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santa foursome

I'll be the first one to tell you that I shouldn't be allowed in pictures. Cameras and I do not mix well. These were from the last kiss or kill night with Andy as Santa. His um, interesting myspace blog here.

merry xmas

though it's a sad one when James Brown dies.

Greetings from the Bay Area

Fog and moss are the non family things I miss most about winters up North. As a xmas present of sorts, my friend Corey offered me a ride up to the Bay Area late Friday night. So here I am at moms wifi enabled house on a laptop left here by one of her Korean exchange students. Everything is written in Korean as one might imagine but some of the slightly x-rated anime is a little odd and needs no translation. Not my thing but whatever toots his horn, sails his boat, milks his cow if you know what I mean. nudge nudge. Anyhow I'm longer going nuts in my apartment this week watching bad talk shows and cleaning my refrigerator. Did have a fun time at Ikea last week though so all wasn't lost. Now off to my brother's house to get drunk off two beers and fall asleep on his couch.

on holiday and I'm bored out of my mind

real quick: I'm without internet since I'll be on vacation until 1.02.06. Nothing like blogging at the Apple store in the Glendale Galleria right now. I will brag about snagging the first spot closest to the enterance in the first aisle that I drove into. wow. I want a new laptop for christmas.

3 hours of my night

I saw the wonderfully strange David Lynch movie Inland Empire last Sunday afternoon and I'm still trying to figure that wtf is up with the people with rabbit head sitcom part and the dancing hookers. There was a period in time when instead of attending three or five shows a week I was seeing that many movies, not including rentals. I miss that sort of mental stimulation. Different than say staying at home last night watching that game show Identity, where you try to determine the occupation of ten folks just based on their appearance. I suppose if you're not from LA you wouldn't necessarily know what Mr. Moviefone looks like. Lame. At that point I left my apartment for a show by band that I've seen numerous times for a price that wasn't what I was expecting so I told the doorgirl 'nevermind' and turned around and left. Now this where it gets perfect. Found a spot right in front on my place then walked to the Echo to catch the final night in The Parson Red H

so little has changed this year

Band: The Randies ( myspace , site , blog ) Song: I Thought I Could Change Why: see below So this weekend was thankfully the last Kiss or Kill to be held on Fridays. There were a lot of things wrong with this year - some of which were out of anyone's hands - some maybe not. Next year will be on Wednesdays where it might gain it's credibility for supporting worthy acts and a great social scene again. It was good night with She's Your Sister , The Randies, UCP and Steel doing their best with a so so crowd. The end of year shows have traditionally been some of the busiest, but this was just so-so I thought but I was drunk so what do I know. I do know that that I wanted to say hi and say that you looked great to someone but I might leave that for a myspace message. now that's always a bad idea. And no I 'm not talking about DG which my conversation went like this: "Hi how are you? xxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx" We hug. "That's a colorful tie you'

The Wombats, My Top 10 for 2006, and blog crushes

Band: The Wombats ( site , myspace ) Song: Moving to New York Why: This is as close to a Christmas song that I'm willing to post. They actually have a real Christmas song on their myspace that's pretty good. Thanks to futuresounds for clueing (cluing?) me in to them last week. Since it's also Reveal Your Blog Crush Day (via Ms. Sizzle Says ) I might as well list mine. I'll always have a thing for xTx and of course Caroline on Crack" as I'm envious of their great blogs. xTx for the absurd, dirty rawness of it and CoC for her perfectly written reviews of LA hot spots and eateries. As for my Top Ten of 2006 : 10) Ukuleles. They're the new theremins. 9) JB Weld. 8) Generic Nyquil from the 99cent store. 7) Yeah I think these lists are dumb.

I'm tired of dealing with your hang-ups

...on the phone here at work. How rude not to say "sorry, wrong number". argarhg. I haven't been this sick in a long time and yeah I'm a little grumpy right now. Tonight 12.14.06: The Submarines and Great Northern @ Pershing Square Ice Rink. (Next week 12/21 two sets by Los Abandoned and The Parson Red Heads in Jan) The winter wonder that is Caroline on Crack wrote about it yesterday. rink info here Friday 12.15.06: The last Kiss or Kill of 2006 @ Safari Sams. Drag - 9.30pm, She's Your Sister - 10.15pm, Underwater City People - 11pm, The Randies - 11.45pm, and Steel - 12.30am. Saturday 12.16.06 - It will be raining so go to the M Bar where presents Solare, Satellitte Class, and Slings -- FREE 10pm Sunday 12.17.06 - Loverlee and The Monolators @ The Cocaine (promoter) @ Live Jazz (venue) 366 2nd St, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA Cost: FREE, set times on flyer Listen to the song " when we're alone " on Loverlee's myspace

spread the word & get ready to swing

Tuesday 12.19.06 @ Highland Grounds (Highland @ Melrose) FREE It's Rob Z's Sounds from the Holiday Lounge with Madame Sunset's Burlesque Nutcracker Rob Z and Brandon Meyer croon the holiday tunes in two super packed sets full of cheer and spirit and other words for booze. With a stocking full of special guests: Lockjaw Boy, Chissum Worthington, Ginger Britt and some surprises. [This will be the last Rob Z show at Highland Grounds and the last week Highland Grounds will be in existence, hence the first part of this sentence] So Come on down and have some nog and a hot toddy this Tuesday, Dec 19th 2006 (please repost)

I used to dress like this in 10th grade

in 1987. but my shirts were longer and that is one fugly belt. This is "coffin joe" from the The Horrors by the way.

Christmas was inspired by you

I've gone from hints of something coming upon me to a flat out cold last night. I'm stuffy and want to eat three lunches for energy. I'm not even hungry and I probably couldn't taste it but damn doesn't a cheeseburger sound good right now. Did I tell you I went to Disneyland last weekend (12/4)? It was empty with five minute waits, bad cotton candy, the nightmare before Christmas overlay was impressive and damn kids everywhere. It was hard not to step on them and they had no problem stepping on my feet. or kicking my shins. or being annoying. my kids would never be like that. Did I tell you I rented Monster House which is seriously a kick ass capture animation film that will win best animated feature? Yes I love all things Pixar (since back when they were only doing short films) but Cars came across lacking something...a tighter story?...maybe it was too damn long? Did you know that I was going to try out for an internship at PDA (Pacific Data Images which is now

I wish I had a bike

Artist: Matt and Kim Song: Yea Yeah Why?: I forget which blog first introduced me to this song by Matt and Kim, but every time it pops up on my computer or the random cd mix I have floating around it always get turned up. So a great video came out a few weeks ago and since I'm usually 2-6 months behind all the cool kids about some band, three weeks is not so bad. show info below. Show this Sat 12.09.06 Matt and Kim @ some venue Downtown located at 1269 E. 6th St. (toy district?) [with no age and the underground railroad to candyland BYOB 3 bucks to get in. 9 PM This space doesn't have a name. It is in a loft. ]- updated info post title has nothing to do with actual post.

in search of....water

Ms Landlady just called to say they need to go in rambo stlye to my apartment to find the mysterious source of water dripping into my downstairs neighbor apartment. Thankfully I took the dead body out but I'm pretty sure I left some clothes on the floor as I rushed out to work this morning. And my coffee table is dusty. And I didn't fold my towel over the shower curtain rod neatly. I fear they will think me some kind of freak. Why does he have a jar of Vaseline in the kitchen? -(my dry elbows) Nice rubber duck collection in the bathroom window sill. -(who doesn't like rubber duckies?) Are all his socks black?? - (yes. yes they are) I'm such a freak

12.04.06 Monday night to dos

Kiss or Kill @ Metal Skool @ The Key Club 9pm Deadbeat Sinatra (think Social D), 10pm Pu$$y Cow, 11pm Underwater City People , winners of LA Music Awards for best Best Pop and Best Rock song and some of the nicest people ever. A couple blocks down the Strip, Overnight Lows will be at the Viper Room with The Nymphs and The Penfifteen Club (a great rock band) Also: The Parson Red Heads kick off their monthly residency at the Echo tonight with Nico Stai, the Black Pine, and Faraway Places. I skipped out on Los Abandoned last week and instead headed out to 3 Clubs to catch this group. Others have written about them here and also here on Metroblogging LA so the only thing I'll add is that I thought them cool while my friend Corey said they started off sounding like Tom Petty and Pavement. We also agreed that girls drummers rock and The Parson Red Heads have one of those too. They are normally a five member band but there were six on Thursday and apparently even up to eight mem