Gemma Hayes - Keep Running

Artist: Gemma Hayes  
Song: Keep Running 
Why:  One my favorite singers for years now. She's a sometime Los Angeles resident though still mostly Irish in all the good ways one can be. The voice, maybe always the words when simply placed in the right order. She is one of my favorite artists.

As to why now. We get older and get wiser and second chances happen and life diverts in way we don't plan and I've stood there, on both sides of the room. This video reminds of that.

Right now I'm in a new place figuratively and literally (and oft said liter-ley because I still jumble the sounds of words); the difference now is that I'm getting it more right more often than not.

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  1. i like feeling like i've gotten it right. and i'm glad you're feeling that now. (new place literally? did you guys move?)


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