A couple weeks ago I was sitting on a hallway bench staring at the wall.

Friends were on their way and the Honey Pot stopped by to chat for a few minutes wasting time until her equipment showed up. As she got up to wander around again, a boy and girl seated along the bar made introductions to her. Listening (not minding my own business) I remained seated on the bench studying a mosaic of a bullfighter in the midst of battle, sipping my Newcastle. I smiled to strangers passing through to use the bathrooms around the corner. I was bored out of my mind.

I wondered if my thoughts were being read and felt that tingle of someone watching me. I rubbed the upper lip in preparation, then looked around my little area for the source of my paranoia and probably by chance the girl and I made direct eye contact. Brief awkward acknowledgments with matching half smiles faded slower than our gazes turned from each other.

She reminded me of Whiskey Girl in looks and age which threw me off a bit when I first saw this girl a couple months ago at Kiss or Kill. Imagine she was a bored as I was and was watching the crowd as I would from her bar stool position.

Speaking of the WG, I never heard back from her which we all know means not interested and not a bit surprising. It was something I never, never, never do, but did this time body cringing, legs up against my chest reaching out to press Enter, my other hand hiding my eyes. The key was depressed, message sent and I waited for a reply.

Life is too short to not take a chance on a misguided hunch sometimes, even knowing that the answer would be no. To be honest I was worried it would be yes. What then? Yikes.

Anyway it was just to be coffee and nothing more and I just feel that it doesn't hurt to say no anymore than it does to ask in the first place. I should just friggin' talk to people when given the chance because my online self is not doing my offline life any good.


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