12.31.04 11.45 pm

This New Years Eve I'm spending at home with family. My friends are either out of town, mad at me, or working late (until 11.45) and/or two of the three that I just listed.

Could've gone out to Mr. T's Bowl for a great line up of bands and seen some people I know socially, but it's a good 30-40 miles away and I had nowhere to crash or a get lift to/from. I need to be less shy and more out-going. It would've been fun and more money than I have would've be spent. Then of course I don't smoke anymore, which I've come to realize is also a nice crutch for filling in time when there is no-one to talk to.

So I sit here and think of you and you and you and no-one instead. I'm not bummed about this. There's a new year ahead for all of us. Let's make it different than last year.

Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. Anonymous7:42 PM

    cigarettes are also REALLY helpful for starting up conversations with strangers...

    I've used it as a lead in MANY MANY times... cause otherwise I just stand at the rim of conversations thinking "do they think it's weird that I'm listening?... I'm obviously listening... should I like take a step forward, make it known that I intend to be seen as interested in the conversation? but then I'm not gonna talk anyway, cause I don't know any of them... so does it make it weird to stand where they know you want to be included, but you have absolutely nothing to say?"

    The cigarettes REALLY help my social anxiety


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