I think I made a special order

So I ordered some components from a very small and extremely unique business in Southern California for a promotion I'm working on. Granted these were not easy to find objects but they said via email that everything online was in stock at the store. Played it safe and ordered four from the site instead of the thirty I needed.

A few days pass and a very nice inquiry is sent electronically as to the status since my credit card had yet to be billed. I list the item number, description, my name, business (the ship to address) and the order number. I simply want to make sure they got my order.

Their first response is that there isn't a record of my order and then ask if I placed it at another store...Um they are the only store in the Western US, self proclaimed largest in the world shop that sells these type of items. I send them a short "Yes. Here is a PDF of my confirmation."

They respond:
We see the problem. You failed to provide the correct address. The address given on the original special order was:

[redacted bill to address of my CC]

Now that we have the correct information we can check our records. We don't understand why you would have expected to have received a tracking number on this special order already.

Your special order was not even placed until the evening of the 16th, so it arrived in our business office on the next business day, Thursday the 17th. Given that Saturdays and Sundays are non-business days, and that yesterday was a federal holiday, so also a non-business day, your special order is at this time only 2 business days old

We do not see a request for air shipping nor an authorization to bill you for rush handling fees so that we could process your order ahead of orders received before yours. So your non-rush, ground-shipped order was processed in turn, in the order it was received.

We see that you had a special order quantity of items. We have placed a special order with the manufacturer for your special order quantity. As soon as your special order quantity arrives we will send your special order right out.
Stupid passive aggressive fucker.*

*Yes I get that I'm bitching about it here, on a blog, in a similar manner. I need the stuff so I'm waiting to receive my order before I hit the BBB, yelp, picket sign out front direct approach.


  1. woah that's super passive aggressive and horrible customer service!

    that's what blogs can be for- an outlet to vent. ;)


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