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from the beginning

[ All this was said over long distance phone calls and I'm posting this now because it is on my list of things to do - my list of incomplete drafts, intentions, and desires. This is simply for me.  The words I put down over 2.5 years ago could never do justice to those two nights, so I never posted this...and honestly I was fearful that if posted on my blog, it would somehow jinx everything. I can say with absolute certainty that my life forever changed for the better in those few hours. I am not afraid to say this and will never be.] Maybe it was seeing the Wombats or Maybe it was my decision to fix my glasses that made it happen. Regardless, this was written on Aug 14th, 2007 [There was video here at one time / it is no longer on youtube] It started with an internal debate: Should I go or do I stay at home and do nothing again. I was ready to leave, on the couch debating the worth of money spent to see the Wombats at Spaceland. I wasn't employed at the time and f

dad draft 3 redacted

[This was written in the week the leading up to Saturday 03.13.10 and finished in the week afterward. Like most stuff I write this post was inspired by actual events. Some things I'll keep close to the chest, in my heart and the words I do speak hold more and are more true than anything I could ever blog. A lot was left out because it doesn't need to be said again or written here. Please note some parts are obviously embellished. The conversation contained below is completely true.] So I went to visit my dad today. I'm up here in the Bay Area for my niece's first birthday, a very important event I was not going to miss after years of being flaky with my own family. Yet this short drive from my mom's house to the cemetery has been my plan for months now and my number one goal to be completely honest. No disrespect to my brother, his wife, my amazing niece - please understand this - You, the Unknown Reader, do not know how important this visit was for me right no