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Band: The Mulhollands Song: Beverly ( vid link on myspace ) Why: This beautifully shot video took me a by surprise. By the end all I wanted to do was sigh. I'm still trying to figure that part out.

please be nice

Testing out Google's new feature / company they just bought. be nice.

Wait! Was that a...?

just another echo park film permit THE PRODUCTION COMPANY: BENZOMATIC PHOTO WILL BE FILMING: LEVI'S UNDER PERMIT: S-212688 LOCATION: Intersection of Echo Park Blvd. and Fairbanks Pl. DATES: 2/26/08 HOURS: 7:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M. DESCRIPTION OF SCENE: Models against scenery sitting on bus bench. Stationary picture bus in curb lane. Camera and equipment on street and sidewalk. One orangutan with trainer.

10 Things from the Vday Weekend

So when my girlfriend flew into LA last Thursday, neither of us expected a perfect VDay weekend. While we might be extremely sappy people, we are not the type caught up in the general expectation that this was to be a super romantic getaway. So ok, when I picked her up from Terminal 3, there was some wrapped candy under the seat - actually eight boxes of NECCO sweet heart tarts. So ok, we did have the best breakfast ever at Millie's Cafe Friday morning, seated along the sidewalk, ooh and ahhing over each other as much as each dish served in our area. So ok, we did the uber couplely thing of hitting Trader Joe's for supplies to stay in. I would attempt to make pancakes for each morning slept in or for dinner, post afternoon nap. So ok, I took her out for a walk hand in hand after Trade Joe's, but it was while I had my oil changed and she didn't mind one bit. (pic) So it with the bar set so low and with the intent to merely pend time with each other, it hella sucked when

Gemma Hayes - Ran For Miles

A lovely little video of Gemma Hayes recording Ran for Miles at Abbey Road studios.

She's Your Sister - 2nd to last show tonight

If you haven't heard already, the Chicago, now Los Angeles based band She's Your Sister has decided to call it a day. Tonight at the Silver Lake Lounge is their second to last show, so come out and say goodbye. Final show will not be until March 29 @ ElCid. Such a great band. I highly suggest going tonight. Show info on flyer
"If you were socks and I were hands, we'd be a sock puppets."
zero percent = zero More about calculator. With a phone call and a miscommunication, I went from 100 percent to zero. I'm sorry. I feel like I'm disappointing people left and right tonight.

strange days

Second or third day working eleven hours at my desk seem to make me a little loopy. In those moments I'm somewhat touched that a trade mag used one of my quotes. Granted it was self supplied PR dribble I wrote in ten minutes; I just didn't realize that it would be incorporated into the feature article. And when I found a mystery package from B in the mail, I found myself ecstatic over the contents: vintage high school band buttons dug out from a prehistoric percussion room in Michigan. It's ok I'm with band would make a hella great shirt. During an office chat yesterday about another trade show in New Orleans I spoke of a finding an old friend* that slipped out of the Bay Area into a bar tending gig on Bourbon Street and rumble bout with rough times. She was alive but I didn't know how well. Seven years later she chose this morning to find me on myspace, from Portland teaching yoga no less. Strange days indeed. * Yes corey, we did date (read the comments)
I'm tired of being tired. But it goes on; back to a job that I love and loves me back by wearing me out, back to two hour phone calls that I love to repeat on a daily basis. This what normal people do. But normal people also got out and I've done only that once in the last month. I just need to get the f' out tonight and have a drink. So if you're voting, bring your "I Voted" sticker down to Seven Grand for LAist's Super Tuesday Party and a free drink for the first 75 people (7-9pm). It's what normal people do. (You should probably vote and not mug someone of their sticker)