Yeah I've been slacking over here but things have been zipping along on the home front.

Now this home front will be moving from Echo Park to Los Feliz up the hill in the next week or two. Trading a quick access to taco trucks and downtown for fish taco stands,the bulk nut store and more hippies and actors.

And yes this means I an now living with B. for those not keeping score at home. All part of the master plan, the Lots-o-changes that I promised to write about here, er, except that I haven't.

Oh and those road trip updates?
Until I get around writing up a summary with pics, you can look at the photos from my road trip on flickr:

On another note, deadpan is not blogging anymore = sad face.


  1. Congrats on living together!

  2. Congrats on living together and the move!


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