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Weezer video shoot at Playboy Mansion today.

Current mood: jealous My friend Corey made it for the Weezer shoot today for the song "Beverly Hills"! They had to drive up to the Playboy Mansion in beat up old cars (VW Bug, AMC Gremlin) and were greeted by Playboy Bunnies. Of course he calls and does the "Guess what famous mansion am I at right now?" I guessed the Beverly Hill-billies house and he was a little miffed. I'm so bad at guessing. So he's telling me about the pool, "Can't you hear the fountians behind me?" and the monkey cages and Bunnies and how they filmed them all sitting on the lawn like a Coke commercial. blah, blah, playmates, blah blah. So Corey saw the band already and is literally dancing with Playboy bunnies. Big party scene to be shot tonight still. Lucky bastard. Tonight/Monday: Free show with Midway and Porterville at the Silvelake Lounge if you feel up to it. Midway on first at 9-ish, then Porterville. tags: weezer , playboy mansion , weezer video corey

Togos part 2 and The Mormons (the band)

Current mood: cheerful Got my reply letter from Togo’s thanking me for writing (see earlier post) and how they like hearing the good and the bad comments from their customers. Hope they fix their store concept soon. Corey said he even noticed the same lack of customers in other stores. As predicted, I now have 10 Togo bucks = free food! Why do I care? I don't know. Maybe it's a growing up in the Bay Area thing. Peets will always be better than Starbucks, sourdough tastes better there (it's the master dough and the bagels in NYC). I like trying out local favorites. In LA: dodger dogs (Pinks), taco trucks...I know there has to be more - post what else I'm missing in the comments! It was a good night for a lot of small reasons Had a great time at the Dollyrots and forgot The Mormons were playing afterwards. Haven't written much about them before, but the Mormons are a band that you will never forget. Dres

So busy and my eye hurts

Tonight will be fun seeing The Dollyrots since it's been a long time. Not so fun parking by the Key Club though. You can get in free if you email your name to: You can also see Margo Lee at King King tomorrow (Friday) night. Every other weekend is considered my "free" one, and this one isn't sadly. Oh well, next time. Anyhow if you're in Glendale I'll let you in on a cool happy hour place: Bennigan's It’s like a crappy Irish version of Chili's. The food is okay, but from 4-7 and 9-11 they have some good drinks specials ($1 crap 10oz beers, $2 pints of MGD, etc. and other daily specials) I had a good warm up there Tuesday before Kiss or Kill . I don't drink that much really...maybe 2-3 beers normally, 1-2 times month, if that. I've been spending too much time working on this trade show our company is doing in London this weekend. Wish I could go but the owner is sending the crack sales crack I mean crackhe

That Simpson's episode

about Springfield legalizing gay marriage.....The Homer kissing Homer fantasy was kind of creepy, but damn funny. What I loved also was that someone finally mocked Huell Howser in the begining of the episode. If you didn't realize that was based on a real guy, you don't watch much PBS. He once spent half an episode talking to strangers in a laundromat at 11 pm on a Saturday night. Oh quality public television. Saw Ted Leo and the Pharmacists at the El Rey and then Midway at the Viper Room Sunday night. One more place to check off the list. The Viper Room was more square than I imagine it to be. yup. tags: ted leo , midway , huell howser

still here...random stuff I've seen

A cold and 14 hour workdays don't add up. I get home from work yesterday and a message on my machine asking if I'm home sick since I hadn't posted anything lately. Oh how I wished I was sleeping instead of working. grr So the movie Constantine was pretty good...not great, but worth seeing if you like that stuff. Maybe a little long though. Considering how sick I felt, I still enjoyed it. Lots of people there for the sneak preview Tuesday, but no stars from the movie or anything like that. You always hear about how some actors sneak in to watch it with a real audience, but none as far as I know. I know Keanu is not the best actor ever, but I like him because he was in this great movie called My Own Private Idaho . Cool indie film with River Phoenix, directed by Gus Van Sant Out to old town Pasadena tonight for New Max Donkey, Silver Needle, Midway, Underwater City People.@ the Old Towne Pub . Great cool little place to drink and hang out. Have you heard this???? Crazy Fr

That Pepsi Girl

Guess the girl from the Pepsi/itunes Superbowl commercial already has fan-site/blog already: That Pepsi Girl or click on the pic I get to see a sneak of the new Keanu Reeves movie Constantine this Tuesday (opens Friday I think). Looks like it might be good. Well it looks good visually...just hope the plot holds up. Off to Kiss or Kill afterwards, but missing another Margo Lee show again. If it wasn't for the movie, would try to do both. Took some cold medicine and had some odd dreams with religious undertones. Very odd and out of nowhere stuff. Even though I feel well rested right now, I tossed and turned...waking up at 2.45 then again at 4.45 just before my alarm went off. Only mildly sick thankfully.

Call your parents

One of my closest friends is going through a family emergency...with one of their parents in the hospital as of yesterday morning. Not out of the woods yet but it's looking okay at the moment. It would've been fatal if they didn't get to the ER as soon as they did. Scary stuff and my heart goes out to the family. Reminds me of my dad who I lost to cancer when I was 17. In many ways I'm lucky to have those last three months upon the cancer being discovered. I know at least three people who lost one their parents within hours and can only imagine how much harder that would've been. Yeah I'm calling my mom today. Sorry to get all deep and shit. [Update: the parent is now at home and itching to get back to work already, so all will be well] Currently listening: A Demonstration of Intellectual Property By Me

Lust.......okay it's really a post about Togo's

Ugh make it stop raining so my drive home doesn't suck. Feeling out of sorts. Looking forward to a few days of not seeing anyone. Not in an anti-social way, just need a break from seeing too many shows. Do you remember when Togo's used to be good? Before they started weighing everything and I could order a No.17 which was better than a No.16, and oil would be squirted on there, and everything was everything on it. Do they still time the staff in making the sandwiches contests, 'cause my guy was hella slow..... What happened to my beloved Togo's?? Still tastes good, just now more expensive, muddled brand identity, smaller servings of veggies and meat...guess that's what happens when an East Coast company (Dunkin" Donut's) buys into a West Coast concept. I wrote them this quick email: To whom it may concern: Today, Feb. 11th, 2005, I went to the Togo's for the first time in months and the service was friendly and my sandwich (a No.30) tasted great. S

I'm hating my job today

Apparently everything is somehow my fault and the owner is an idiot (nice guy, but an idiot) because he believes someone who does meth and steals from him and my departments. I wish I was exaggerating. The other senior managers had a frank talk with him (I gave up trying years ago even with proof and collaboration of others) yesterday about this guy. Word I get this morning is that tons of smack was said about me and how I refused to do things. I refuse to do HIS job is the main problem and the other managers know this. So I'm sitting here trying to close out the month of Dec, so I can close out 2004, so I can close out Jan 2005 and thinking how this is pissing me off. The reason I'm so behind: I'm fixing this guy's mistakes. tag: work sucks mid

Los Abandoned is like the cure for the common cold.

Felt really ill for the last couple days, but dragged myself to see Los Abandoned play last night. I really wanted to go and it was five minutes from my house, so I couldn't say no even though it looked really iffy if my body would allow me. So Corey and I get there and this band is playing and 15 minutes go by when I noticed that people were clapping. I turned to Corey and asked ''Was that the same song that they were in the middle of when we walked in?" Apparently three songs were sort of blended together with very short breaks in-between. The next band was even worse...well the band was good but the singer sucked. They would play songs where the first half was great, then it seemed like a decision was made to ruin each one for the last half. One line went: "you are all slaves! are all slaves!". I wanted to shoot myself. Strange how much better I felt literally after LA played. Fun show, at least for me. Think they are playing Spaceland this we


Finally caught an Eisley show last night at The Troubadour after following this band for almost a couple years. Great show from 3 sisters, a brother, and a family friend on drums..young, good looking, but Extremely Talented most of all. What I loved was that various members hung out at the Merch table before their set and also announced at the end that they would be walking around later and invited anyone to come up and say hi and chat. Their new album went on sale today, but I bought one last night. I think as more people learn the songs, the shows will be more interesting. They even played "Mister Pine" against the plans of their management. I love that song and will love this new album too. Oh, I forgot to mention the Margo Lee shows I missed this weekend mostly because I was dead tired before and after Disneyland on Saturday...saw Fantasmic for the first time...neat in a cheesy 80' Disney way. Anyhow, while Eisley was very, very cool, I've walked away maybe mo

I'm realistic..

..when it comes to how well I know these bands I talk about. I'm friends with a few people, but just friendly with most folks. Big difference. I don't kid myself about this scene... a scene is a scene no matter what the age or place. There are cliques and gossip. I'm there but not part of it. Been there, done that. Don't think that I think I'm cool because I was chatting to so and so in this or that band. I know very well that while most do appreciate positive comments and are generally nice people, some people don't give a shit and will even make fun of you behind your back. People still do that even out of high school. Oh well. Deal. I'll go see a band because I like the music. Sometimes I think you're cool and sometimes I'm wrong about that. Thanks for being friendly regardless. Some people think I like a band/musician/singer because I just want to get into their pants. I see bands for the way the music or performance makes me feel. Of

I don't care

if you look at Lego Porn at work...but when the mfg staff tries to look up real porn and ends up loading spyware, I get a little pissy. I already have the terminal not logged in as admin, and password protected the content level in IE, so it could've been worse. It's amazing how easy it is for spyware to get in and this was nothing that ad aware couldn't handle, but really people, doing a search for "porno" on msn search is a tad amateurish. So I ended up writing a nice visual reminder and had Marcie go back to the warehouse to explain in spanish, if need be, that they have better things to do than look at porn. [Yes, I know I have better things to do than blog on myspace] tag: work sucks mid

rarely do I plan ahead

I mentioned my night before at the Derby but left out spending some time talking to Elke...she had asked what was new with me and my response: Um I got a haircut. Sad but true. I work, commute, sleep and see the same (cool) bands over and over again. Since Elke makes it out for most Midway shows also, there isn't a need to explain that part of my life. But this week, I actually have plans, so this is what WILL be new to me this week...instead of recaping the last few days, I'm going to list what I plan on doing this week: Friday: I think I'm going to use my NEW laundry detergent to wash my NEW shirts I bought at the Kohls in La Habra (my commute home was already going take 2 hrs, figure I'd stop and go shopping)...oh wow! Saturday: Disneyland!!!! okay, this I'm looking forward to. Sunday: I'm pulling out the NEW weeds in my front yard. oh yeah, superbowl commercials. Monday: I'm watching the NEW episode of "24" They brought back Tony!! [

I am Luke, who are you?

So I'm at The Derby last night which is a really cool place..great dome ceiling, with great booths. I can now check it off the "Places I still haven't been to yet, even though I've lived in LA for 8 years list". If you don't know already, it was featured in the the movie Swingers which you should rent if you haven't seen it. Anyhow, I'm chatting away with Corey and Cortney at the bar when this girl comes up to me and said " Luke?" This is odd because girls NEVER come up to me and my name is not Luke of course... I don't think I even look like a Luke. So I'm like "I'm sorry what?" and she says "oh are you Luke?..oh you look like my friend Luke" and I thought if I was her friend, wouldn't she know my name and what I look like? Afterwards I told Corey and Cortney that I wanted to be introduced to people as Luke, 'cause I'm lame like that and find it amusing. Luke also sounds like someone who w

I know you want it

The complete Karate Kid Collection is out today for @ 38 bucks. By complete, I mean movies 1-3 AND The Next Karate Kid with Hilary Swank. Update: @ $ 26 at Amazon