a very buddha wedding

A few weeks ago we headed down to the Gardena Buddhist church for an old friend's wedding.

Besides this being my first attendance to a Buddhist wedding, this was the first time I agreed to bring along a date.  The last few weddings I just went stag with my friend Corey since we all know the same people with the benefit of splitting gas on the way up to the Bay Area.

100_2256This worked fine until at the last one when we where seated among a mutual friend and his new wife. Settling in after dinner and drinks, in that same false sense of familiarity one has with their mail carrier, she leaned over and asked us how long we had been a couple.

In that moment I vowed to have real date next time.

This also happened to be the great LA.metblogs blogger trek from the start of Western Ave in Los Feliz to its terminus at the Pacific Ocean. Something like 28 miles!!  

So as we drove to the reception in Torrance we happen to drive by the last three walkers.
"That's them!" I yelled over to B.

She didn't believe me.

After a bit of justification even she couldn't argue with ("They had big, floppy hats!) we flipped a u-turn and planned our attack.

With B half way out the passenger side window, camera in hand, we both shouted "Bloggers!" and caught this picture:

metblogs western ave walk

She claims it was all the excitement of seeing bloggers in the wild. Ok, I'll give her that.


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