yup - dec 12 - 17

[edit: this was not a normal week; went out too much, a lot of ups and downs.]

Sun: Saw Oceans 12 (not so good) at the Grove (apple store!), ate at the Apple Pit (good) [edit: Pan, sorry corey all that talk about 90210 and the peach pit confused me] , saw Lolita Davidovich eat food five feet away from me.

Mon: Saw Midway at the Echo. Must find child mannequins for Theresa.

Tues: The Randies at the Key Club. Free cookies and cupcakes as always. C. is still mad at me. Ate too many Sweet Tarts handed out by a very drunk Santa Joe. Felt ill.

New mix cd with "A Simple Plan" by The Information...love this song ... I want to marry it.

Weds: Will see Margo Lee at Plush in Fullerton. Eat either fish tacos from Wahoos or one dollar whoppers from the BK down there.

Thurs. Amazing show last night by Margo Lee..wished her EP was out, but I'll settle for the old songs from a couple years ago. I ended up having a whopper. //// traffic sucked. I love commuting 3 hrs a day. fell asleep on the couch at 7.30 until the next morning.

Friday: woke up at 5. 30, left at 6.45. arrived at work in Gardena at 7.45....Sent off to the Sunset Strip to set up a new spa at the last moment. Left at 1.30, didn't get back to work until 6.30 THEN drove home..pulled into my garage at 8.30. grr.

Considering all things since I moved down to LA, I'm [still] much happier these days.

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