Lorange is a term I coined to be the opposite of limerence. (wikipedia definition

Limerence is that initial period of a relationship (the first few weeks or months) where you see your limerent partner in near perfect terms. You have gone past the initial awkwardness in the beginning of your relationship, and now work, sleep, and friends are just blocks in the way of togetherness.

This is different from Infatuation which is more like the unrealistic ideals of puppy love - immature and based on limited information about the person of desire.

For additional clarification, Love comes after the period of limerence when you start to accept the faults and imperfections of you significant other and still want to be with them.

When love breaks down, a new period I call Lorange sets in, which is basically the drawn out end of a dying relationship. It is the state of knowing that regardless of best intentions, or of how much one cares for each other, one or both members of the relationship will naturally cling to what was once the normality of the relationship, instead of a healthier clean break. There is love between the two parties but fundamental flaws in the relationship that cannot be overcome.

Lorange will also rhyme with orange.

[update 11.05] Noticed some interesting definitions here at urbandictionary.com from as recently as 10.05. My post is at least a year older, so I win! ;)


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