driving with cars and scooters [So so typical]. Near misses. [Like Number 23?] Camera and equipment on the sidewalk and in

I know myspace means nothing

but it does hurt when a close friend deletes you. but I wasn't top 8 worthy to her so should I care?

last week

Halloween @ Kiss or Kill with photos. I didn't dress up this year citing funds allocated for Becky's visit mixed with plain old laziness. My friend Kevin managed to slap to get a convincing Starbucks barista outfit for less than five bucks in five minutes that placed me at five times as lazy. My cheap ass suckage indeed. What I wore didn't matter to the dressed crowd that had started drinking early and focused on ways to receive attention from the other disguised patrons on the patio. I easily slipped unnoticed through the crowd like wait staff until on group of non-regulars sarcastically heckled "Nice costume!" onto me. Stupid fuckers. Sometimes I have nothing to show in defense when it come to clothing as it is a bit of luxury beyond simple jeans and interchangeable t shirts except tonight I possessed the color matching drink ticket of weeks past so I raised my free bottle to their mirthful, self congratulatory wit and went inside. The Invisible Humans had al

The Ususal Suspects: I hate Mondays

'cause of too many free choices in LA. I'm half surprise as you are that I am writing again. Often I have some drama related cause to my little blogging breaks, yet I can't really pinpoint the cause for this last one. Ok I have some ideas that I'll talk about later. Just saying I'm back if that matters. So saddle up and sidle on down to today's late edition of TUS. Kiss or Kill presents The Randies / Porterville @ The Key Club It's Metal Skool so rsvp at the usual places to get in for free. I'm torn between that and The Softlightes @ Spaceland - Free every Monday in November Waste time at the Viper for IO Perry and The Pity Party, free with rsvp Casxio @ Silverlake Lounge every monday in November tonight with Voxhaul Broadcast who I have yet to see but ooh I liked what I heard on myspace, also King Elementary Anarchy in Hollywood night is now over at the Scene in Glendale (sure, why not?) with Beatmo at 9.30ish, Phantom .357, My Attitude, and Mar

A Big Orange Balloon

I took a little trip 400+ feet into the air this morning. As part of the redevelopment of the former El Toro Airport and Marine base into Orange County Great Park , this wonderful orange sphere (Get it? Being in Orange County known at one time for large orange orchards) will take you up 250-500 feet into the air for FREE in 2007 2008 and beyond. At over 1,300 acres, this will be one of the largest parks in Southern California with lakes, man made canyons, trails, sport fields and a museum district all within. Sadly it will still be located in Orange County. The coastal haze sat around the region like thinned out cotton balls this morning so I would pegged visibility at just under a mile. Though floating in a stationary position just tethered to the ground, a sub standard view is plenty to keep you (actually me) distracted from that thing called a slight fear of heights. After 15 minutes** up in the completely enclosed 30 person ring shaped cage, the cable gently pulled us down to