weirdness this morning

In order of occurrence, not weirdness.

month old laptop starts acting weird. can't type at random moments
keyboard and track pad stop working completely
I frustratedly close the lid and head for the shower
I hear a grown man's voice outside yelling OW OW OW OW OW
I casually think "hey maybe someone got hit by a car," but those are the only sounds I heard.
No screeching brakes, no screams, nor sirens.

I think nothing of it as I turn on the water.

Leaving my apartment only to see this:
There were a lot of people from the church across the street, hands clasped together, up to their chest or face. They look upon worried. A couple young men assisted with traffic control around the firetruck using the stop signs normally meant as additional auto guidance as the parishioners cross through the Glendale intersection.

I worried about him too on my drive to work.


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